April 13, 2018

A moment now, to check in on this little blog. Found this article recently, and felt much gratitude for understanding. It's a useful look at how a sub can be aware of their context, from this particular Domme's perspective (Jolynn Raymond). If you yearn for a Domme, and need pointers on how to make yourself enticing, useful ~ https://jolynnraymond.com/2014/01/the-do-me-sub/

December 6, 2013

Do you sometimes spend moments, pondering what animals and beasts around us, perceive?

How intelligent is the charming little ruffy hen across the fence, in my neighbor’s yard? How quick is the bird in the trees, swooping in quiet and quick, looking for a small snack, and perhaps a glance at you…

And then, there are the men.

Submissive minds can be a bit of a puzzle. Under it all, we want to be seen, accepted. And that moment when you get to relax and surrender to another’s arms…. Can be overwhelming and so welcome. It’s almost as if muscles that had long been tight were finally able to relax, release, and trust another’s warmth, surrounding you.

To Me, it feels like… the scent of a crushed flower petal. Something sweet, a scent released only when hurt in some way. I tend to use pain as a seasoning to a dish, rather than the main course. I do find it satisfying to know I’ve made My boy wince while I drove us deeper, into us.

I want to feel My teeth on your neck, tonight. Just a little pain, then no worries, I’ll catch you -

September 3, 2013

Come in, the night's warm, and something's brewing

September comes along and I think holy moly! Fall is here, and where did the summer go? I should have gotten to more national parks, coastal excursions… we still have a few warm weeks left before the chill settles in. Got plenty of outdoor dancing in! I think the universe gave us dancing for exercise, if we want it. I can go for hours, even until dawn, with the right music, and a few good dancers on the floor. Wonder what your company would be like at a dusky dance club, sitting at the booth, watching Me dance with a few different men. You, waiting patiently. I’ve instructed you on your tasks this evening. …

Today has been a work day for Me, in the midst of the Labor Day holiday. No rest for the wicked! Hehe Actually no rest for the self employed, more like. Some of My time is spent coaching you on Niteflirt, teaching self control, and how to be the best submissive for a Grrl like Me. Other times, I do mundane mental tasks, that would cause most to yawn. I like having both to balance the time.

I need stimulation on many levels.

Have you done something dirty this summer? I want you to tell Me…

You know where.

It’s late here, the stars are out, and I’ve got a few cravings to share.

April 22, 2013

Your aching need for something, now

Ah, after many years of diligent blogging here, the past few months, I've been amiss. I pondered the time I spent keeping this sweet patch of words up and enticing, and whether boys like you enjoy reading My missives. Tonight I need to write a little, and perhaps you'll get a peek into this mind.

Just watched the movie Secretary again (yes, I own it). This movie pleases Me on so many levels. James Spader and Maggie Gyllenhaal just click with chemistry, and they're both so... fresh and yummy. Like their skin glistens with some innocent lust. Hard to wrap My fingers around.

That first scene when the submissive is unsure what's happening, yet her heart is racing, as the Dom instructs her exactly on what she will do next. The open-eyed fear and arousal, curiosity and excitement.

Yes, this. I hunt this little bit here. That open, vulnerable, wide eyed glance, right as we wedge into the pocket, where I want you.

This is what I want.

Bring Me your submissive yearnings, and we'll see what suits Me. Good dominants ask questions, and learn more about a sub's craving. Some of you little ones are hard to crack open. Subs are notorious in this trait. It's almost as if they're afraid to say it outloud. That thing, that forbidden ache which drives you mad.

We need to discuss this.

July 11, 2012


We’ve entered the warmth of summer, and Mistress is taking a bite of that apple. I’ve been hiking and walking a plenty, and just added jogging into the mix. There’s something primal and powerful about pushing your body past the discomfort, entering the pumping, straining strength of your own self will.

My will may be strong enough for us both, hm?

Summer brings fruit to bear, with festivals, sun, and people wearing barely anything. I sometimes fill the role of voyeur, watching flesh at such things. We’ve both done it. Sat in the shade, eating something sweet or perhaps something deep fried (gasp), and eyed the bodies walking by. Maybe near the stage of music, blues music, watching the sprites and dancers jumping to the beat.

I’m in the mood to hunt, this week.

I’m selective about lovers, and bringing them into the fold. I’d rather wait for the right taste, than partake of something that doesn’t quite fit.

Something bold is coming this weekend, I can feel it. You best watch out. If I line you in my sights, you may be taken, before you know it.

And this sweet surrender, might just be the thing that completes you.

May 8, 2012

To Be Authentic

Nibbling on grape tomatoes after a long candlelit shower, I slid into meditation, while rubbing down tired legs. 6 miles of road today, then 30 min. dance workout. I earned this soreness, and it feels wonderful. Deep in a mindless rhythm, I ponder a bit, about the nature of us.

The place you climb out of, to dial digits and words, seems curious, if a bit dark. I’ve spoken to men on bipolar benders, with wives that wait at home, while they cull Craigslist for yet another cock to suck, seeking My input on selection. Their wives, nonconsenting to the risk brought to bed. These secrets are hardest to keep. You know you’re doing something very bad…

Most men who call Me merely fantasize about that forbidden place. It’s the main reason many call – they choose not to act out their dangerous fantasies, and settle into the warm nest of My mind. To scratch an itch, where no one knows them. We are anonymous, which is part of your thrill. No one, you know, knows. You zip up your pants, pay your fee, then back to safe vanilla homes, where you’re just as normal as anyone.

Yet, I know.

Long ago, I stopped asking, “Why?” with strange fantasies of men. Your tales and yearnings, fascinating for sure… yet *what* starts this compulsion, and how has your mind remapped, to get innermost satisfaction, right there. In that awkward place.

Your deep secrets are what keeps Me logged in most days. I’m fascinated about your particular fixations. I keep notes on each of you. There is proof somewhere, outside our voices, that you are named Steve, you’re a sex addict, and you’re on a 24 hour masturbation bender, huffing poppers and hoping like hell I'll allow your release. I wrap you up in Louis Vuitton (your favorite), big black buttons, the organza you crave, right before I describe the next thrust of your defilement...

Weaving webs, My voyeurism continues… paid. Good work, if you can get it.

April 5, 2012

Foulest Things

"I wanna be drunk.
And make...
you drunk.

Because I'm intimidated by you.

I need to feel free to say anything and know that you'll forgive me.

I want to tell you things so you won't stumble through life.

I've done the vilest things... foulest things.

But I've done them superbly. I feel innocent now.

Do you believe that?"

June Mansfield Miller, played by Uma Thurman (Henry & June). Originally, the text was published in "The Diary of Anais Nin: 1931-1934, volume 1."

I'm watching Henry & June again tonight. Every year I sink My teeth back into it. I go on about this movie, I know (and wrote a detailed review of the movie a few years ago, here).

It's such decadent cake, deep and rich. The wardrobe, the country, the actors, the fantasies... I may need a cigarette after the movie ends.

And... I don't smoke.

one more snip from the flick, to sanctify your destiny:

"For all his pretended friendship, his most intimate friends are only fodder...

for the unrolling of his own sanctified destiny, his own creative urges."