October 24, 2007

Roger's demise, and new freedom

Ready to get your freak on? Next weekend with Halloween, they will be plenty of freaks showing off the goods while they're becoming creatures of the night!!

There are many shades in the BDSM world of servitude. One of my clients, "Roger", calls me every month or two, usually for a 2-3 hour conversation, for counseling. His wife is a prominent owner and manager of a company, and in the past? He had his own career. He ended up whoring around, sleeping with dozens of women while still married to his wife. She did find out. She was very hurt. And?

If Roger wanted the chance to stay with her? He was going to accept a new set of rules! They enlisted in something called "The Program." This is a structure in which Women control men sexually, and are accepted as the Superior. Roger now does not have a paid job, is completely dependent on his wife financially, and is officially owned, full time.

We talk about managing his feelings, and accepting his role as an owned male with a life mission of worshipping the Goddess that is his wife. It is rare for a submissive male to have such an opportunity.

Clients like this, make me love my job! Validation of the Female species, yet also empathy and support for those struggling with their identity, in relation to it.
. . .
Give me a ring and tell me what you'll be dressing up as for Halloweenie! Kisses and ass slaps sublets and slaves!! Shout out to the sissies too :)

October 19, 2007

Halloween on the way

And I'm pondering my options, believe me! A few different bashes to attend, trying to decide which to hit first.

Went on an excursion to a local casino and tore it up! After many hours of blinking lights and bells and whistles, I meandered home and had a good long sleep. Such an adrenalin rush, that casino thing! Love knowing boys like you pay for my occasional daliances! hehe

Clients have been keeping the phone line busy this past week! I might need to get new batteries for my cordless phones, seems all this yakking to slavelettes is burning through the battery life!

I'm feeling slightly sadistic tonight. Maybe you'll benefit from this little one.... !

October 10, 2007

Lushes and desperate sissies

This was a great week in Rubyland. Many calls from old friends and new. Shout out to Alan, you've been a very good slave this week. Can't wait for you to follow through on this week's assignment!

When I have a regular slave who seeks to serve, I draw up assignments, like any good teacher would do. Alan is proving to be a very good student indeed, generous with Amazon gifts, and hours on the phone with Me. The little one wore a ribbon around his shrunken little pecker at work Monday, just so he'd remember me all day long, and know that as pathetic as that nub is, it's Mine!

Flight attendant Bill was back in action, he's one of my most submissive grrls. He apparently was able to find his X rated fetish movies in a New York store on layover, movie's he's actually the star of!! Well, the Mistresses who bent him over, and rode him to a pulp are actually the stars. He's more of a prop methinks. A *very* willing one! *giggle

Listening to Santana, considering a long bike ride. Gotta keep the gams firm, n'est pas? Kisses and nipple twists!

October 3, 2007

Holy Sh*t, Batman!!

This has been a week full of activity! I had one of my longest calls Friday night, from a fellow nicknamed Batman, amongst his friends...

He was drunk as a skunk when he lit up my line! This type of boy take a bit to figure, since on one hand he craves for a particular girl of his dreams. Batman boy *also* gets off on the humiliation, submission, and utter loneliness that obsession (and I) can deliver!

We rolled around, vox to vox, while I forced more beer into his belly, listening to his self pity about how sweet Heather didn't know he was alive. 5 years now, he's longed for this beauty. She's a friendly girl too, bet she'd give him a shot, if he'd find the courage to speak.

He does such dirty things when he thinks of her! He strokes off in public restrooms, in the sink, if you can believe it! With people just outside! Do you think they know he's jacking off, just inside the door?

Something so comfy this lonely Friday night, spent shedding money into my Niteflirt account, for this boy. The soothing numb of yet another drink, seems to sate his craving little beast.

6 hours later, he'd run out of beer, and finally grew sleepy enough to catch a few winks. I was giggling, at the bag of contradictions such a submissive boy embodies. Smiling as well, at the bag of cash I'd made, knowing he'd be calling again, when his 4 walls remind that he needs his humiliation fix...