July 29, 2008

$1.99 Sizzling Summer Special!

It's so hot and humid during the summer, I thought I'd offer a bit of a break from the sweltering sun!

My top 6 listings are now $1.99 a minute, for a bit of summer break! Hurry on this one, as it will only last... as long as I feel like it!

July 23, 2008

Sleeping beauty, and bruised phalanges

This morning was a bit cooler, and Mistress slept so well! Had an erotic dream about Keanu Reeves, with that dark thick hair of his falling around his eyes. He's definitely athletic and strong, although I do tend to like men with a bit more hair on the chest! Most of my slaves know that I have a preference for a little texture under my fingertips...

Mistress had a slightly rude awakening yesterday, when her slight little pinky toe crashed into the corner of her incline weight bench. My lil' toe is now some VERY interesting shades of black and red, with a nice bit of swelling too. Looks like MsRuby might not be running for a few days! *sob

Thus, to protect my freshly wounded foot, workout today is mountain bike riding (less impact than jogging to be sure!). Thanks to a certain slave for buying my bike trainer. You just set up your back bicycle wheel on trainer, tighten up the resistance, and ride the hell out of it! Reminds me of a few other things... *giggle

July 11, 2008

Vacation return

I just came back from a week long vacation on the pacific coast, and boy did I have fun! Paid for of course by all that hard earned money my slavelettes pay Me! My room had a huge jacuzzi bathtub and I enjoyed that especially! Walking on the sand with friends and family was such a wonderful thing. Did get a very red sunburn, although it's healing up nicely into a bronze tan. Aloe Vera gel to the rescue!

Vacations always give a girl a chance to splurge a little eh? Blackened halibut, silk dresses, almost got another pedicure but time was running late... And now I've got a mountain of luggage and bags to unpack and put away. Sigh. I'll need to call in my sissiest maid for THAT job!!

Tonight I think I might indulge in a little kalhua and coffee. Have a feeling you boys will be keeping me up very late!