June 30, 2009

Slave special - $1.97/minute

I'm in the mood for a few new slavelettes, so thought I'd entice with a special on My phone line!

On Niteflirt (link button on the right of this page), My top 5 rated listings are now open for $1.97 a minute. That's over $1 less a minute than Mistress typically charges. Those who've been with Me awhile know, I run this kind of special once, maybe twice a year. Hop on the phone and we'll see how Mistress, hops on you! *haha

This little special lasts, of course, until I bore of it! *smile

Here's the link too, if you'd like to browse all My listings there:

Mistress Ruby's Hard Alchemy Niteflirt page

Mistress is quite curious what makes you tick. Especially when you're paying for the pleasure! Hm... I think it's time to get a little sun with my cordless phone at My side - toodles!

June 23, 2009

Doors and Dreams

So, you tell Me.

I just had a very wild dream. Perhaps you can offer interpretations. I certainly have My thoughts on it –

In My dim dream, I was in a big ole house, from My hometown, long ago. It was late at night, murky, a bit warm. I heard a ruckus in the back yard, and went to take a look – and a few billy goats with big thick curved horns curled back on their heads – were butting their way through My back door! They forced their way in, then went through the house, knocking things over, then went through the front door, into the yard, and proceeded to do what horny little billy goats do.

Dreams are like little puzzles sometimes. I distinctly know what I think it means, you're welcome to write Me with your thoughts.

I suppose the fact that I haven't been getting laid lately might lend meaning to things! Hehe

I'm going shopping today with a few gift cards one particular piglet gifted with Me. Recently saw an adult film with Nina Hartley (How to eat pussy), and noticed she had black latex gloves while she enjoyed her pretty lover. I think I'll stock up on purple or pink ones, might make housework and other Mistress tasks, a bit fun, hm?

June 7, 2009


So ironically I bring up the Toyota Prius commercial in My last dribble here. And wouldn't you know it? My lovely car of 10 years, which I bought brand new years ago, and maintain regularly like a good Girl Scout… crapped out on Me this past week! An event which has never occurred, in the life of this little car.

I was due a major maintenance, by just a few hundred miles (never go over 500 miles on that), but … the repair was painful, and made this Mistress blue.

It also made Me curious about the land of new cars out there to choose from. And of course I'm going to start plunking down some savings, as I have an erotic slave fantasy about buying a car outright for cold hard cash. Yours, of course!

Don't get Me wrong, they fixed the car up lovely like, however I'm looking around at the new models out there, and it seems like I'm not into the aesthetic. The Toyota Prius for example? Great gas mileage, see them everywhere. But the look? Eh…

I love having a smaller car to zip around in. Have yet to dabble in luxury cars, although could be enticed by the right slave. There's also VW, Toyota, Subaru…. Seems like many of their cars don't have the mileage I'm looking for (over 30 mph, as with My present car).

You're welcome to chat with Mistress during our sessions about your car observations. On your dime of course! Suffice it to say, I'm brainstorming and doing a little part time shopping for new digs, with wheels!

Suddenly thinking of that song "Hey Pretty" by Poe (all images in this post, are from the video). God I love that song, all about a woman picking up a stranger, in her very fast luxury car, taking him on fast ride in San Fran, then fucking him right there in the car. You hear the story from the male poet's perspective, spoken poetry over music, her singing (there's another version that's just Poe singing also).

I REALLY wanna shop for a new car with a dedicated slave, making him pay outright for a new car right in front of Me, then he selling it to Me for $1 and handing over the title… After our little excursion, I'd take him for a long drive in the country, find a hovel with tall old growth trees, and an overlooking view of the sea, or a valley. I'd force him into the back seat of My new car, make him whip out his dick, and jerk his load, right there in the car! I'd tease and deny several times, but when he finally did cum, if it was forceful enough, and there was any mess? I'd allow one small dot of his cum to dry on the back seat of one leather bucket seat.
PUSH the button....

One memento, of his presence, in the expensive worship he has given to Me. I'd keep it like a trophy methinks. Never tell another soul who road in the car. And of course it'd just be a tiny dot on the back of a car seat.

But we'd know, wouldn’t we?