July 22, 2009

Creative Cretins

While watching Martha Stewart today (rare occurrence), she shared a little pig or two with the view. Her arms wrapped around a little pot bellied pig. Martha's resident animal expert was discussing the pros and cons (mostly cons) of keeping piglets as pets. They shared footage from a pet pig sanctuary, that cared for these abandoned, neglected porkers, when they get not so little.

Mistress had a strange fantasy in the wake.

My little minions, grazing in fields of green, naked, and serving Me. My own little piglet sanctuary, for slaves and submissive oinks. I was giggling, considering the barns I could put you up in. Every morning we'd hose you down and get you dressed, send you to work out in the field of normal folk (maybe banking, maybe law), then you'd come home every night, shed your vanilla skin, and get ready for grass stained knees.

Wonder if food tastes sweeter, mawing from a trough? Seeing my little worker pets, naked, their hard earned eats messed about their cheeks, and craving one more prod from my shepherd's hook, makes for a pleasant, surreal image.

Oh and could you do me the favor of turning down the temperature outside My Mistress hovel? Air conditioning is fabulous, but when triple digits linger, Mistress gets fussy.

Just one more reason to walk around naked all day!

July 11, 2009

Oh, you don't say

Mistress has been lucky recently.

This sweet little Goddess has a more spring in the step. One recent gift the universe conspired to offer Me -

As I've mentioned in the past, Dommes can indeed have a spiritual life, and enjoy the company of church fellowship. A huge part of My interest in BDSM has to do with the nature of spirit, and liberation that surrender can offer. Exposing shame, perversion, that which you do not share in the light with others, allowing these feelings to breathe and be witnessed? Can heal some of the deepest hurt.

I've attended a little church in My hometown for about a year now, and been very content, almost joyful, to have these folks in My life. Meditation, visualization, belief in a supreme being that is benevolent -- these are all things I hold dear to the heart inside.

I've been chatting with a couple at My church, and enjoy their company quite a bit. Although there was an undercurrent I couldn't quite put My finger on. A recognition that wasn't quite conscious...

This past month, while chatting with the wife of this couple, I noticed her wearing a necklace with a padlock pendant around her neck. The recognition hung there, dangling in My thoughts, and I turned it over and over, like a smooth stone in My palm. I chose to speak.

"Is there any significance to the pendant around your neck?"

She paused, then offered a definitive, "Yes."

Her husband, stepped up, with the key to the padlock, around his neck. And while none of us actually acknowledged what we … knew, we finally sought each other out, and talked outside of church.

I am the proud new acquaintance of a Master and slave couple, with 20 years of history, and many years of BDSM experience as well. Who'd a thunk!

This blog is many things, although I rarely discuss here how isolating My work can be, to a person existing in vanilla culture day to day. And we all know, the first question when you meet someone new, is "What do you do for a living?" I've discussed here in the past, the losses that honesty, on this topic, has cost Me. I've lost friendships that spanned decades, by acknowledging that I choose this way of life.

Be warned too, every once in awhile, the universe may offer you gifts, for being authentic.