August 29, 2009

A witness to your use

I've a regular caller who brings his strange feelings to Me, and yes I indulge him. It has much to do with worship of Women and their beauty, inversely. He worships feet, and more specifically… bunions. Women's bunions.

I've chatted about this boy before, however tonight I was a bit more self aware than I tend to be. Mostly because, Mistress is getting closer to a real time submissive male, and I may be inviting him into My home.

I walked through what it might be like to have this submissive man near Me, listening, watching, while I talk with My phone slaves. To be honest, in the 3 years I've made My living while exploiting the likes of you… I have yet to let anyone witness Me working.

Our privacy, until this point, has been ensured. And I have boundaries, clear boundaries in My mind. I'd never let him listen while a phone slave served, unless of course the caller found that intriguing.

Tonight I lay on My sheets, eyes closed, a blanket wrapped around My waist and down through My legs. The rest barely covered by and a thin cotton dress. Bunion boy can get rather ecstatic while we converse. Moaning, crying. Sometimes our energy pops right out the phone, because it's a worshipful, spiritual Zen kind of thing. We're deep in the groove, humiliating him, exploiting his inferiority. I'm chasing him like an animal, a panther, forcing him deeper, listening to him sob, while giggling through his demise.

Tonight I felt My hips bucking, feet sliding over the sheets, writhing while we chanted deeper into this darkness. I wondered - while I talked about very lewd things, knees spread, speaking so harshly, spitefully mean to this crawling bunion boy… if this other sub male who may share My bed, might find himself utterly captivated.

I'll … keep you posted.

August 18, 2009

Star sparkle sky. Together, distinct.

We circled around the fire under a dark ripe sky, many of us sitting on borrowed chairs. We bantered back and forth, seeing each other with flickers and smiles. Hours of conversation over firelight and smores. It was a chilly night, and laying in front of the fire on a stretched out massage table, a beautiful woman, wearing her skin cover only, and the hands of her mischievous Master. They were definitely center stage.

This Master's tool for the evening (in addition to his sparkling wit and overwhelming modesty... hehe) - a Violet Wand, with OH so many attachments! Here in the darkness, He zapped, traced, made slave jump and squirm. He kept mentioning it was time for Santa, while slavelette on table said, "oh no, Santa's mean..."

Santa ended up being a bulb attachment with a particularly strong current. Hiding inside the bulb, a face shaped filament. The jolly man's dark smile lit up when charged, which of COURSE needed flesh to complete the current.

And this Master's little lady, did just fine! Kudos of course to His Number One slave – she was the best assistant to the chef, I've seen! That and, her Master was quite charming. Really. There were a few notable little hotties running around, dressed in leather, a few dressed in their own homegrown skin. I lost count of how many tits were meandering through the trees. A cock or two as well!

This summer, I happily attended a somewhat local campout with hundreds of other BDSM perverts. Locations, names, are being withheld, to protect the guilty. *giggle

Very well organized, lemme tell ya! Classes included: Strap On play, with full demonstrations inside both male and female victims, er volunteers; dynamics in Master / slave relationships; Living in two worlds, vanilla and BDSM... and the list goes on! All of this occurring outdoors, occasionally punctuated by an echoing whip, or paddle slap. The follow up grunts and shrieks, mixed with laughter and the sound of euphoria…. Yummy mix.

On this August night when Santa came to play, the evening also held a body drumming event. The main pavilion was an ocean of naked submissives, laying on massage tables, being caned, drummed, while heavy base music slowly stomped in the background. Many Dominants delighted in muscle, flesh and bone.

This summer's weekend in the woods, with many of the BDSM M/s D/s persuasion, was My first campout with other fellow perverts.

And yes, I'll have a second helping, thank you! (and a 3rd, 4th, 5th…. )

August 2, 2009

It was Bound to happen...

Mistress just got a fresh cup of coffee, and is contemplating her actions for the day.

One of My slave boys has a thing for being bound up very tight, and we're considering options for his said incarceration. This particular sub is a boy I spend some time with locally, who gets My time in 3d (isn't he just the luckiest!).

We've been looking at different designs for wheelchairs and wheel barrels, as well as a few custom pieces. He craves the closeness of being bound to furniture, unable to move, with a nice leather gag in his mouth, eyes covered. And the flexibility of moveable furniture might make training that much more convenient! A neighbor dropping by for a cup of sugar, while I'm using My tied up human for a stool? No worries, I'll just wheel little mute boy off into the closet for a few hours!

This toy boy does SO enjoy the squirm!

My day just got a little bit brighter. Excuse Me, I have a little man to go mindfuck -