October 27, 2009

Prose, proper

I'm a bit poetic today:
- - - -
What depth can be brought, by what we share?

Can you slither off your skin, expose to Me your naked bits, beating and warm like fresh earth dug up. Inside your ribs, you're much like Me. Textures and rhythm, aching for more.

Sliding My fingers through your earth, I feel dampness and press you hard, balled into clumps of composite soil, combing through dirt, hand and skin.

I'm an animal, just like you. Perhaps My fangs are a bit sharp.

Bring Me your blood. Bring Me your warmth. I'll drink, and be satisfied. Shaping you into what we create. Aching your surrender into My arms.

I'll pervert what's been left of you, if you like.

October 18, 2009

The Matters of Master

In the depth of a very hot August this year, I wrote about a decadent diversion, blog post -
Star sparkle sky. Together, distinct. In the sultriness of summer, I went to a large group gathering of BDSM folk, camping in the woods on a beautiful property. Several hundred perverts, wandering through trees & outdoor dungeons. Late at night the cries of ecstatic slaves, being flogged, whipped, zapped….

I remember feeling particularly sexy that weekend. I'd been getting a good share of sun, my skin was warm and bronzed. I'd just had a deep blue summer dress tailored – it was just a tad too long, and I had the hem raised. Had to show off the legs! My somewhat unnaturally muscular legs. I look at them sometimes and wonder, how did they get so tight? Hehe! Surely I digress (and don't call Me Shirley…).

While walking up a steep hill, I was approached by a very tall man, white grey hair, abundantly mustachioed, who was entirely too friendly. "Well hello there…" or some such, was his approach. I cast a wary glance.

Later in the evening, I found His campsite snugly aside My friend's camping spot, and we all became more acquainted. He, you see, is the wanton wielder of the Santa zapper! And wouldn't you know it, His partner and He, were quite charming and warm. Gems found in a natural setting, these two.

Later, as summer progressed, and fall approached, we stayed in touch. Mistresses need friends, just as much as slaves, and I became closer to this Master of mischief. He had a calm sense of grounding that I found soothing.

I turned to him recently, with a matter of heart. I'd been dating a submissive, owned by another Mistress, and the dynamics were starting to strain. I called Master "Santa" for a bit of advice. He lives the Master/slave relationship in his own world, and embraces polyamory, while this monogamous Mistress needed a little perspective.

He soothed, and listened. Validated and pondered. I felt heard, understood, and a bit bolstered. As I get more face time with BDSM folk, I find many degrees of health and harm. The couples that seem the most content, communicate gangbusters, and value the process of discovery. Conflict will happen, it’s part of the goods. The price of admission, as Dan Savage says. HOW we respond, driven by love, or fear, makes or breaks the bond.

All this to say, thank you Santa man. I am grateful for your thoughts of late. Lovers may bring depth and intensity, yet I find friends that accept you, help even the waters. Stability can be found, in the midst of our kinks.

October 13, 2009

October beckons

It's nearly the middle of the month, and Mistress is trying to decide what will be happening for her halloweenie holiday. I think when autumn settles in to the bones, I feel the slowing down and cocooning. We all mourn the summer, yes?

I tend to go out a few times a week and just sit on my back porch, take in a few sun rays. Just a few minutes makes your skin look a little glowy. Some women get out of control with that unnatural darkness.... Sun is a seasoning. Apply lightly!

I miss that warmth. I do have a little indoor face tanner I'll use in the winters. The one's you set on the table, and bask in? More for a mood enhancer than anything. It's not the same as the real thing though. More like a dildo, to a cock, in comparison :)

There are dark things you hide from others, that need My light. Will you bring these weaknesses to Me, tonight...