July 24, 2010


You know, when it's HOT like this outside, all I want to do is stay inside My insulated abode and just lounge in the chill! Went running yesterday in 75 degree weather, and I was whining even then! Hehe. 98 degrees out there now, and Mistress is staying inside where life is comfy and My phone is so close.

I've been O.D.-ing on the Animal Planet channel on cable, while it's sizzling outside. Thinking I know more about dog and cat breeds after all the "Dog 101" and "Cat 101" marathon shows today!

Recently befriended a ginger haired Grrl who's got a firefighter husband and a wicked twisty tone. Thinking we could get into plenty of trouble, if we do things right! Haha

Tell Mistress what you've been up to. Or… what we can get you INTO - *gasp!