April 18, 2007

The best pink panties ever!

Well, the best pink panties *lately*!! Haha.

I just thought these little panties were a hoot. This little Fetish Slave showed me his frilly little hiney on cam, moments before I FORCED him into his chastity CB3000! Love the ceremony of locking up my little peckers for use later. Until then, it's almost like canned cock on a shelf!
It can be so tricky getting the right chastity device, especially when air flight and metal detectors are part of the job. The CB series is a good one for this, no metal parts!
The weather looks fine outside, I think it's time for a little exercise - Be very good lovelies, or very bad, and call me!

April 12, 2007

April showers...

I've always found the fixation on watersports et al to be intriguing. Mostly because, honestly, I've never found myself craving that particular cascade of warm fluids and solids flowing over my exterior skin. Offering it to clients? THAT feels perfectly justified!

Eating what has already been eaten, drinking what has already been drunk, seems to satisfy the itch of a few twisted nipples out there. Happy to obligue, believe me!

Some people forget, crawling around in the shed skin of these boys, is a soft warm heart in need of a bit of care. And others may miss, the elusive nurturing, that only a strap on and ass slap can provide. Simply stated, an oxymoron of sorts... Kisses and nipple twists, little ones!

April 4, 2007

$1.69 Special!

Hey little f*ckies, how doth it shake? It shaketh pathetically, methinks !
Today, because I am a generous Mistress, I'm going to do another special! I like "you diserve a strap-on today" bargains! A little more bang for your buck, hm? Once a month is about right for such things...

$1.69/minute, today, until I feel I'm done with such drivel. I'm sure by the weekend this sweet deal will dry up. So get to it!

Kisses and nipple twists!