May 30, 2007


I had a visit with a sweet little sissy slave this week, that I just *knew* you'd want to hear about! I'll call my girl Shawna... This little sweetheart loves to get her legs wrapped up in the finest hose, the sluttiest boots, and craves the humiliation that only exposure can offer!

She whipped out that ... webcam, and gave me a good long show. Forced her to wear the boots you see above! And made her crawl out the door with her ice clack down that motel hallway, and forced her to get ice on the first floor!

And here's the slut's proof, ice in hand! She was so drunk and fucked up, that we talked for a good few hours, while I made her drink more, and more... I love little missies like Shawna!

May 22, 2007

Giggling naked girls floating...

This weekend I had a wonderful evening with a few girlfriends of mine out in the sticks. One of them has a phat little pad, with everything a girl could want! The pool, the hot tub, the beautiful garden full of greens ready to pluck...

And she has this huge wood shop that I keep thinking of converting into a dungeon. Would be the perfect place to take little submissives who come to play... way in the woods where no one will hear you whimper!!

She made us a fabulous meal, the 3 of us, then we retired to the hot tub under the cresent moon and stars. Naked women floating in the warm soothing waters... I told them about a few of my sweet little slaves. My grrlfriends just LOVE hearing the details of the latest discipline!

You'll have to call to find out who was naked, who wore their bathing suit, and JUST what happened after we left the hot tub...

May 3, 2007

Slacker Mistress

I've been abusing my slaves, with indifference. Apologies pets, I'll be fleshing out (ahem) my blog more intently soon enough!

Mistress was very sick this past week. Serves me right, I'd been canoodling with a boy weekend before last, and email confirms, he had a nasty cold, just waiting to erupt! (much like other things...). I had to lay low and heal up the pipes before returning to the seduction of your ears...

Hello to MsKate, Mistress extraordinaire. She's a good friend and a wonderful domme! Check out her link on the left....

Kisses and ass slaps!