November 29, 2010

A violin, and a voice

There's a song warming Me tonight. It's simple really. I've been haunted by the tune for a few years now, would hear it on NPR, or in the background of some convenient movie scene. Sticks to the ribs, makes Me feel satisfied and so…. I guess I'd say cared for.

"How long do you want to be loved?
Is forever enough, is forever enough?"

Finally got around to downloading it, "Lullaby" by the Dixie Chicks.

This would be the first Dixie Chicks song that really "got" Me.

It's cold outside, and thoughts of what matters, and who I do love, pang deep. Maybe it's part of our hibernation, our withdrawal. Quiet fire, probably a bit too much food, a few hugs and thoughts of the past. And yes, our luck with the present.

Will you, dear reader, be in My future?

November 17, 2010

Healing, you (edited)

Today is less about sales and seduction in Mistress land. I'm pondering BDSM in light of spirituality, and need to write a bit about this. I apologize for all the boners I'm about to kill, if indeed My words are that powerful.

I remember reading an article from "Loving More" magazine, which focused on D/s /BDSM etc. as a tool for deepening intimacy with primary partners. FYI – "Loving More" magazine is a resource for polyamorous people, to celebrate their particular way of loving. A grrlfriend gave Me the mag, in the way back time machine. I respected her way of loving others, even though I Myself am wired differently. I remember this article being the first time I'd really thought about BDSM as a healing tool, surrender and Dominance as a place to build trust, and walk through discomfort together. It blew My mind.

Sometimes I seek clarity about WHY I choose this profession of Dominance, and what My "get off" is. Rumblings and curiousity many years ago, slowly built. I became aware of a minority of men who aroused at the sting of a palm against their tender bits. Men who ached for permission to suck cock, while surrendering to a Woman like Me, who actually enjoyed their exploitation. After all, if I'm forcing you to do it, you're not gay... right? (cough)

For years now, I seek to educate Myself on the many fetishes swimming in our sexuality. "Every tool is a weapon, if you hold it right" said Ani Difranco. Our minds adapt and remap over time.

A huge part of My life focuses on spirit path and growth. If you're a regular reader, you've read a few past ponderances on how this mingles with surrender(yours specifically). Even while we walk through spun fantasies together, and share time driving your darkness... My strength brightens that hidden place. There are many flavors and nuances, yet bringing you acceptance, and allowing this darkness to breathe, offers healing. Not every Woman is built to bring you this.

"You just need more strength. Take mine. Really - I have too much of it." – George Sands.

My ultimate enjoyment in this profession, is acceptance and pursual of your surrender. In My twisted little way, if this brings you moments of peace, it makes Me feel… useful. Giving.

THIS is the She that drives the strapon. I may be bruising your hips with forceful fingers, yet deep inside Me, is the place I keep private, glowing with joy, that I've given a bit to you too.

November 13, 2010

Winter darkness

It's a very dark day, clouds and rain, temperature seems to hover near freezing. There are days when darkness muddles it's way up inside Me, and can strangely make My sessions better with a bit more bite. Your safety in My arms is always the top concern. Yet punishing a slave with a good hard spank, after I've had grumblies niggling Me all day long… Baby, sometimes that's the BEST kind of pain! I've had slaves tell Me they prefer sessioning with Me after I've had a difficult day, because I unleash much more.

Structuring your demise in My hands is always thoughtful on My part. I love studying you to find the right button to push, at which pulse.

Let us begin…