August 25, 2008

Fingers sliding over slick skin

My body feels so strong right now. The sun, the running, my weight training, the dancing… I feel like a ripe piece of fruit just dripping off the vine. Chock full of such sweet nectar…

I was thinking tonight, I’d love to have a sissy boy here, dressed to the nines, wearing rumba pants, some sexy thigh highs, and oh yes, I’d want sissy smelling of some kind of a fruit, a ripe mango or maybe a citrus perfume. Sliding massage oils over My skin, infused with the scents of amber. My strong soft skin legs would relax under his delicate fingers. I love making sweet little sissy grrls feel submissive, pleasing Me with their duties.

I’m due for a massage in the next week. Will let you know how that lube job goes! *giggle

August 11, 2008

Panties and pink ribbons

Was looking through My collection of lingerie that My slaves had purchased for Me over the past year - I've got some beautiful things, garters, a corset in blue satin. Since it's warm outside I found this little pink outfit that a sissy sent My way. Pink g string with lace sewn on the front and ribbons (and it's see thru! shh!) and the top? A band of see through pink fabric, with two rows, top and bottom, of lace along the edges. Held up by two sets of ribbons tied at the shoulder. So very easy to slowly untie and drop to the floor.....

Mistress still has the pink panties on! Ran 4 miles yesterday, also did upper body weights at My running buddy's house afterwards - used Bowflex and Powerblock adjustables, My arms look SO good.... After a good hard workout, ever notice how your body looks so strong and kind of... pumped?

Mistress is smiling!

August 1, 2008

Sweet feet?

Mistress Ruby got a pedicure! I'm very happy with the outcome, and I think I've found a new nail shop that I'm going to enjoy, to boot!

Thank you all for taking part in my $1.99 special - had gads of calls and emails, and lots of fun. Back to the normal price my pretties! It was a sweet little soiree while it lasted!

Stay tuned, I have a feel August will be hot as hell, in more ways than one!