July 11, 2012


We’ve entered the warmth of summer, and Mistress is taking a bite of that apple. I’ve been hiking and walking a plenty, and just added jogging into the mix. There’s something primal and powerful about pushing your body past the discomfort, entering the pumping, straining strength of your own self will.

My will may be strong enough for us both, hm?

Summer brings fruit to bear, with festivals, sun, and people wearing barely anything. I sometimes fill the role of voyeur, watching flesh at such things. We’ve both done it. Sat in the shade, eating something sweet or perhaps something deep fried (gasp), and eyed the bodies walking by. Maybe near the stage of music, blues music, watching the sprites and dancers jumping to the beat.

I’m in the mood to hunt, this week.

I’m selective about lovers, and bringing them into the fold. I’d rather wait for the right taste, than partake of something that doesn’t quite fit.

Something bold is coming this weekend, I can feel it. You best watch out. If I line you in my sights, you may be taken, before you know it.

And this sweet surrender, might just be the thing that completes you.

May 8, 2012

To Be Authentic

Nibbling on grape tomatoes after a long candlelit shower, I slid into meditation, while rubbing down tired legs. 6 miles of road today, then 30 min. dance workout. I earned this soreness, and it feels wonderful. Deep in a mindless rhythm, I ponder a bit, about the nature of us.

The place you climb out of, to dial digits and words, seems curious, if a bit dark. I’ve spoken to men on bipolar benders, with wives that wait at home, while they cull Craigslist for yet another cock to suck, seeking My input on selection. Their wives, nonconsenting to the risk brought to bed. These secrets are hardest to keep. You know you’re doing something very bad…

Most men who call Me merely fantasize about that forbidden place. It’s the main reason many call – they choose not to act out their dangerous fantasies, and settle into the warm nest of My mind. To scratch an itch, where no one knows them. We are anonymous, which is part of your thrill. No one, you know, knows. You zip up your pants, pay your fee, then back to safe vanilla homes, where you’re just as normal as anyone.

Yet, I know.

Long ago, I stopped asking, “Why?” with strange fantasies of men. Your tales and yearnings, fascinating for sure… yet *what* starts this compulsion, and how has your mind remapped, to get innermost satisfaction, right there. In that awkward place.

Your deep secrets are what keeps Me logged in most days. I’m fascinated about your particular fixations. I keep notes on each of you. There is proof somewhere, outside our voices, that you are named Steve, you’re a sex addict, and you’re on a 24 hour masturbation bender, huffing poppers and hoping like hell I'll allow your release. I wrap you up in Louis Vuitton (your favorite), big black buttons, the organza you crave, right before I describe the next thrust of your defilement...

Weaving webs, My voyeurism continues… paid. Good work, if you can get it.

April 5, 2012

Foulest Things

"I wanna be drunk.
And make...
you drunk.

Because I'm intimidated by you.

I need to feel free to say anything and know that you'll forgive me.

I want to tell you things so you won't stumble through life.

I've done the vilest things... foulest things.

But I've done them superbly. I feel innocent now.

Do you believe that?"

June Mansfield Miller, played by Uma Thurman (Henry & June). Originally, the text was published in "The Diary of Anais Nin: 1931-1934, volume 1."

I'm watching Henry & June again tonight. Every year I sink My teeth back into it. I go on about this movie, I know (and wrote a detailed review of the movie a few years ago, here).

It's such decadent cake, deep and rich. The wardrobe, the country, the actors, the fantasies... I may need a cigarette after the movie ends.

And... I don't smoke.

one more snip from the flick, to sanctify your destiny:

"For all his pretended friendship, his most intimate friends are only fodder...

for the unrolling of his own sanctified destiny, his own creative urges."

April 1, 2012


A single rose can be my garden... a single friend, my world.

Leo Buscaglia

March 24, 2012

Part 2, Lisbeth and Christina

Continuation of My wild evening moons ago, Part 2 of Lisbeth and Christina... you ready?

After chatting with Lisbeth and Christina, they had an open energy that drew Me closer. I found Christina, all 6’ tall and striking blue eyes, to be such a sweet submissive woman, even as her body was changing from her maleness into something new, soft. She had a grace and sweetness that invited Me closer.

Lisbeth was all over the place, jumping around, and maybe soaking wet, 100 pounds. Thin and confident with her body. She’d fucked plenty of women (as a lesbian) and also had buttfucked a bevvy of men. Her work as a pro Domme on the side saw to this interest…

They got a few drinks, invited Me to their scene. They told Me the first time they’d met was having public sex at a big city sex club. I was about to see just what that looked like...

The first course was the public scene. Christina stripped down to a thin little wisp of a panties, barely a thong, and layed down on her belly. Her back was a canvas, and Lisbeth was ready. There were 15+ people at the party, and so many toy bags! Christina brought out floggers, zappers, and what proved to be My favorite, a doubletail. This is two thin strips of leather, cut to a point. When they slap against the skin, their pointed tongues sting something fierce!

I began by sliding My fingers down her naked back side, connecting with My sub, feeling her energy. Safe words, what she wanted, we had a careful talk before play ensued. And Lisbeth took charge and went WILD on her! After warming her up, and getting her deep into subspace, Lisbeth climbed on top of her ass, straddling her hips, and whipped and zapped her flesh. The groans of Christina were delicious, with an edge of ecstasy… at one point FOUR women with whips, floggers, doubletails, and electric play devices were crawling around Christina, listening to her startled grunts and moans! I felt the rush of domination, it’s a high all it’s own. I was soaring with energy...

This went on for a good 30 minutes, delicious, electric. After, we slowly swept up our girl and wrapped her in a blanket, offered water, and let her rest quietly. Subbing can be intense, especially with pain. Her back, watching the skin rise and grow pink, gave Me a deep satisfaction.

And then it was later. People petering out, 3 a.m. Mohawk Lisbeth was flirting with Me, asking Me to spend the night, after the party. These two are luscious and luminous, yet I’m not wired for nudity just that quick. I need emotional intimacy, before spreading thighs for another. I admire these women, yet offered an alternate.

I’d stay, and watch them fuck. I’d even spot them (hold them down by the wrists, or ankles, muffle their mouth), however my clothing stays on, and they attend to each other.

They both said yes. Exhibitionists love sharing the view of each other.

After, they stripped bare, opened up and… you want those details?


This might be the last installment... stay tuned!

February 19, 2012

Blooming fire, stinging bite

I’m lost in a sensual blues mist, and Sting’s the cause. Here, lucky enough to have his recent “25 Years” greatest hits album. I find Myself discovering new songs, getting lost in their stories. And tonight, this night, Sting accompanied Me into a very dark place….

I surprised a Mistress Grrlfriend this eve by dropping in at an event she didn't know I'd be coming to. Loved seeing her face light up and hug so strong. She is a Fire Play Goddess and instructor. She, along with her partner, gave a Fireplay workshop this weekend, and after class? A play party ensued. Here’s wiki’s definition of fireplay. If you’ve never seen fireplay, it’s visually electric, dangerous, and sensual. I love watching experts at the task, with slow throbbing music. Lulls you into the meditation and the rhythm, the primal power. Dangerous and hot as love, stilled just as quick. The ache left behind is warm and strong…

I am not a public scene girl, and until tonight, had only 1 experience with it. I’m more of a one on one grrl. Roleplay? Got that down. Impact play, rope, managing a house slave? These are areas I want more time with. Impact play is something I’m learning, and feeling joy with. There’s a sadist in Me that perks while seeing the skin grow warm and pink, rise, watch the dance of the bound one writhe and flinch, squirming, yet happier than they’ve been in moons. Not every submissive enjoys pain. Much of My work is intuiting what a submissive wants. Humiliation, spanks, slaps, seduction and denial, feminization… we are a diverse group, we BDSM enthusiasts. Much like the trans community, one room can hold 6 people, all with different tastes.

Tonight, I was craving impact play. A man active in the local community, and an elder, wanted to scene with Me. I do not sub/bottom, thus was only open to it, if he were the little one. And, for the first time in 2 years, he said yes to the role. The group in the room gasped and said, “He doesn’t bottom, he hasn’t in years!” I suppose that felt like a compliment, somehow.

After plugging My MP3 player into their speakers, I loaded up the slow music of Sting, and sized up this slave man. I took the hooked leather cuffs, linked his shirtless arms up, left him standing on the St. Andrews Cross. Many had brought their tools to share, mostly floggers, whips, one called “The Devil’s Dick” (a whip). I chose shorter swiveled floggers, and remembered quickly that I prefer doubletail or singletail leather thongs. Floggers leave too much distance, are heavy, and after 15-20 minutes, your arm gets tired. I need practice. It surprises Me how many textures and implements are out there to slap a bare shoulder with. And shoulders. I enjoy shoulders. They’re just at the right height when a man stands, and I stand behind. It also feels like you’re giving him a load to carry, seeing how much you can pile on his strength….

Oh, stop Me if I bore you… I mean, am I? *smirk*

Let Me know if you want more detail on the whipping he received tonight. I’m still waiting for a little more interest on My earlier Lisbeth and Christina tale…

January 30, 2012


Is it true, January draws nigh, and February is upon us. 2012 marching to its demise…

Hello slaves and minions. I am so very happy you’re here!

This morning I woke up just before dawn, and felt the need to shake off the dust, with a little water and suds. Today’s a little bit different though. I brought out candles, lit the wicks, and brought in My music, to slither in soap and jam My way clean.

Damn, I felt so sexy, jamming out to candlelight, splashing in hot water. I’ve got a feeling, Mistress is going dancing very soon…

I’m curious what brings your month to a close, and how you seek to cleanse yourself of dark dirty thoughts…