April 19, 2009

Miles of piles of ... cha ching!

Oh this has been a glorious weekend sweet slaves! The weather for starters – isn't it lovely? 4 mile run Saturday, got to break into my short unitard collection… after getting My legs all smooth and silky, slipped into a tight lycra bodysuit, and ran one of my fastest runs this season!

A fat little piggy dropped into My lap this weekend. A boy from Down Under who apparently came into money in the past year, and is putting it to good use. Giving it to Me, of course! He introduced himself with a few fat tips, then begged permission to talk with Me. Take note subs – THAT is an excellent way to introduce yourself to Mistress!

Down Under boy brought all kinds of toys, dildos, a ruler (apparently had a thing for the Head Mistress giving him a spanking in the office!!). I was kind enough to let him dump his little man load, after quite a bit of torment and mind fuckery! I'm still smiling thinking about the nice cash pile he left in My account. We'll be taking advantage of THAT little man yet again, VERY soon!

I'll be spending a chunk of time on Niteflirt today (Sunday, 4/19/09), so if you're jonesing for Mistress, NOW is a good time!

April 6, 2009

So many tasks, so little time!

Oh sweet cheeks and vile perverts, Mistress is a very tired Girl today!

As many of My dedicated ones know, I tend to keep a few coals in the fire, to keep it interesting. My mind is quick, and likes several types of stimulation. If you know what I mean. Ahem.

I've taken on a software contract that will keep Me busy these next two months, and as such, will be a little less available to My sublets. Aww! I will continue being available on weekends to be sure, just know that My time is a bit more divided for the next few weeks.

Best chance to catch Me will be weekends. Also, requesting an appointment via Niteflirt, or emailing Me, will help in arranging our time together. Evenings and weekend time will work best, if you want to catch My scent! Don’t be afraid to send a sweet little email. Or an Amazon gift… or flat out cash! HA! Hehe

I'm smiling and a little bit exhausted just now. A massage and pedicure would SO fit the bill, you know how I looove being touched hm? *smile