November 26, 2008

Warmth and absence

Guess who’s hitting the road for the Thankgiving holiday? Okay…. Me!

I’m pretty excited, although I detest packing and getting the house ready for the pet sitter. So strange having someone come in and linger in your own little world. I prefer to supervise on such occasions! Go figure!

So be prepared, Mistress will be visiting with loved ones, and pretty unavailable. I might sneak in with my laptop here and there, but be ready for Ms Thing to be in absentia until this Sunday.

I might sneak a Niteflirt phone call in, and if so? You’ll pay dearly for the time! *giggle. Thinking very dirty thoughts about very dirty boys. You included…

November 21, 2008

Cold night, big smile

All those holidays approaching, makes a Grrl feel like she needs to get ducks in a row, gifts purchased, and of course, get her assignments in line for Santa's little slaves! Hehe. Maybe I'll make one of my sissies dress up like Mrs. Claus for the holidays...

This weekend I'll be a bit busy - have some big parties to attend and a trip to the coast scheduled. Sunday I definitely think I'll be around the ole horn to pick up a few shout outs from the slavelettes.

The main question is what to wear to the party tonight... something respectable and conservative, or showing a little flesh? Feel free to give an opinion on that. Email's a working :)

November 12, 2008

Candle magic, rain, and a pet in my home

The weather in Oregon is making this Grrl a little bit melancholy... I haven't been able to get out for My hikes and runs, and I tend to get a bit stir crazy without it! I've been indulging the urge to burn candles long into the wee morning hours. Warms Me up somehow.

Maybe one of My next little projects will be a personal trainer! A slavelette to show up and keep Me company while I'm busting out a sweat, hitting the next interval.

I love making My body firm, and I think those of us who keep track of such things, know the winter months are a big challenge. Bundling up and staying in the warm inner sanctum, feels so much fuzzier and yummy...

A few new pets have made their way to My doorstep, and I've been grooming them for longevity. As my regular boys know, I tend to seduce slowly, rather than take all I can quick. More interesting experience for all that way. And I do get attached to My minions...

I've been exploring of late, as I've posted an ad for a Domme/sub exchange outside the monetary realm. Mistress cannot stand to do the domestics, and while I travel to scene or visit fetish events a few hours from My home regularly? I've yet to bring play into My abode. Anonymity is a key concern for many of us, as is safety.

I have visions of transforming someone very male, into someone very feminine, while he scrubs and sorts My details. Ignoring him for long periods, only to slide behind him with a few lingering fingers, dragging spiderleg nails over warm flesh and bone.

Either that, or I'll choose a very masculine boy, easy on the eye, and yummy on his knees. I like surprising servants while they're focused on My tasks. That gasp, the trembling? And occasionally the wince...

Mistress is yearning for this new playmate. I'll keep you posted!

November 3, 2008

Naughty Mistress, break for you

Mistress has been naughty... I haven't updated my blog in more than a week. I feel so very dirty about it. For shame! hahah!

Go figure, life has been alot of fun lately, and I've been living it, much more than writing about it! One thing I've found -

When I price my lines at $1.99/minute, yes calls are more frequent, but I find the calls last longer. As if - boys like to have a nice languid conversation, when the price is that much lower. Has been making me ponder my pricing schedule.

I'll be keeping my price at $1.99/minute for the next few weeks, and then evaluating the overall worth. I have to admit, I love longer conversations, because I get a chance to creep around those strange little brains of yours...perverting your fleshy naughty bits all the while! Gives me more time to giggle!

Halloween was quite an effort, however I'm very happy with the events that transpired. Was the warmest Halloween evening we've had, in several years, and that made this Mistress very happy.