June 25, 2007

Chastity and Virgins

I've been having a fun week, sweet sissies and drunks to play with!

I'm remembering a good long session with a stubby little boy... By day? He works in plastic injection molds! by night? He's a blond haired, blue eyed virgin, who gets f*cked up on booze, and lets Mistress use him sooo goood! That CB2000 feel good little one? Here's a little shout out to utlick...

Kevin's back too! Can you imagine being a healthy 35 year old black man, with a ... *gasp... 4 INCH D_CK?? By day, he's an account, and by night? He's begging me to increase my per minute rate, so he can call back again... and again... I guess virgins like this one, need attention too!

Variety is the spice of life, and I do love my work so! Sleep pretty!

June 15, 2007

Mid June already!

It's hard to believe this year is half over, I'm remembering it just getting started!

I've been experimenting with new cinema lately, today slide HBO's "Rome" into my dvd player. First 20 minutes, there's already sex and brutality.. a bit primal in many ways. Will keep you posted on my thoughts, after I've watched a few episodes!

Angels In America, was another recent miniseries I had a chance to watch. Enjoyed the love stories between two men, there is something erotic about two attractive boys, touching, kissing... dare I say c*cksucking *giggle

You've been keeping me busy, generous clients and very sweet slaves... sleep pretty!