March 28, 2009

Our secret ego

Friday night went nicely for Mistress. Went to an intimate little concert - had a friend performing, and she kicked ass, as women are want to do…

I sat in the crowd, looking around at the many people with their faces forward. Interesting how easy it is to study someone's curves, muscles, the way they dress themselves. We're remarkably obedient in this close quiet order of silence and smiles.

We went to an uptown bar after the gig, with expensive furniture and very pretty bartenders. Male and female. Tall, thin, black clothes, pretty. We all knew a large part of their currency, was their symmetric faces and friendly ways.

A few in our crowd took center stage, here as well. They have charisma, and oh so many interesting stories. If someone paid attention, who was audience, and who the performer here in our circle, would have been obvious too. I was glad for the story, and the outrageous personalities.

I observed, listened actively. No one in this crowd knows what I do for a living. No one here knew, when I come home and relax in My little den, I open My lines and allow men to kneel for Me, violate their sundry little bits, for My pleasure, and for My income. My previous life in the corporate arena makes it easy to explain, I still do contracts here and there, at My choosing.

I enjoy such restraint. You might have seen Me look off in the distance last night, and smile, thinking of you. Knowing it would be you who I'd be coming home to. Not all of us are driven by ego validation. There are few of us who know our quiet power, and know just when is the time, to whip... it... out...

Bring it little ones. I'll be gentle. Promise. *cough

March 16, 2009

Hybernating weekends, and garlic goodness

This has been a great weekend, Mistress decided to stay in and tend to her slavelettes. When you work from home, it's easy to get sucked into the lives of your slaves, for a few days. After a little while though, I feel like emerging from the cocoon, getting back with My peeps. "Where have you been?" is a common question.

Some of My friends know what I do for a living, others do not. Helps that I had a vanilla career before being summoned to the life that is Mistress. It feels quietly satisfying, to have a few close friends that know I humiliate and degrade boys for a living. Who'd a thunk! We never heard recruiters at career faires, sharing the option of pro Domme, now did we?

The smell of roasted garlic is taking over My kitchen. Was hankering for a bit of pasta with broccoli and some feta. A little oregano and lemon to make it interesting. Oh and rice vinegar. One other secret ingredient, which I may share if you ask …

I fantasize about your sissy little ass, trussed up in petticoats and apron, serving Me this afternoon. Might have to slide something up your skirt while you bend over, tending to My plants… *giggle

March 5, 2009

Challenge Me Downpour

Oh Mistress is a tired little Girl tonight… took a long hike into town, which I'll do occasionally for a workout. 5 miles roundtrip, 47 degrees out. I took My chances with the weather, since it was only 30% chance of raining… and guess who got caught in a horrendous downpour of windy heavy rain? Bingo!

When I finally got into town, and hit one of My fave restaurants, I was soaked to the bone, even with a rain slicker and 3 layers underneath. I tried to wait it out, considered getting a ride home and thought… F*CK it!! I stopped by a sports store, bought some fab rain pants, and trucked it home baby!

That tough stuff is what a Mistress is made of, hm? Hehe!

Mistress rewarded herself with a long warm bath, chilled naked flesh warming nicely in the water. I love looking around My home and seeing so many things you sweet slaves have bought Me. The lighting for My bathroom, the ipod, the JBL speakers I listened to while soaking My tired flesh and muscle…. You take care of Me nicely little ones!

That new Watchmen movie is looking very interesting, isn't it? I'll have to see what Ebert is saying on the subject. Was just considering the movie Secretary tonight while walking. Remember the scene where James Spader, at the height of his sexiness, had Ms. Secretary bent over the desk, slapping her ass for her misspelling and typos? Ah yes!! The tension and eroticism in that movie, is something I still savor.

What do you secretly savor?