December 31, 2007

Drop the ball on New Years? Not a chance!

MsRuby has decided to grace her slavelettes tonight! Look for me online this evening, we'll bring in the New Years just right! Remember us west coast girls in the US will still be partying long after the east coast boys are passed out! haha

December 24, 2007


This year has been wonderful for the holidays, at least in My world. Slaves have been generous indeed, as well as a family member or two!

Just got done watching "Ebert and Roeper", which is a fave of mine. I'm a movie buff, especially foreign and independent films. Can't help but feel it was much more fun when Siskel and Ebert were kicking it around. That Ebert - an amazing writer (Pulitzer prize winning actually).

I've logged in tonight on Niteflirt, and it's busier than usual - all those Mistresses nestled into their warm homes, celebrating the season, and taking a well deserved rest from work! I'm giggling wickedly, thinking of so many things...

December 15, 2007

Did someone say birthday?

I may be around a little less, due to my birthday week! Smiling just now, enjoying alot of love in my life, friends family, subs and slavelettes! Feel free to visit the wishlist...

December 11, 2007

Writers, Aliens, and buns in the oven

Tonight while flipping through the channels on the boobus tube, I found a showing of "Mars Attacks." Got me to giggling up a storm, all those strange brainy aliens running around capitulating, ACK - ACK ACK!! *zap!! Jack Nicholson, Annette Benning, Glenn Close, Tom Jones, that is one star packed B movie. I recommend it for anyone needing a good laugh :)

The weather has gotten very cold of late, makes the skin shiver out of doors, and want to be snuggled in tight while indoors. Winter time is when my birthday happens, we'll see which sweet slaves remember Mistress right!

In other news, a new indie movie has been released called Juno, about an young pregnant woman, and her relationship with the new adoptive parents. While the subject matter might sound at first like typical Lifetime television fodder, I'd have to say this looks like an interesting trip. Diablo Cody, screenwriter, and director Jason Reitman were recently interviewed on Fresh Air with Terry Gross (N.P.R. radio). It sounds like a quirky, insightful, entertaining flick. That and, Diablo Cody, who gave birth to this story herself, talked honestly about her previous experience as a stripper, and a phone sex operator, during the Fresh Air interview.

An interesting twist to Cody's story? She was discovered as a writer, because a studio/editor found her phone sex operator blog, thought she was an amazing writer, and gave her the opportunity to write the screenplay.

There may be there hope for me yet :)

December 1, 2007

A Study in Forced Intoxication

Ah yes, how I take in my little ones, the boys who feel lonely and low, boys with the need to get completely sh*tfaced, and pay me buckets to keep them company.

One of my cherubs called tonight after a few weeks off for the holidays. Sweet Alan. When this boy gets on a roll, I best block off my entire night because he will keep talking, drinking and serving me until dawn! Good thing he's fun company :)

This evening he called, 3 sheets to the wind, a little pissy due to me being busy with another client in a 3 hour session. Seems Alan had gotten started without me. At this point it's a maintenance thing, occasional shots while we catch up on his career and romance (or lack thereof) details...

Alan is the sweetest little (in more ways than one, ahem) man, who enjoys wallowing in his own self pity. And he cusses up a storm, venting about every little frustration in his working world. I give him assignments most weeks, which he does dutifully, and typically I include a confidence building exercise. As much as I love controlling and demeaning my sublets, I need them strong in other ways.

This evening, after he'd downed almost an entire bottle of Crown Royale, telling me how very much he loved me, and how much he loved a certain luscious lady in his office, he fell into a deep sleep, snores and all. His alarm clock started blaring from his bedroom, and the boy was so conked, it went on for over 10 minutes, and he slept in oblivion. Our session ended with the typical Niteflirt, "One minute remaining..." warning. And he actually slept through that!

I'll be checking in on him later today, to make sure he's safe and sound. Another fun night in the life of this Mistress!