June 23, 2010

Succulence arrives

Tonight I went for a long walk, as this Chick is "wont to do" ….

While out in the beautiful humid summer evening, I crossed paths with a former running buddy of Mine. Beautiful tan woman, wearing linen yoga clothing. The kind of body that a string tank top just wraps around so rightly. She carried a bowel of Queen Anne cherries, brought from a friend's farm. "Would you like a few?"

Yes… I bit.

Yummy, tart, yellow blush and taut. Slipped into My lips, crushed under teeth. I've been keeping portions contained lately, and My belly was grumbling as I'd left for My jaunt… and I'd been hoofing it for over an hour. Those morsels arrived just in time, greeting growls from My belly with grace.

Sometimes we do get what we need. Right when we need it.

This time of year is so lovely! Widens the mind to many possibilities. Defiling men outdoors, hearing their gasps - you ready?