January 31, 2007

Here comes Febuary...

Are all you boys getting valentines lined up? Oh, the grrls too :)

Had a very intriguing boy today, chatting away with me... he was very nervous, and called on my Lingerie and Stocking listing... for some reason he was very taken with my thighs. Those muscular legs that I work hard to keep firm? Yes indeed, that IS me in the photos :)

I'm considering nicknaming him Thigh Boy, although Doug will suffice! The tremble in his voice when I talked about squeezing his head snuggly between my strong quads... makes me smile just thinking about it.

Took on a new little sissy named Angelina this past week too. This english accented lass, was prime for the picking. Can't WAIT for her to get a few toys for her sweet torment. Her training will be a special treat. I covet the taking of a grrl's virginity..

I'm ready for spring to get here, this cold weather is unfun! I can say it's helping me get my weight routine tweaked and cleaned up (working out indoors is so much more appealing in cold weather!). Do like the results my arms are getting... Going to bump to 15 lb. barbells next week...

Kisses and ass slaps!

January 24, 2007

This fabulous body!

Hello my sweet little boi toys and slutty sissies, I'm so very glad you're with me! Today has been fabulous, as I've changed up my workout routine, and I'm noticing some nice changes. A little more cardio, increase the barbell weight, and check this out, I'm getting ripped!

Partying with a few slave boys and sissy grrls. That would be me on the left, riding the boy :)

I know some of you grrls and bois have an appreciation for a strong, sensually dominant woman, and to you I say, GET IN LINE!!! hahah! I've been craving a few CBT boys lately, and they've been a bit sparce. Come on little lovelies, you're denying mistress her R.D.A. of gasps and grunts! Bring it on!

I've been playing in Second Life (www.secondlife.com) quite a bit. That shit is addicting! Here's a shout out to Wendy Lemay of Second Life, who has a FABULOUS Forced Feminization estate, the best I've seen, in the game! I'm "Rubyred Silverstar", do say hello if you see me. Do also realize, I'm working while there, so my hello may be brief and slightly bitchy :).

Back in Niteflirt land, Monday was the financial domination day this week, for some reason. Even had a few unsolicited emails, from boys bragging, "I've already paid so much, more than anyone's ever paid you before... I'm afraid to call you." Big words, hm? Tommy Boy... you need to pick up the phone luv. My time's valuable sweets.

Another place I love to hang out online is IRC.BONDAGE.COM (the program MIRC can get you connected to this server). I'm MsAlchemy there, and love chatting up a few minutes, before taking a call. Emphasis, a few :)

Happy hump day, little ones.

January 10, 2007

Mistress Ruby, at your service. Training you, to be in mine.

Welcome to my sweet dark corner, for those of the kinky persuasion. I am Mistress Ruby, doing business as Hard Alchemy on Niteflirt. My profile can be found here:


What shall you find here? Catalystic convergence for the pervert in all of us. I've been
wrapping around the curve of your sensual submission, since 2006 - on the phone, anyway. And, before this? A few degrees, a good spell in corporate America, and the dissillusionment that comes from the changing landscape of Information Technology in these United States. Network administrators lose their jobs, for a much cheaper workforce across the seas.

MsRuby ponders her options. Independence being the state in which this little miss thrives, what do we do, in these changing times?

Turn to the thing which you love best. Playful reparte with boys who love girls, especially missies with strap ons and clamps. Yes, my pet, that would be me.

Settle down on the cozy couch for a spell, and take a walk through this mind of mine. You'll be entertained, at the least.