November 23, 2009

You're about to be stuffed

Well, aren't we all? Thanksgiving is just about here... everyone's doing the travel plans, ordering the food. Hells bells, last Thanksgiving I gained 5-10 pounds over the winter holidays. Then here comes January, and I start working it off. Strange how the new year gives you an excuse to work your ass off. Seems we all hibernate this time of year, and emerge with the need to feel strong and feisty!

I remember last January, I started walking into town, listening to My fave podcasts, talk radio, Marc Maron, NPR, etc... 15 miles a week, minimum. Then the weather warms in March, bringing My craving for the burn of running. Started at 10 miles a week, then worked up to 15. I'm such a hard toned badass 9-10 months of the year. Then here comes winter, and feasting the harvest... there we go, cocoon and munch.

Rhythm. Can be a good thing.

I may be travelling (plans still morphing), although I'll be taking calls Thanksgiving weekend. Maybe we'll talk turkey, while I stuff unimaginable things right up your... *cough

Remind Me to tell you about the beer bottle, the condom, a bottle full of whisky, and a drunk midwestern boy with an account full of cash....

November 9, 2009

Media scoundrels, bad boy, bad!

While watching an episode of "Law and Order: Criminal Intent", I saw yet another example of a Dominatrix, involved in some sordid murder plot. Shocking, hm? The murder suspect was a macho man from a mobster family, straight. He'd get sexually aroused by dressing up in women's clothing, and getting slapped around a bit. By a Woman, a bit like Me.

One of these days, maybe the hero of the common drama llama story will be - a Domme coming to the rescue! Some vanilla being abused without consent?! Super Domme saves the victim from an ill doer!

Well, unless the victim wanted it. Right? *hehehe

A Girl can dream!

It's cold outside, and rainy. I'm missing the sun. You too? I'm available to commiserate, while draining your bank account.

Generous, I know.

Giving you a little pinch, right where it hurts!