July 11, 2012


We’ve entered the warmth of summer, and Mistress is taking a bite of that apple. I’ve been hiking and walking a plenty, and just added jogging into the mix. There’s something primal and powerful about pushing your body past the discomfort, entering the pumping, straining strength of your own self will.

My will may be strong enough for us both, hm?

Summer brings fruit to bear, with festivals, sun, and people wearing barely anything. I sometimes fill the role of voyeur, watching flesh at such things. We’ve both done it. Sat in the shade, eating something sweet or perhaps something deep fried (gasp), and eyed the bodies walking by. Maybe near the stage of music, blues music, watching the sprites and dancers jumping to the beat.

I’m in the mood to hunt, this week.

I’m selective about lovers, and bringing them into the fold. I’d rather wait for the right taste, than partake of something that doesn’t quite fit.

Something bold is coming this weekend, I can feel it. You best watch out. If I line you in my sights, you may be taken, before you know it.

And this sweet surrender, might just be the thing that completes you.