August 29, 2010

Pummeling Property

"Alright My babies, keep it cool…"

And while Jon Stewart is a gifted man who deserves many accolades, Conan O'Brien was nominated, yet unawarded tonight at the Emmys. My only consolation is that Jay Leno was without nomination, in their same category. This lessens the sting.

You know I'm a huge Conan O'Brien fan, eh? Well a huge fan, albeit not huge… *hahah!!

It's been chilly today outside, and I welcome this. Mistress has been researching communities and townships. I want to buy My own home (with your money, of course), yet need something in the right price range, right community, etc. The loveliness of this career-o-Mine? It's something I can take anywhere, where privacy and high speed internet exist.

Where is your favorite place to live? Or where you own property, grew up, live now… Call and share details, My lovelies. I'm considering so many options while saving up for the big down payment. I'll take twice the contribution on this topic… your titillating insights, and your cold hard cash!


August 20, 2010

Hoff Scoff

I wonder why I find Comedy Central's "Roast of David Hasselhoff" ... entertaining. I never did find any allure in The Hoff. Let's give him credit though for getting bent over and butt fucked on cable television.

Mistress did a fasting cleanse this week. I occasionally like cleaning out My sweet little insides while resting, contemplating. I end up devising new assignments and tortures for My minions on the other end of the phone. That's be you :)

UPDATE - I had to update My Amazon wishlist, which makes Me somewhat sad. My last wishlist spanned a few years, and dozens of gifts from yesterday's suckers like you. Visit the new wishlist, and feel yourself weaken, your wallet open wide and gifts tumbling out...

While I'm feeling fit and hot as hell, I'm considering hiring someone to make meals for Me. Possibly a personal trainer too. Oooh an idea for new TIP buttons on My Niteflirt pages!! Was talking to a few masseuses this week, getting a feel for the way they'd loosen My tight muscles. I'd love to let your money pay for this decadence of flesh!

Smiling, imagining your grunts and whimpers....