March 29, 2011

Get ready for a big long one!!!

"Tuesday afternoooooon..." so the song goes. I'm awake, but feel like I'm shaking the dust off. Went to bed late as I am wont to do... My sleep is sometimes joined by ringing phones, desperate subs seeking an audience, Mistress -

Wouldn't change that for the world. I so love My work!

I've been playing with a sweet little man back East lately. He's a bit of a newb - hasn't had a chance to let his freak flag fly! Here he is, mid 40s, now finally trembling as the silk stocking goes over his tattooed and muscled leg, shaved for just this occasion. I took him on a wild 3 hour ride last week, after I sent him shopping for garters, stockings, booze.... and don't forget the toys!! He was cooing and talking about how beautiful I was, the moans of his lust were potent! We got him good and fucked up! When he called the next day, he remembered blips, yet he gasped as I told him what we discussed, with his guard down, how he told Me what he REALLY wanted!. Forbidden things. Filthy things...

I really like this boy, yet I see the cycle of this thing concluding. Now that he's let his Pandora's box blow open, I can hear it in his voice. He's ... freaked out. He's called a few times since our play sessions.. Now he's nervous, like a shaking fawn. I can almost hear his mind saying, "I can't believe I did that! I've been hiding this all My life and what the hell am I going to do now??"

He's not the first to hit such crossroads. This past year, I dated a submissive for a little while. He has a prominent job in the community (a writer, 20+ years). In his late 50's, he'd been hiding this desire to submit, to worship feet, most of his life. He had been married a very long time, however his wife and he, were no longer intimate. Mostly because? In that fucked-up-little-brain of his? He could only get hard, when he fantasized about being controlled and manipulated by a Woman.

He'd even gone to a few pro Dommes secretly, and became a regular at the strip clubs. This was a dark period for him. He just didn't know how to bring the two worlds together, in a way that worked.

We met at a BDSM play party, after his divorce, and his eagerness to please was palatable. After a while though, we both sensed there was no strong spark. Mostly because, in his words - he'd been pushing this desire in him down so long, he could not combine his shame, with dating a normal Woman who accepted and celebrated it. He's now dating a vanilla woman he met... from church. Which is one proof that - our need to assimilate is stronger than many other parts of us. (or possibly proof that, we just weren't that into each other). We still facebook, for what it's worth :)

I have a healthy respect for the desire to be normal. There's alot of privilege to be had with normal. Let Me just give you a window, dear reader. It's very possible to embrace your kink, be discreet, and still fit in with the best of 'em. I've been doing it for 5 years. The majority of people in My life? Don't know what I do for a living. They don't need to know. (that was a lesson hard won).

Many people are HIGHLY uncomfortable with BDSM. And amongst them? The submissives who call Me.

You're not alone little ones. You know where to find Me, when those urges we both have, purr into knowing...

March 13, 2011

Houseboy for Me

It's raining out, as per usual for this time of year. Got Me a BIG dose of sun last week, while darting between storm clouds. Even have a blister on one precious foot to prove it. Ah, to have you here to draw My bath, soothing herbs for sliding into water, then after you'd tended to My towels and massage (coconut oil is wonderful), we'd then get to the task of your daily lesson.

Of course the first being that while you are with Me, you're under My control. We've had our first encounters, listing kinky yes and no's… now you know the routine. Go to work in the fresh morning, back to your home here after work. Becoming naked as soon as you're home, then wearing an outfit I find particularly fetching. Perhaps soft panties for that round ass of yours. Or maybe something smaller...

You work, pay your bills, and we budget for the time. Everything extra belongs to Me. We revisit our tasks, you beg for more discretion, yet I keep you tightly reined in….

And with My portable PC limping, Goddess knows My posts here have been less frequent. Mistress will make you buy Me the fastest mean machine! I want a webcam for future conquests, I want to watch you when you're away….

And tonight, I have a special surprise -