October 27, 2011

Kneeling night ahead

Happy Hallow’s Eve, kinky boys! I’m still deciding what shindig to go to this weekend. You got spooky plans? I might just drop in here and there, then land at the party I *really* want to spend My time at.

Mistress likes to workout… actually let Me rephrase that. Mistress likes her body in check, firm, and ready to snap, so I must workout. Keeping the instrument of your destruction strong and supple, is a necessity.

Today I was jonesing for something a little different. A Grrl gets bored (in more ways than one) and needs a few options. So, I slid out a big black tape from the dusty VHS collection, and clicked Play.

I was rewarded with - the right choice, babydolls! I need to use that tape more often. Halfway into sweating and hip hop dance moves (okay I admit it!) the phone rang.
And yes, it was you. You know which one you are.

This man, I’ll call chris, is married and looking for a little candy, on the side. His trick or treat was, THIS sweetness has a bite! I grabbed ahold of his mind, he mumbled about feeling a bit fuzzy, confused, like he was being seduced, yet rock hard with the sound of My voice…

chris was lulled into capture, exploited and yes, taken advantage of. Tributes, edging, and when I finally let him blow? He was forced to utter such humiliating things (giggle)!

I smiled after we finished, took a few notes on the slave, and went back to finish My workout. Gave a little lift to My high kicks!

I need you closer, I need to inspect you – on My terms, only. Your voice is the start, then we’ll get to the matter -