December 17, 2010

Wine making wet

I was watching the movie "Sideways" today, and heard a vignette that moved Me. Like coaxing slaves to their full potential...

Miles (trying to explain to Maya why he is so into Pinot Noir wine): "It's a hard grape to grow. As you know. Right? It's, uh, it's thin-skinned, temperamental, ripens early. It's, you know, it's not a survivor like Cabernet, which can just grow anywhere and thrive even when it's neglected. No, Pinot needs constant care and attention. You know? And, in fact, it can only grow in these really specific, little tucked-away corners of the world. And only the most patient and nurturing of growers can do it, really. Only somebody who really takes the time to understand Pinot's potential can then coax it into its fullest expression."

December 7, 2010

Shaving the edge

Mistress has been soaking in all the Conan O'Brien she can get of late. He's back My babies, and keeping it cool.

He turned a corner for Me when two things happened:
1 – NBC jerked him around and dumped him, creating an underdog antihero.
2 – He grew a beard.

What can I say. I've got a thing for tightly trimmed beards. And, perhaps, disempowered submissive men who need a bit of guidance. *smirks, looking at you…

One of My regulars called last night, extremely intoxicated, and ready to talk about the thing he shares with no one. Only the anonymous, on the end of a pay phone. Sliding blades over his scalp, and shaving off what's left of his head hair, turns him on to the rush of orgasm. We've even webcammed the debacle before, shaving patterns and trails through his head fuzz. He moaned while on edge, while I drew him in, sliding My words into his mind…

You're next.

November 29, 2010

A violin, and a voice

There's a song warming Me tonight. It's simple really. I've been haunted by the tune for a few years now, would hear it on NPR, or in the background of some convenient movie scene. Sticks to the ribs, makes Me feel satisfied and so…. I guess I'd say cared for.

"How long do you want to be loved?
Is forever enough, is forever enough?"

Finally got around to downloading it, "Lullaby" by the Dixie Chicks.

This would be the first Dixie Chicks song that really "got" Me.

It's cold outside, and thoughts of what matters, and who I do love, pang deep. Maybe it's part of our hibernation, our withdrawal. Quiet fire, probably a bit too much food, a few hugs and thoughts of the past. And yes, our luck with the present.

Will you, dear reader, be in My future?

November 17, 2010

Healing, you (edited)

Today is less about sales and seduction in Mistress land. I'm pondering BDSM in light of spirituality, and need to write a bit about this. I apologize for all the boners I'm about to kill, if indeed My words are that powerful.

I remember reading an article from "Loving More" magazine, which focused on D/s /BDSM etc. as a tool for deepening intimacy with primary partners. FYI – "Loving More" magazine is a resource for polyamorous people, to celebrate their particular way of loving. A grrlfriend gave Me the mag, in the way back time machine. I respected her way of loving others, even though I Myself am wired differently. I remember this article being the first time I'd really thought about BDSM as a healing tool, surrender and Dominance as a place to build trust, and walk through discomfort together. It blew My mind.

Sometimes I seek clarity about WHY I choose this profession of Dominance, and what My "get off" is. Rumblings and curiousity many years ago, slowly built. I became aware of a minority of men who aroused at the sting of a palm against their tender bits. Men who ached for permission to suck cock, while surrendering to a Woman like Me, who actually enjoyed their exploitation. After all, if I'm forcing you to do it, you're not gay... right? (cough)

For years now, I seek to educate Myself on the many fetishes swimming in our sexuality. "Every tool is a weapon, if you hold it right" said Ani Difranco. Our minds adapt and remap over time.

A huge part of My life focuses on spirit path and growth. If you're a regular reader, you've read a few past ponderances on how this mingles with surrender(yours specifically). Even while we walk through spun fantasies together, and share time driving your darkness... My strength brightens that hidden place. There are many flavors and nuances, yet bringing you acceptance, and allowing this darkness to breathe, offers healing. Not every Woman is built to bring you this.

"You just need more strength. Take mine. Really - I have too much of it." – George Sands.

My ultimate enjoyment in this profession, is acceptance and pursual of your surrender. In My twisted little way, if this brings you moments of peace, it makes Me feel… useful. Giving.

THIS is the She that drives the strapon. I may be bruising your hips with forceful fingers, yet deep inside Me, is the place I keep private, glowing with joy, that I've given a bit to you too.

November 13, 2010

Winter darkness

It's a very dark day, clouds and rain, temperature seems to hover near freezing. There are days when darkness muddles it's way up inside Me, and can strangely make My sessions better with a bit more bite. Your safety in My arms is always the top concern. Yet punishing a slave with a good hard spank, after I've had grumblies niggling Me all day long… Baby, sometimes that's the BEST kind of pain! I've had slaves tell Me they prefer sessioning with Me after I've had a difficult day, because I unleash much more.

Structuring your demise in My hands is always thoughtful on My part. I love studying you to find the right button to push, at which pulse.

Let us begin…

October 30, 2010

Power Out

It's a wet drippy humid day today. Storms have crept in this weekend, and today they strut their stuff – we just lost power, here in My neighborhood. Unusual for My location in Suburbia. Makes a Girl consider how reliant she becomes on such things.

I have been just plain unavailable to you boys this past week, and I do miss you. I have a slave who's wanting oh so much of My time, and very willing to compensate Me for it. I think that's what any good Mistress wants, a few dedicated slaves to feed and fleece, over years of servitude. Over time, I've had a few boys that very much received honest affection from Me.

Ah, I hear sirens down the street. Something must be up with this electric grid I'm wired to. We'll assume if I post this, the power to My ISP router is back and in action!

October 7, 2010

Blossom and ache

Overcast day, and Mistress decides it's time to whip out Her mighty laptop, and do what everyone else does these days. Sit at a coffee shop, watching others in their bubbles. Guess at what they're really like. Make up stories about their worlds, while I sip My steaming tea.

Pardon, a sweet little hippy chick, wearing snug tights that might just reveal if she shaves tween those thighs…. Just wandered up to the counter to buy her coffee. Curious. One of those attractive yet forgettable sights.

Today a slave with the darkest skin (if his words match his dermis) called, aching for My warmth. I smiled a bit when he said, with choked up voice and such sincerity, "I want to wrap my arms around your thighs and squeeze the juice right out of you." See a man like that is designed for My work. Throbbing with want and seeking the scent.

I taunted him into such a frenzy, letting him near without sealing the deal. He gasped and shuttered, almost crying in ache. Yes. Yes.

He reached a destination after a bit of work, predictably. And I took what was mine, yet again.

I am pleased.

September 16, 2010

Open, wide

I love it when slaves from the past come back around for a visit. The crazy ones who like to stay up all night, doing filthy things at My command. It's a strange dance, this thing we have. Ultimately it is you, dear reader, dear client, who puts money in the meter, picks up the phone, and chooses Me. Something about My voice, the writing, something inside this Mistress mind calls out, offers you deep and yearned for release.

So many men dance with their shame and arousal. We whisper truths to each other while another (their wife?) sleeps in their house. Some men must get drunk, just to be brave enough to call.. In the light of day, being forced to dress seductively, treated like a whore, oh, others would just not understand. Grabbing the hair on your head while I make you unzip his leather pants, to pull out the thick hard maleness waiting inside… and you KNOW where I'm going to stick that thing –

Yes. Tip toe here if you must. Know that after you've arrived, it's too late to go back. I'll take you into the warmth of My hearth, and teach you My dark trade. The things that arouse you, the stuff of exposure and guilt…. All of this can be had, in My palm.

Click the button, call My number and… touch it.

September 3, 2010

I missed you, Mystery man!

Friday afternoon on a Labor Day weekend, and of course, I'm on the phone with a realtor, and one of My Niteflirt boys calls on the line! Alas, I couldn't break free. They tried calling a few times, although strangely Niteflirt didn't send Me notification of who the missed caller was. Drat!

So I'm now off the phone and oh so ready to talk with Mystery Man caller boy! I wonder if he'll reveal himself...

It's been months since I've missed one of My devoted callers. Call Me back again today, tell Me it was you, and I'll give you an extra little surprise reward! Be an honest boy though!

August 29, 2010

Pummeling Property

"Alright My babies, keep it cool…"

And while Jon Stewart is a gifted man who deserves many accolades, Conan O'Brien was nominated, yet unawarded tonight at the Emmys. My only consolation is that Jay Leno was without nomination, in their same category. This lessens the sting.

You know I'm a huge Conan O'Brien fan, eh? Well a huge fan, albeit not huge… *hahah!!

It's been chilly today outside, and I welcome this. Mistress has been researching communities and townships. I want to buy My own home (with your money, of course), yet need something in the right price range, right community, etc. The loveliness of this career-o-Mine? It's something I can take anywhere, where privacy and high speed internet exist.

Where is your favorite place to live? Or where you own property, grew up, live now… Call and share details, My lovelies. I'm considering so many options while saving up for the big down payment. I'll take twice the contribution on this topic… your titillating insights, and your cold hard cash!


August 20, 2010

Hoff Scoff

I wonder why I find Comedy Central's "Roast of David Hasselhoff" ... entertaining. I never did find any allure in The Hoff. Let's give him credit though for getting bent over and butt fucked on cable television.

Mistress did a fasting cleanse this week. I occasionally like cleaning out My sweet little insides while resting, contemplating. I end up devising new assignments and tortures for My minions on the other end of the phone. That's be you :)

UPDATE - I had to update My Amazon wishlist, which makes Me somewhat sad. My last wishlist spanned a few years, and dozens of gifts from yesterday's suckers like you. Visit the new wishlist, and feel yourself weaken, your wallet open wide and gifts tumbling out...

While I'm feeling fit and hot as hell, I'm considering hiring someone to make meals for Me. Possibly a personal trainer too. Oooh an idea for new TIP buttons on My Niteflirt pages!! Was talking to a few masseuses this week, getting a feel for the way they'd loosen My tight muscles. I'd love to let your money pay for this decadence of flesh!

Smiling, imagining your grunts and whimpers....

July 24, 2010


You know, when it's HOT like this outside, all I want to do is stay inside My insulated abode and just lounge in the chill! Went running yesterday in 75 degree weather, and I was whining even then! Hehe. 98 degrees out there now, and Mistress is staying inside where life is comfy and My phone is so close.

I've been O.D.-ing on the Animal Planet channel on cable, while it's sizzling outside. Thinking I know more about dog and cat breeds after all the "Dog 101" and "Cat 101" marathon shows today!

Recently befriended a ginger haired Grrl who's got a firefighter husband and a wicked twisty tone. Thinking we could get into plenty of trouble, if we do things right! Haha

Tell Mistress what you've been up to. Or… what we can get you INTO - *gasp!

June 23, 2010

Succulence arrives

Tonight I went for a long walk, as this Chick is "wont to do" ….

While out in the beautiful humid summer evening, I crossed paths with a former running buddy of Mine. Beautiful tan woman, wearing linen yoga clothing. The kind of body that a string tank top just wraps around so rightly. She carried a bowel of Queen Anne cherries, brought from a friend's farm. "Would you like a few?"

Yes… I bit.

Yummy, tart, yellow blush and taut. Slipped into My lips, crushed under teeth. I've been keeping portions contained lately, and My belly was grumbling as I'd left for My jaunt… and I'd been hoofing it for over an hour. Those morsels arrived just in time, greeting growls from My belly with grace.

Sometimes we do get what we need. Right when we need it.

This time of year is so lovely! Widens the mind to many possibilities. Defiling men outdoors, hearing their gasps - you ready?

May 31, 2010


It's Monday, and I'm avoiding a trip into town. It's Memorial Day, I appreciate those who've passed on, and remember their love and presence in My life. I'm avoiding the beer drinking BBQ folks though. Wine tasting events at local vineyards list this holiday as their TOP grossing event and… we all know about how the driving fatalities go "big time" with this weekend blitz.

Mistress will stay home and avoid the party hardiers!!

Now… drunk boys calling on My phone line, for forced intoxication and general suffering? THAT I'm up for!!! Haha

I was pondering the nature of desire recently. One thing I find with BDSM, that's a little different than sex - Since BDSM is so taboo, and many times we settle for fantasy before creating it in reality… our tastes can change, after we walk through the door a time or two. I've found in the past few years that My cravings have changed.

I'm ever so curious what I'll be forcing your envelope open with… that first time we take you to your new perversion!!

May 15, 2010

May Sale - $1.98 - yowza!

It's been a few months, I'm in the mood - charging a buck less a minute to crawl inside your mind! My top 8 Niteflirt listings are $1.98 a minute - Come to Me sweet one...

May 8, 2010

Uke, bounce!

While driving through a northwestern American town, away from home this week, I made My way down a main road. I was checking out the scene. Small town. High unemployment. Nostalgia, and yet a hard edge, not that hidden. Hint of desperation.

Then out of the blue, on a tall store front window, BIG bold words struck out in gold: HEADQUARTERS FOR ALL UKULELE SALES.

I stared for a moment. Pondered just how proud they were of their headquarters. Apparently, very. Then the hint, became something more. … Ukuleles, hm?

And now onto the next.

I've been working 30+ hours a week on a writing contract lately, and I will most likely be working through the next 1-2 weeks on the same work. This means – weekends I'll be more available, and a few hours here and there during the week. Catch Me online if you can!

I've got this new bouncy thing in the house. Ask about that!

April 20, 2010

Bots spotted, homes a flutter!

Legs are a little sore. Nice long workout today! I'm pondering getting another one of those fancy Bissell Spotbot carpet cleaners (had one, but it just stopped squirting! Ha!), yet… perhaps a slave with a little soap and brush might be just as effective!

Met a fella online a few weeks ago, and looks like we'll be meeting up for a little scratch and sniff. We've been spending hours on the horn, as it were. He's just a few miles away, big house on big acreage. Ms Thang likes a boy with a little financial clout! Got cash? *hehe

Speaking of which, I'm going to visit a few houses on the market tomorrow. Mistress is considering settling down into her own home soon. Been in a rental far too long! Lovely neighborhood, awesome neighbors, but when I think of the money I've given My landlords, and how they drag their feet on repairs… I'd just rather have My own home and get the repairs done Myself.

I have one slave who calls from the great state of Texas – he's owned by a lesbian Mistress (they've been together many years), who lets him indulge in phone calls with Me occasionally. The guy's quite wealthy. Bought her a house, and bought Mistress' girlfriend a house as well!

Something about that sounds very appealing! The loyalty and trust between them… I seek this.

Pondering a little wild roleplay tonight…

April 6, 2010

Sniff This!

Did anyone see CSI this weekend with Lawrence Fishburne (My, he's gotten a little plump!) The title of the show was, "The Panty Sniffer" - and brought Me many thoughts of you, dear ones. I remember one character going on about the aroma of a woman being distinct as a wine, with subtle nuances that many could not appreciate. And yet again, Mistress waits for a character on a mainstream show, who's a fetishist, BDSM enthusiast... and is written in a sympathetic or positive light.

Not all panty sniffers are murderers, hm?

Actually I have no data or studies on this. I assume.

Weather has been playing multiple personality this past week or two. Several days of chill and rain, with one or two days that POP with sunlight. I have to study the weather reports and pre plan My outdoor workouts!

A few dancing opportunities this weekend. Might have to go to all of them!

March 20, 2010

Elsewhere for a bit, and dance

Oh sweet boys and girls, we might have to share a bump... in the road! Mistress is yet again entering the, "Working a corporate contract" Zone. This means? I'm going to be less available for our hot little sessions. Think of Me toiling away in vanilla land, and shed a tear or two if you like.

I tend to do this once a year, just to get out and about. Sometimes making a living at this particular vocation (phone Dominatrix) can be socially isolating. You can end up in your own little bubble, and forget how to converse without a whip in your hand. We all need face time now and then yes?

Went to a dance last night and who knew, I've still got it. Grooving hips, hop kicks, an occasional bellydance back bend. That did bring a round of applause at one point. Oh yes, the social awkwardness of shouting over loud music to hot new play things. My pipes are still a little sore today.

Although I'll face the slight sting, and still chat with you... cash or credit? *giggle

March 3, 2010

Wrap Me in Velvet

I felt like I'd wrapped My hands around an apple, and bit. One of My very favorite movies in the world is, "Henry and June", and I've just had the chance to watch it, again. A submissive man recently offered this DVD as a gift of remembrance I think. That, and it pleased Me.

Watching it brought up so many rustlings, memories of discovery. I was just barely settled in My 20s when I first viewed the flick. Remember VHS? And NC-17. This movie was an impetus for creating that MPAA rating. Yes, it's that fucking hot.

The movie's about the closeness of writers Henry Miller and Anais Nin (played by Fred Ward and Maria De Medeiros). France, 1930s. Kevin Spacey plays a supporting character. And then there's Uma Thurman playing June, Miller's wife. My god she's exquisite. At first, her character's awkward use of language, and muddle of coarse elegance, rhythm strangely (much like this sentence). June comes across as a woman never comfortable in her skin, and used to drama, seduction. The dense cake you know you'll pay for later. The 3rd drink that ushers another hangover.

Yes, that's her.

Obsession, lust and guilt. Discovering new and changing tastes, Anais offers her beauty and money, to share company with this crowd of curiosities. We see contortionists, whores, johns, brutes, sex with force, sex with passion. It's curious, and of interest, yet somewhat subdued and just another texture. At least, to the French.

Offer yourself the pleasure of seeing this film. Dive in and slather it over your skin. And think of Me. Purring.

February 24, 2010

Just the Flax, Ma'am

The weather this past week was so lovely, I got a good 10 miles of hiking, in it! Oh glorious warmth!

And today, grudging My ass out the door for a 5 mile walk with a buddy of mine, well, it's going less swimmingly. It's important to keep My head crushing thighs tight, although this overcast bullshit weather, just ain't right!

In other news….

My recent conversion of dietary fixation is raw flax seed with My meals. Oh yummy Omega-3s swimming in My veins… It might be a placebo effect, yet this week while grinding My groove on these sweet little seeds, My body's felt a bit more smooth, chipper. I felt some kind of OOMPH with each little tablespoon of golden goodness. Thanks to the slave who bought Me the ultra fancy coffee grinder, that I've converted to a supplement slusher!

Oh – sidebar – flax seeds do not crush gently into that good night, with a standard mortar and pestle. Gotta get the blades out!

I'm being tutored by a Master I've much esteem for, and recent studies, at My request, are wrestling maneuvers. I've got a live submissive slave who gets ultra aroused by a strong girl, crushing him under her half nelsons…

I'll, keep you posted.

February 5, 2010

Psst... I'm in the mood to - bump a BUCK off My normal rate! Think this Valentine's bug is catching (oh!)... Over in Niteflirt land, I'm charging $1.98 a minute, on My top 5 rated listings there! How 'bout that!?

February 2, 2010

Smart boy on sabbatical

After a fairly glorious weekend of sun, we've entered into the overcast blah zone this week. Lots of rain and grey darkness during the day. Mistress likes sun on her skin, more than mist.

I've been sad about losing Conan O'Brien for late night company, in between talking with the likes of you. He's such a zany man, and intelligent. I've started researching the boy since he and NBC said farewell. His father a doctor at Harvard, his mother a lawyer, he himself a valedictorian and a magna cum laude graduate of Harvard.

You know what boys with big brains do to Me… *purr….

Granted his awkward redness and pale skin do distract, but I think he'd be a tolerable playmate. Don't you?

Come back soon Conan. Many of us miss you.

January 20, 2010

Flog bytes

Hello little sodomites and troglodytes! Oh, I assume too much…

The new year has snuck up on Me, and overturned My get up and go. I'm feeling a bit frumped and overwhelmed. Getting taxes in order, filing this form and that. Oh the horror…. *hehe

I do so enjoy your demise. And those little grunty moans you bring out to play ;) And now for something completely different:

My hand, and a juicy wench, January 2010. Yummy, hm?

Tonight, if you'd believe Me, I'm getting together with a friend in the BDSM community. He's a national title holder (Master/slave) and we're doing a lesson on florentine flogging. We've got a nice plump girl to work on. Apparently when working on aim, it's good to work with larger targets, then move to the skinny bitches later! Heheh

Caning, spanking, crushing nuts, THESE things I have plenty of practice in. Very curious to see how flogging feels. Giving it, anyway!! More later!