October 14, 2008

Bunion boy booty

Super Mistress, to the rescue! Faster than a speeding whip, stronger than a slavelettes moan, it's a Domme - it's a Queen - it's SUPER MISTRESS! heheh

Well now that we have that cleared up ...

Talked long and well to my superslave Bunion boy this last week. We're talking about a sub who loves and worships the bunions on women's feet so very much, he'll take an image of a particularly nasty bunion, enlarge it on his computer, pipe it into his huge HDTV - and worship at the altar of a FIVE FOOT IMAGE of a bunion!

THAT is dedication! I like the variety of servants who come to worship my Female Superiority. Although alas, I have no bunions to offer my little corn and callus loving foot boy! Only sweet feet and perhaps a squeeze or two! hehe

October 6, 2008

Modification, and Extension

OOOoooh boy, the U.S. economy is sure taking a dive! Scary out there isn't it boys?

I've decided to continue my generosity, and bump up the listings I've had at the low sale price, to $1.99 a minute. I'll keep it there for a spell, until I decide to go back to the normal $2.99 a minute price.

Love catching up with you!

October 2, 2008

$1.69 a minute celebration!

Watch the rumba panties, swing back and forth, back and forth....
I'm so happy with these new shots - I've updated my top 5 Niteflirt listings, and will also be taking calls at a special $1.69 a minute on these listings!

I am very happy with the new shots. Take a look at my sexy little shots, and give Mistress a call with your dirty little thoughts...