February 19, 2012

Blooming fire, stinging bite

I’m lost in a sensual blues mist, and Sting’s the cause. Here, lucky enough to have his recent “25 Years” greatest hits album. I find Myself discovering new songs, getting lost in their stories. And tonight, this night, Sting accompanied Me into a very dark place….

I surprised a Mistress Grrlfriend this eve by dropping in at an event she didn't know I'd be coming to. Loved seeing her face light up and hug so strong. She is a Fire Play Goddess and instructor. She, along with her partner, gave a Fireplay workshop this weekend, and after class? A play party ensued. Here’s wiki’s definition of fireplay. If you’ve never seen fireplay, it’s visually electric, dangerous, and sensual. I love watching experts at the task, with slow throbbing music. Lulls you into the meditation and the rhythm, the primal power. Dangerous and hot as love, stilled just as quick. The ache left behind is warm and strong…

I am not a public scene girl, and until tonight, had only 1 experience with it. I’m more of a one on one grrl. Roleplay? Got that down. Impact play, rope, managing a house slave? These are areas I want more time with. Impact play is something I’m learning, and feeling joy with. There’s a sadist in Me that perks while seeing the skin grow warm and pink, rise, watch the dance of the bound one writhe and flinch, squirming, yet happier than they’ve been in moons. Not every submissive enjoys pain. Much of My work is intuiting what a submissive wants. Humiliation, spanks, slaps, seduction and denial, feminization… we are a diverse group, we BDSM enthusiasts. Much like the trans community, one room can hold 6 people, all with different tastes.

Tonight, I was craving impact play. A man active in the local community, and an elder, wanted to scene with Me. I do not sub/bottom, thus was only open to it, if he were the little one. And, for the first time in 2 years, he said yes to the role. The group in the room gasped and said, “He doesn’t bottom, he hasn’t in years!” I suppose that felt like a compliment, somehow.

After plugging My MP3 player into their speakers, I loaded up the slow music of Sting, and sized up this slave man. I took the hooked leather cuffs, linked his shirtless arms up, left him standing on the St. Andrews Cross. Many had brought their tools to share, mostly floggers, whips, one called “The Devil’s Dick” (a whip). I chose shorter swiveled floggers, and remembered quickly that I prefer doubletail or singletail leather thongs. Floggers leave too much distance, are heavy, and after 15-20 minutes, your arm gets tired. I need practice. It surprises Me how many textures and implements are out there to slap a bare shoulder with. And shoulders. I enjoy shoulders. They’re just at the right height when a man stands, and I stand behind. It also feels like you’re giving him a load to carry, seeing how much you can pile on his strength….

Oh, stop Me if I bore you… I mean, am I? *smirk*

Let Me know if you want more detail on the whipping he received tonight. I’m still waiting for a little more interest on My earlier Lisbeth and Christina tale…