December 24, 2008

Quiet in the storm

Christmas eve, most of the shopping done, and I'm dragging ass while putting off a few chores. Have heard from a few devoted slaves, and received a trinket or two. Yes!

Have a party to go to this afternoon, and while I was on the road for a week for Thanksgiving, I've decided to keep Christmas time low key and local. This means Mistress will be available for a few moments with you! Should you dare…

I'd love to shove a thick candy cane up your holiday stocking, naughty or nice, numb rum nuts! Hahahaha

Now if you'll excuse Me (and even if you won't), I've got to ferret out a white elephant gift for that party I'm going to this afternoon. And I've been forewarned, sex toys are not an option. Dammit. hehe

December 16, 2008

Chilly bits, and little licks

Colder than a witches tit in a brass bra goes the saying. And that would be the case in these parts on the west coast of the U.S. 9 degrees F. outside. What the fuck??

This does beg the question ... why would a woman wear a brass bra in the first place? haha! Brass balls I think I could understand (they are so very tender, those bits), as men do like to like reinforcing their weak spots, even with a metaphor of some sort.

Perhaps said witch is on a Xena warrior princess kick, and is feeling that power. Myself, I prefer something a tad warmer for the nips.

Mistress will be keeping said bits inside her home, warm and toasty. And maybe... She'll be talking to you!

Today, while snacking on a little vanilla yogurt, I began thinking of all the dirty things I've made slaves lick up over the years. Things sometimes with the consistency and color of yogurt, although a bit tangier methinks. Know what I mean? hahah!

Alrighty then - back at it! *whipsnap

December 5, 2008

Rehab, healing and violation

"Here I go again, on My own...." Since I've been watching "Celebrity Rehab" on VH-1, Whitesnake keeps running through My mind. I graduated high school in the late 80s, and Tawny Kitaen was of course, sprawled out, throwing that mane of hair here and there. She's such a sex symbol from that time, and here she is, sharing the tragedy and joy that has become her life on this show.

Watching the Celeb Rehab show to Me, has been strangely moving. Especially this last season. Although enough already with that ex f*ck Grease boy Jeff Conaway on the show. If he's not calling 911, or threatening to kill someone... he's simply not content. OY!

Much of what a Mistress does, in My mind, is heal. Sharing your shame and surrender, can be very cathartic and healing for a submissive. I think that is why I find hope in the participants of the Celeb Rehab show. Also seeing people you've known vaguely as pop icons, break down and build back up after struggling with addiction... rather fascinating.

Is this when I offer a special on My forced intoxication listing on Niteflirt? hehe.

I haven't heard a man violated recently (dildo up the bum) since I've returned from Thanksgiving, and I'd rather like that! Feel free to give Me a ring, and bring your favorite toys. Or perhaps your favorite panties? *giggle

November 26, 2008

Warmth and absence

Guess who’s hitting the road for the Thankgiving holiday? Okay…. Me!

I’m pretty excited, although I detest packing and getting the house ready for the pet sitter. So strange having someone come in and linger in your own little world. I prefer to supervise on such occasions! Go figure!

So be prepared, Mistress will be visiting with loved ones, and pretty unavailable. I might sneak in with my laptop here and there, but be ready for Ms Thing to be in absentia until this Sunday.

I might sneak a Niteflirt phone call in, and if so? You’ll pay dearly for the time! *giggle. Thinking very dirty thoughts about very dirty boys. You included…

November 21, 2008

Cold night, big smile

All those holidays approaching, makes a Grrl feel like she needs to get ducks in a row, gifts purchased, and of course, get her assignments in line for Santa's little slaves! Hehe. Maybe I'll make one of my sissies dress up like Mrs. Claus for the holidays...

This weekend I'll be a bit busy - have some big parties to attend and a trip to the coast scheduled. Sunday I definitely think I'll be around the ole horn to pick up a few shout outs from the slavelettes.

The main question is what to wear to the party tonight... something respectable and conservative, or showing a little flesh? Feel free to give an opinion on that. Email's a working :)

November 12, 2008

Candle magic, rain, and a pet in my home

The weather in Oregon is making this Grrl a little bit melancholy... I haven't been able to get out for My hikes and runs, and I tend to get a bit stir crazy without it! I've been indulging the urge to burn candles long into the wee morning hours. Warms Me up somehow.

Maybe one of My next little projects will be a personal trainer! A slavelette to show up and keep Me company while I'm busting out a sweat, hitting the next interval.

I love making My body firm, and I think those of us who keep track of such things, know the winter months are a big challenge. Bundling up and staying in the warm inner sanctum, feels so much fuzzier and yummy...

A few new pets have made their way to My doorstep, and I've been grooming them for longevity. As my regular boys know, I tend to seduce slowly, rather than take all I can quick. More interesting experience for all that way. And I do get attached to My minions...

I've been exploring of late, as I've posted an ad for a Domme/sub exchange outside the monetary realm. Mistress cannot stand to do the domestics, and while I travel to scene or visit fetish events a few hours from My home regularly? I've yet to bring play into My abode. Anonymity is a key concern for many of us, as is safety.

I have visions of transforming someone very male, into someone very feminine, while he scrubs and sorts My details. Ignoring him for long periods, only to slide behind him with a few lingering fingers, dragging spiderleg nails over warm flesh and bone.

Either that, or I'll choose a very masculine boy, easy on the eye, and yummy on his knees. I like surprising servants while they're focused on My tasks. That gasp, the trembling? And occasionally the wince...

Mistress is yearning for this new playmate. I'll keep you posted!

November 3, 2008

Naughty Mistress, break for you

Mistress has been naughty... I haven't updated my blog in more than a week. I feel so very dirty about it. For shame! hahah!

Go figure, life has been alot of fun lately, and I've been living it, much more than writing about it! One thing I've found -

When I price my lines at $1.99/minute, yes calls are more frequent, but I find the calls last longer. As if - boys like to have a nice languid conversation, when the price is that much lower. Has been making me ponder my pricing schedule.

I'll be keeping my price at $1.99/minute for the next few weeks, and then evaluating the overall worth. I have to admit, I love longer conversations, because I get a chance to creep around those strange little brains of yours...perverting your fleshy naughty bits all the while! Gives me more time to giggle!

Halloween was quite an effort, however I'm very happy with the events that transpired. Was the warmest Halloween evening we've had, in several years, and that made this Mistress very happy.

October 14, 2008

Bunion boy booty

Super Mistress, to the rescue! Faster than a speeding whip, stronger than a slavelettes moan, it's a Domme - it's a Queen - it's SUPER MISTRESS! heheh

Well now that we have that cleared up ...

Talked long and well to my superslave Bunion boy this last week. We're talking about a sub who loves and worships the bunions on women's feet so very much, he'll take an image of a particularly nasty bunion, enlarge it on his computer, pipe it into his huge HDTV - and worship at the altar of a FIVE FOOT IMAGE of a bunion!

THAT is dedication! I like the variety of servants who come to worship my Female Superiority. Although alas, I have no bunions to offer my little corn and callus loving foot boy! Only sweet feet and perhaps a squeeze or two! hehe

October 6, 2008

Modification, and Extension

OOOoooh boy, the U.S. economy is sure taking a dive! Scary out there isn't it boys?

I've decided to continue my generosity, and bump up the listings I've had at the low sale price, to $1.99 a minute. I'll keep it there for a spell, until I decide to go back to the normal $2.99 a minute price.

Love catching up with you!

October 2, 2008

$1.69 a minute celebration!

Watch the rumba panties, swing back and forth, back and forth....
I'm so happy with these new shots - I've updated my top 5 Niteflirt listings, and will also be taking calls at a special $1.69 a minute on these listings!

I am very happy with the new shots. Take a look at my sexy little shots, and give Mistress a call with your dirty little thoughts...

September 28, 2008


Do Mistress a favor if you dare!

One of My fave slaves of yesteryear (he's since gone to greener pastures.. *sniff) bought Mistress many nice things, including a Canon 12.1 megapixel camera. I've been meaning to get a few new photoshoots done to update My webpages on Niteflirt...

Well, after a week or two of work, TA DA! Please check out My Niteflirt page and tell Me what you think (I've only done the 3 highest rated listings so far, will get to the others when I haven't been up all night editing photos!! Egad there were hundreds of them!!). Here's the link -

I planned on going to church this morning (can you believe this Mistress is somewhat devout?) and a long run, but I'm so wooped after working on the pictures and webpages... I think I'm gonna zonk out and get some zzzs...

Feel free to email Me at, or on Niteflirt, to let Me know your thoughts!

September 20, 2008

Mistress gets a little tanked.....

Tonight I was a bad grrl...

Well the day started right. I mean I did wake up and feel the need for a run. Jogged 3 miles, felt fabulous. Tonight though, I went to a Hawaiian style party, with 2 roasted pigs, and food that went on forever, so many tables. Mistress actually did a little drinking tonight, which is a rare thing! I seem to see alcohol as empty calories really, especially when I'm trying to keep my bod in shape....

They had a keg of yummy pale ale, and Mistress helped herself to 3-4 glasses of that. THEN? One of the boys at the party had a special drink. Lemme see if I remember it. Tanqueray, lime juice, and club soda. MAN that was so yummy... I had 3! They started up a bonfire from the pig pit and we all sat around on hay bales, drinking in the warmth, and enjoying a good buzz!

They had several cotton lengths of rope set aside too, for a 3 legged race, that never really happened. Don't tell anyone, but I snuck a few lengths of rope home. I figure you can never have enough soft cotton rope... so many sublets begging for a good restriction now and then hm? *giggle

I can understand why you boys love calling me, getting drunk while I guide you to suck down more. DAMN being a little tipsy can be a helluva lota fun! Kisses and ass slaps to you!

September 12, 2008

Sore muscles and tasting English

Mistress has had a full week pets. Spent a long 24 hour stint this week helping a relative move from their abode. Obviously I love them quite a bit, because usually I'm the one directing the show... It's very hard to say goodbye to loved ones who are moving far away. You just want to soak up every last moment, even with sore muscles from lifting many heavy boxes, and twisting furniture down long stairways.

Slept like a log last night, and got my workout out done, then had a heavenly massage this morning. I love the way I smell after my long massages. All spiced with amber and lavender...

Had an English boy named Steve call me this week. He made the most heavenly noises while releasing his... ahem! Something about the accent, the proper shyness, and sweet weakness, makes me feel so serene and happy.

I'll be spending many hours logged in this weekend, perhaps I'll have the chance to listen to you moan...

September 6, 2008

September sweat

This has been a fun week in Ruby land. Two of my favorite callers gave me a ring this past week and left a smile lingering...

Jeffy jeff, one of my fave sissy sluts, decided to call wearing his pinkest panties. He also decided to bring along his favorite 6 inch friend, to violate the darkest places this grrl has! Jeffy jeff loves serving Mistress, and doing what she's told! I always LOVE making up a new degrading little phrase for this sweety to utter, when and IF I let this one arrive at a climax....

Also heard from my foot fetish slave boy Steve this weekend. I get rather Zen with this one, as we slowly go deeper, worshiping the beauty of the foot, the curves, the strength, the joints, and oh such arches.....

It's hot out there lovelies! Keep the naughty bits cool...

August 25, 2008

Fingers sliding over slick skin

My body feels so strong right now. The sun, the running, my weight training, the dancing… I feel like a ripe piece of fruit just dripping off the vine. Chock full of such sweet nectar…

I was thinking tonight, I’d love to have a sissy boy here, dressed to the nines, wearing rumba pants, some sexy thigh highs, and oh yes, I’d want sissy smelling of some kind of a fruit, a ripe mango or maybe a citrus perfume. Sliding massage oils over My skin, infused with the scents of amber. My strong soft skin legs would relax under his delicate fingers. I love making sweet little sissy grrls feel submissive, pleasing Me with their duties.

I’m due for a massage in the next week. Will let you know how that lube job goes! *giggle

August 11, 2008

Panties and pink ribbons

Was looking through My collection of lingerie that My slaves had purchased for Me over the past year - I've got some beautiful things, garters, a corset in blue satin. Since it's warm outside I found this little pink outfit that a sissy sent My way. Pink g string with lace sewn on the front and ribbons (and it's see thru! shh!) and the top? A band of see through pink fabric, with two rows, top and bottom, of lace along the edges. Held up by two sets of ribbons tied at the shoulder. So very easy to slowly untie and drop to the floor.....

Mistress still has the pink panties on! Ran 4 miles yesterday, also did upper body weights at My running buddy's house afterwards - used Bowflex and Powerblock adjustables, My arms look SO good.... After a good hard workout, ever notice how your body looks so strong and kind of... pumped?

Mistress is smiling!

August 1, 2008

Sweet feet?

Mistress Ruby got a pedicure! I'm very happy with the outcome, and I think I've found a new nail shop that I'm going to enjoy, to boot!

Thank you all for taking part in my $1.99 special - had gads of calls and emails, and lots of fun. Back to the normal price my pretties! It was a sweet little soiree while it lasted!

Stay tuned, I have a feel August will be hot as hell, in more ways than one!

July 29, 2008

$1.99 Sizzling Summer Special!

It's so hot and humid during the summer, I thought I'd offer a bit of a break from the sweltering sun!

My top 6 listings are now $1.99 a minute, for a bit of summer break! Hurry on this one, as it will only last... as long as I feel like it!

July 23, 2008

Sleeping beauty, and bruised phalanges

This morning was a bit cooler, and Mistress slept so well! Had an erotic dream about Keanu Reeves, with that dark thick hair of his falling around his eyes. He's definitely athletic and strong, although I do tend to like men with a bit more hair on the chest! Most of my slaves know that I have a preference for a little texture under my fingertips...

Mistress had a slightly rude awakening yesterday, when her slight little pinky toe crashed into the corner of her incline weight bench. My lil' toe is now some VERY interesting shades of black and red, with a nice bit of swelling too. Looks like MsRuby might not be running for a few days! *sob

Thus, to protect my freshly wounded foot, workout today is mountain bike riding (less impact than jogging to be sure!). Thanks to a certain slave for buying my bike trainer. You just set up your back bicycle wheel on trainer, tighten up the resistance, and ride the hell out of it! Reminds me of a few other things... *giggle

July 11, 2008

Vacation return

I just came back from a week long vacation on the pacific coast, and boy did I have fun! Paid for of course by all that hard earned money my slavelettes pay Me! My room had a huge jacuzzi bathtub and I enjoyed that especially! Walking on the sand with friends and family was such a wonderful thing. Did get a very red sunburn, although it's healing up nicely into a bronze tan. Aloe Vera gel to the rescue!

Vacations always give a girl a chance to splurge a little eh? Blackened halibut, silk dresses, almost got another pedicure but time was running late... And now I've got a mountain of luggage and bags to unpack and put away. Sigh. I'll need to call in my sissiest maid for THAT job!!

Tonight I think I might indulge in a little kalhua and coffee. Have a feeling you boys will be keeping me up very late!

June 26, 2008

Shoulder's blush

Hello world, Mistress speaks! Today was a sunny and beautiful day in Ruby land, and I tended to a few things in the yard. Jammed out on My ipod while doing a few repairs here and there. Felt OH so butch! hehe

My shoulders got a little burned, but it feels good. A little pain can be exquisite, yes? Let Myself rest from the daily workout, and explored a few new ways to get My coffee fix. I've discovered these sweet little morsels of chocolate, with just as much caffeine as a regular cup of Joe. Who'd a thunk?

I've been asking friends about local places for a pedicure, My feet so need a good soothing touch. I like thinking of My minions tending to My sweet little feet, on days such as this. Although, using My slave's money honey, works just as well for me!

Dial in and tell me your hidden truth tonight, dark ones. I'll bet you've got secrets to share...

June 15, 2008

Slumber Party

I'm so happy when the sun comes out to play. Today was so moderate and warm, I had to smile! Had a set of cool sunglasses on too, and My hair was feeling so wild and sultry. I'm liking My hair lately...

One of My fave boys had quite a little adventure this weekend. This little one worships the ground that his coworker walks on, and he was lucky enough to score a night with her (and a few friends) at a local sporting event. Of course Mistress had to get all the juicy little bits. When he rushed home afterwards to tell Me the details, it almost felt like a slumber party with My grrlfriends... "What did she wear? Could you see her tits? Did she touch you..."

I like hearing about the things that make My boys happy. Especially when they float on air and feel content. We do our dance, Mistress and minion, yet in My heart of hearts, when we go back to our little worlds, I do like knowing you're happy here and there.

Smiles to you!

June 4, 2008

Tripple Decked Debauchery

What a wonderful night for Mistress! My sweet submissive sean came out to play in her tackiest whore costume. Go figure, this girl loves stockings, and gets a bit greedy with them, sometimes wearing 3 pairs at a time! Tonight it was 2 pairs of long white stockings, with a pair of screaming fuchsia fishnets and pink bows galore! Had to send the slutty one down the hall for a FRESH bucket of ice. She knows what Mistress does with that later...

All dolled up, she's been drinking like a freshman at a kegger party! Delta Delta Cocksucker!! hehe. We had to get this little girls nipples hard. Ice in the bra of course, and oooh she seemed so tingly. Next, we wrapped a hot pink piece of yarn all the way down her little clitty shaft, just for the candy cane lovers out there! Finished off this CBT slut with 6 clothing clips to the balls, and of course 4 on the head - wanted to make a compass out of this little grrl's cock!

I was generous and let subbie sean sink his stinging, clipped nads in the cool fresh ice bucket, while letting him recite the phrase, "I'm the sluttiest cocksucker on the whole East Coast!!" And would you believe it, the grrrl made a little mess, between her grunts and moans. Made the whore swallow it too. Serves her right!

Kisses for little sean, you made me a happy Mistress tonight!

May 31, 2008

Disappearing May

Holy shit, how did that happen, Mistress hasn't published a blog article in 1.5 weeks! As a rule I do try to get My posts in within a week or so of the last one. Anticipation does many times amplify the experience though... :)

It's early Saturday, overcast, the sun is coming up. I rather like the overcast days, especially when the summer gets here. Easier for running weather, biking, and the like. My minions do know how Mistress loves keeping her muscles nice and firm!

I think it's time for this vampire grrl to get a bit of sleep. One of my slaves kept me up for a good long spell. And fell asleep on Me. My faithful ones know too - Mistress never hangs up (unless you're a complete asshat, then you get hung up on and blocked! hehe). So this little piggy? paid me for a good hour of his snore time! Always makes a grrl smile!

May 20, 2008

Mistress notes

Hello slavelettes and subs, It's Tuesday and I'm presently putting off a workout. Go figure! I've been a bit busy this past week and not as available for phones as I'd like. One thing that helps me immensely when things are busy, is a Niteflirt email from slaves who are hankering for Mistress, and seem to have a hard time getting ahold of me. I check Niteflirt email daily, and will get back to you as soon as Mistress can!

Getting a new set of dumbbells soon, had to go up to the next set size because I've maxed out my 24 lb adjustable ones! I don't want much more lifting weight, just a little room to increase weight. My arms are looking sooo good. Firm and toned. Makes for a very firm spanking hand!! hehe

It's humid and rainy today in my town. Kind of makes me feel like nestling in and taking a little nap.

May 12, 2008

Pumped Fresh

Ah yes, another weekend draws to a close. Wee hours of Monday morning, and I had a wonderful weekend. Good weather, good workouts, and a few bad boys!! hehe

A new little client came along My way this weekend, amateur bodybuilder and all. He asked Me to take him through his first domination session ever, and indeed, I did pop his BDSM cherry. The sound of his voice was husky, and somewhat unclear, as we went through the deeds he'd need for me. I need My boys naked when we session alone, and on their knees. This way, I get a clear view of all My pretty little toy!

We slithered around his skinned form, while he put on a performance for My eyes only. This boy did like to show off his bits, and I gather he rather liked his body. He works hard for it after all! I love slaves that know bodybuilding, know what makes their body firm, their heart race fast. All that flesh and blood just thumping for one more breath -

Still watching My slave in My mind's eye, while he licks his own lips, freshly moist with new viscosities. 'Til our next entry...

May 3, 2008

Pulling the thread

While doing my upper body weights this evening, I needed a little oomph, a lil somethin' somethin' to give pumping iron a little push. Ended up digging out of the pile of ole VHS tapes a copy of Janet Jackson's self titled CD, which came on the scene back in the mid 1990s.

The only reason I even bought this VHS was for the video IF. Seen it?

Janet Jackson - If (link to youtube)

There's more BDSM gender bending transvestite homoerotic imagery in this video than I can even track.... The video opens as dozens of men drop from the ceiling, each of them hog tied at the end of a rope, and oh so only for Mistress Janet. Thick sultry lighting, throbbing red and black pulses. And the dance moves. Voyeurism, androgyny, feminine dominance... ahhh....

I need to update my Wishlist to include this video on DVD ! You can tell a lot about me as a Woman and Mistress by watching this video. It speaks volumes.

Alright sweet ones, I’m logged in and ready to listen to your whispers. A client just spoke 5 hours with Me (lucky bastard) and I’ve opened the lines back up for a chat. Let’s see who nibbles!

April 26, 2008

Tight and right

Early Saturday morning, and I just finished a lushious meal. My legs are a little tired from the jump rope workout I did today, but I can just feel how it's helping my body. I'm really loving my workout routines lately. I'm seeing some great results and feeling that healthy glow.

Was feeling pretty sexy this week. Went out in this lush outfit, deep colors, snug short skirt, short little sweater. I've been trying a few different cuts and hair styles the last year or two, seeing what makes me feel my hottest!! Whatever I'm doing, it's working! Men are flirting with me left and right, and a few women too! hehe

I might have to choose Me a new lover soon. We'll have to see how that unfolds... Until then, I'm going to keep playing with my subs and slavelettes... you'll have to keep Mistress busy!

April 17, 2008

Stone cold deep

Mistress is happy today, because one of my fave slaves is having a birthday next week, and we've just had a chance to catch up! I sent him off a special little gift in snail mail today, I think he'll like it quite a bit. Had to warn him though - don't open it in front of anyone else - otherwise he might be a bit embarrassed! haha

Friday is almost here, just hours away. Saw the movie "No Country for Old Men" last night, and was not disappointed. Strange how a movie will stay resident, far after viewing. There are questions still in my mind about different characters.

I was slightly disappointed in one way. My blog readers know I've got a little thing for Javier Bardem. After seeing this movie, I doubt I'll be having those late night sessions, wrapping Myself around his fine form, at least in My mind! Might have to rent another one of his films to shake off the vibe of Anton Chigurh. Yes, he did win the Oscar for this performance. Although it did kill this Girl's libido a bit. Chigurh is one big f*cking bad ass, lemme tell ya!!

Looking forward to sliding fingers through your synapses this weekend...

April 13, 2008

And this goodbye

This is going to be a difficult article to write.

A close friend of Mine, and fellow Mistress, was called today with very distressing news. One of her slaves, who was extremely depressed, was pressuring to meet outside of Niteflirt, romanticizing their relationship. She let him know that they needed to take a break from sessioning together because he was becoming too demanding, and she suggested he get counseling to address his depression. She'd been concerned about him too due to this, and he was asking for more extreme humiliation during sessions. To the point of making My Mistress friend uncomfortable.

Today my friend received a call from the man's family, that the client had committed suicide. In their hurt and anger, they lay blame for his demise partially at My Mistress friend's doorstep. Telling her that she's hurting people. Wanting to hold her accountable, because at present, it hurt too much to hold the man himself accountable to his own actions.

It brings alot of uncomfortable feelings forth, dealing with her sadness over the news, and also being held accountable for someone choosing to harm themselves fatally.

As a Mistress, I hold Myself accountable for My actions. I also realize that when a slave client picks up their dick, and their credit card to call me, they know the deal. I provide a service, specialized to clientele who enjoy BDSM roleplay and session work. I'm not qualified as a psychologist, a doctor, a priest... although many times these skills weave into the work.

I have clients who hide their discomfort with the real world, by self medicating with drugs, alcohol, adrenalin, extreme fantasy, humiliation, you name it. As Ani Difranco says, "Any tool is a weapon, if you hold it right."

Today I feel sadness for the man who ended this life just this week. I know my Mistress friend is hurting too, and it's difficult to see her in this pain. We all ask ourselves in these situations... could I have done more.

I love my job, and understand that there is dark and light to this work. Below are resources that may help if you feel the need:

National Suicide Hotlines USA
United States of America
Toll-Free / 24 hours a day / 7 days a week
1-800-SUICIDE , also 1-800-273-TALK

The Alcohol Hotline - 1-800-ALCOHOL

National Institute on Drug Abuse Helpline 1-800-662-4357

I feel honored to claim the task of Mistress with my submissives. I also need to know you come to Me for the right reasons. And ultimately, this has to be decided by you. I offer prayers of guidance and light in your search.

April 6, 2008

Early morning ramble

It's early in the wee hours of Sunday morning, and Mistress is feeling a little hungry and a bit tired. I've been following an exercise and diet system for a few weeks now. Summer's on the way, and Mistress wants to be a firm grrl in tan skin!

Although, I can say that Boca burgers, ground turkey breast, and low fat cottage cheese, can become a little tedious after awhile!!

*think of yourself firm, tan, toned... *

Most of my weekend has been spent with 2 of my clients, one on a very long forced intox call, the other being a sweet little piggy, talking about giving away his money just gives him the biggest... uh well you know :)

I think Mistress needs a little coffee this morning.. where is my sissy maid...

March 28, 2008

Balls of Gold

I'm so glad Friday has arrived. Time for my bois to come out and play... I tend to take Wednesday off work, and usually one other midweek day, and work through the weekends. Seems there are just more sissies, sluts and slavelettes furrowing about on the weekends. You know who you are!

I'm about to watch a Spanish movie called Golden Balls (ahem!) on DVD. It stars Javier Bardem, the recent Oscar winner. That man does make a girl go hmmm... at least it makes THIS one go hmmm!!! Can't wait to see what this movie is about. I'll make sure to post my review of it later! He's so talented, I'm sure I'm in for a good time!

Shout out to batman, thanks for the Sportblock adjustable weight set. Got that with the recent Amazon gift card you gave me, and I'm so looking forward to using them!

I'm soooo ready for summer to get here...

March 18, 2008

Pumping... what?

It's been a long winter, and I've been feeling the need to shake things up a bit. When the days are cloudy and drizzly, it's hard to get out there and run those 3 miles. Mistress is taking a new challenge on...

While it's rare for a Woman to lift weights as ardently as many men do, I'm a grrl who likes what dumbbells can do for My sweet little curves.

I do have a membership to a gym, although I've been craving a home gym to pump iron. Have to get these biceps strong. I mean really, so many bottoms out there need a good strong slap! :)

Home gyms do have the advantage of working out naked, if you're in the mood! Check out My Amazon wishlist (see the button in the right column) to buy Mistress a set of spiffy hand weights. I have a great weight bench, incline, decline and all... however my dumbbell collection could use some vamping up.

Bowflex, PowerBlock, even Xvest, they're all well made dumbbells with good reviews. I'm following the Body for Life system by Bill Phillips, and I'll make sure to give you bois and gals and update or two!

March 13, 2008

Bite the hand you stroke with

As some of My very dedicated bois know, I find history a wonderful place to visit. I've made a few posts about ancient Rome, and now am smirking just a little, with recent events in the news.

Seems a high and mighty New York governor boy has been found out, spending thousands an hour, to share his time and bodily fluids, with a professional sex worker. Emperors Club, indeed! Especially at those rates!!

I found this situation a bit alarming, as I have a friend who works in Manhattan as an escort. Two consenting adults, choose to spend time together as they see fit, for an agreed upon wage. And that's wrong because... ?

Something to consider, from Wikipedia, the place of many authors, some of them even being accurate - "The English word whore is taken from the Old English word hōra (from the Indo-European root kā meaning "desire") but usage of that word is widely considered pejorative, especially in its slang form of ho'. In Germany most prostitutes' organizations deliberately use the word Hure (whore) since they feel that prostitute is a bureaucratic term. Those seeking to remove the social stigma associated with prostitution often promote terminology such as commercial sex worker (CSW) or sex trade worker."

Situations like this, where a hypocritical politician attacks others who pursue activities he also desires, cause Me to ponder. I am indeed classified as a sex worker. One of the few legal sex work categories here in the United States. Mainly because, well from arm's length, on the phone, we can't really rub naughty bits together eh? That, and Dominatrix chicks like Myself, rarely engage in sex with submissives anyway. My slaves are here to entertain Me. It is they that do the sucking, f*cking and c*mming, if I so choose to allow them to.

I chose this work, after earning My degrees, having a full decade career as a software chick. I earned good coin doing that work. And you know what? I like this work, so much more.

One last note - My perspective regarding sex workers comes as someone who has chosen this field. I've not been forced, coerced, or abused by tyrants such as pimps, etc. Choice is important in such things. And My sweet little slaves and submissive minions, I choose, with open arms, you.

March 4, 2008

Night Falls, I smile

There are days when my ability to speak, write, convey, feel fumbly and unskilled. Especially when greeted with beauty that overwhelms. There are days when I envy the skill of Roger Ebert, with his Pulitzer prize winning ability to write.

And yes, I do have a Bachelors in English Writing, and yes, I'm not half bad at throwing words together. Then a thing like "Before Night Falls," comes my way, and I'm struck dumb with awe for the thing.

"Before Night Falls," came around theatres in 2000, directed by Julian Schnabel, starring Javier Bardem. Based on the memoir of Cuban author Reynaldo Arenas bearing the same name, this movie shares his life, from childhood to death. A gifted writer, who's occupation and orientation land him in prison during Castro's dictatorship, we get to experience the main character's life unfold, bloom and later fall from the vine.

Director Schnabel has already established a career as a well known painter, and his artist's eye gives us heavy rain, humid forest, and quiet discovery. There is intense passion, pain, and so much beauty in this movie.

Author Arenas needs freedom to thrive, and finds it later in New York. His simple profound voice still echoes, even as Bardem channels it on screen.

We have a perfect storm here of amazing writing, skilled direction, and an actor who intuits and transforms, molding his essence into Arenas' form. I am thankful for their work and this gift of a movie.

A last note for my faithful slaves and submissives - Mistress loves her work with you all. I'm thankful for the grace you allow Me, and the freedom to share tidbits that are not all BDSM. My gratitude.

February 27, 2008

Unusual Wednesday

Mistress has been a slacker this week, well ever since the Oscars actually. There were quite a few hot studs this year winning their golden moment in the sun! I'm thinking of a particular Spanish actor that makes my heart skip a beat every time I see him.. oh baby oh -

I had the itch to work a bit today, which as my regular clients know, is unusual. Wednesday is usually my day off from work, guaranteed! I ended up logging in for a few hours and chatting to a few of my sweet boys. Alleviated my guilt for being a slacker this week!

Spring is nearly here bois and grrls, I'm feeling the need to set up a few assignments for my little ones. I want you buff and ready for the summer! So many c*cks to suck, so little time!!!

Sleep pretty!

February 18, 2008

Poe on the Go

Banking holidays are so much fun. Presidents day and some of you boys were scratching and sniffing around!

I had a chance to take a long drive yesterday (3-4 hours total) and admit I love being out on the open road. So much to see, if you only choose to make the drive. I admit, sometimes the lure of the big city can be enticing! So many places to shop, dine, dance, people watch.

Was listening to an MP3 of part 1, Edgar Allen Poe's "The Murders in The Rue Morgue" while driving. We're all acquainted with the creepy dark side of Poe's work, with archetypes like ravens, telltale hearts, etc. In Rue Morgue - he shares a more analytic perspective, almost philosophical, about time, space, and perception. I had to really focus to get the gist quite frankly.

"As the strong man exults in his physical ability, delighting in such exercises as call his muscles into action, so glories the analyst in that moral activity which disentangles. He derives pleasure from even the most trivial occupations bringing his talent into play. He is fond of enigmas, of conundrums, hieroglyphics; exhibiting in his solutions of each a degree of acumen which appears to the ordinary apprehension preternatural."

... say THAT 10 times fast!!

I hope I'll have the discipline to stick with the rest of Poe's book. Because honestly, of late, I sometimes just want something decadent, fluffy, and perhaps a bit exploitive of it's subject matter...

February 10, 2008

A little different...

Since sweet batman boy bought me a way spendy camera kit, and I tried something a little different with my tawny locks, thought I'd share a little photo that I just took this morning. Watcha think?

February 8, 2008


Tonight, tonight, I'm back to play tonight.... Mistress is back from a few days off, and I am oh so curious what dirty things you've been up to! Slaves and sublets, thank you for understanding that everyone needs a vacation now and then! I'll be working all weekend, and very VERY curious what illicit things you've been scheming! Now if you'll excuse me, one of my slaves bought me the most fabulous booties, and I'm going to go slip them on...

January 31, 2008

Sweets on hold

Heads up little sissies and slave boys, Mistress will be taking a sabbotical this weekend! It's been forever since I've actually taken one off. Look for me next week, and have a few naughty stories to tell me, I love those...

January 29, 2008

Society of Inimitable Livers

I'm feeling inspired by Cleopatra and Marc Antony, who created a 'Society of Inimitable Livers' way back when, a group which bragged of unmatched debauchery, drinking and sin...

Ah, to be in the land of 1,000 rating on Niteflirt. Was a fabulous week getting those numbers - felt a bit like watching a speedometer turning over the 100,000 mark. Like some kind of benchmark or something!

Was quite a weekend for forced intoxication, lemme tell ya! I'm amazed at how much booze you boys can suck down! Last week, a nice 5 hour call while filing My nails, hearing My slave boy chug, and become less and less lucid...

Do know sweet ones, even if we have to spank that ass of yours on a regular basis, many of you are My little lost boys, coming to Mistress for guidance, and earn a sweet place in My heart.

I'm getting ready to take a few days off this coming weekend, best get your Mistress time in while you can!

January 23, 2008

1000 points for Mistress!

THANK YOU for all who stepped up and filled in your outstanding Niteflirt feedback, it was just enough to put me over the 1000 mark for feedback on my top listing in Anything Goes!

I'm pondering a special to thank my loyal little ones for their continued support! Big smiles and kisses!

January 22, 2008

Mistress needs you!

Well, needs you to rate any outstanding Niteflirt feedback, if you can!

I'm *5* points away from having my top listing in the "Anything Goes" category make it to 1,000 points!

Please leave feedback any outstanding Niteflirt calls, if you can. Good bois get treats :)

Ms Ruby

January 16, 2008

Revenge of Elvis

Ah, my precious Wednesdays! For those of you who are new to this Mistress, Wednesday is typically my day off, when I get a little time to do a few 'to do's', catch up on this and that.

I have to admit this afternoon while tidying up a bit around my house, I was listening to music from another time...

If you've never tried it, tidying up to the sounds of "Elvis' Christmas Album" is quite a riot!

"Better hang up those stockings (ba da da da) -
turn down the lights (ba da da da) -

*Mistress giggling incessantly*

Just love the ole jump blues, when they'd be saying such dirty things and trying to make it sound kosher. You know, "getting drilled by the dentist", or the iceman, one eyed snake, you've all heard the ole blues song. Gotta love the creativity!!

I hope you're keeping it interesting out there bois and grrls! Give me a ring tomorrow night and tell me what you've been up to (shh I won't tell)...

January 6, 2008

Marathon man!

Well, this little Mistress is trying to wake up, however after my nice long call yesterday (and the day before), this Girl is a wee tired!

Batman kept me on the phone for 12+ hours, and girl lemme tell ya, I'm feeling it today! That has got to be one of the longest calls ever documented in the halls of Phone Dominatrix Land! haha

While I apologize to the other playmates who couldn't get through (while on the phone with one sweet slave), I'm smiling while I think about the cha ching landing in My bank account! Another bonus, batman boy is a sweetheart! And, slightly perverted! Keeps it interesting!

Message me if you feel the need to session tonight, as I might just rest this evening, and recharge after a very long conversation...