September 30, 2011

Brit Blues

What is it about the Blues that can get a Grrl to groovin’ – stumbled on PBS, with Hugh Laurie (you know, famous Brit, star of the series House), meandering around New Orleans. Mr. Laurie has a side I hadn’t anticipated = gifted blues boy. He gives a concert in the special, “Let Them Talk” with heavyweights in the music scene (including THE Tom Jones). He slowly drawls out James Booker tunes, and a very many others.

Inspiring. I want to creep out in the darkness tonight, and find some speak easy somewhere in the Pac Northwest, where My body resides. Yeah, fat chance.

My sleep patterns have been wonky as usual, thus if you’re jonesing for Me, drop a note on Niteflirt. That, I check daily, a few times. I log in a few hours a day for My amusement and your edification.

Last night chatted with a fella very much into a lot of light pain. We got him zippered up about the balls, 8 clothing pins pinched tight on the nethers, while nipples and nostrils also got the grip. He made such delicious noise, a moaner and a grunter that one. Almost melodramatic I’d say. Still smiling thinking of his hour of torture and eventual ruined orgasm.

I might need to write a book about these moments with the likes of you. Calling Me for FemDom phone sex might be just what you need, and My faithfuls know, you’ll be the one getting fucked. Mentally, and if I’m in the mood, we’ll find something long and stiff to shove up your –