January 31, 2008

Sweets on hold

Heads up little sissies and slave boys, Mistress will be taking a sabbotical this weekend! It's been forever since I've actually taken one off. Look for me next week, and have a few naughty stories to tell me, I love those...

January 29, 2008

Society of Inimitable Livers

I'm feeling inspired by Cleopatra and Marc Antony, who created a 'Society of Inimitable Livers' way back when, a group which bragged of unmatched debauchery, drinking and sin...

Ah, to be in the land of 1,000 rating on Niteflirt. Was a fabulous week getting those numbers - felt a bit like watching a speedometer turning over the 100,000 mark. Like some kind of benchmark or something!

Was quite a weekend for forced intoxication, lemme tell ya! I'm amazed at how much booze you boys can suck down! Last week, a nice 5 hour call while filing My nails, hearing My slave boy chug, and become less and less lucid...

Do know sweet ones, even if we have to spank that ass of yours on a regular basis, many of you are My little lost boys, coming to Mistress for guidance, and earn a sweet place in My heart.

I'm getting ready to take a few days off this coming weekend, best get your Mistress time in while you can!

January 23, 2008

1000 points for Mistress!

THANK YOU for all who stepped up and filled in your outstanding Niteflirt feedback, it was just enough to put me over the 1000 mark for feedback on my top listing in Anything Goes!

I'm pondering a special to thank my loyal little ones for their continued support! Big smiles and kisses!

January 22, 2008

Mistress needs you!

Well, needs you to rate any outstanding Niteflirt feedback, if you can!

I'm *5* points away from having my top listing in the "Anything Goes" category make it to 1,000 points!

Please leave feedback any outstanding Niteflirt calls, if you can. Good bois get treats :)

Ms Ruby

January 16, 2008

Revenge of Elvis

Ah, my precious Wednesdays! For those of you who are new to this Mistress, Wednesday is typically my day off, when I get a little time to do a few 'to do's', catch up on this and that.

I have to admit this afternoon while tidying up a bit around my house, I was listening to music from another time...

If you've never tried it, tidying up to the sounds of "Elvis' Christmas Album" is quite a riot!

"Better hang up those stockings (ba da da da) -
turn down the lights (ba da da da) -

*Mistress giggling incessantly*

Just love the ole jump blues, when they'd be saying such dirty things and trying to make it sound kosher. You know, "getting drilled by the dentist", or the iceman, one eyed snake, you've all heard the ole blues song. Gotta love the creativity!!

I hope you're keeping it interesting out there bois and grrls! Give me a ring tomorrow night and tell me what you've been up to (shh I won't tell)...

January 6, 2008

Marathon man!

Well, this little Mistress is trying to wake up, however after my nice long call yesterday (and the day before), this Girl is a wee tired!

Batman kept me on the phone for 12+ hours, and girl lemme tell ya, I'm feeling it today! That has got to be one of the longest calls ever documented in the halls of Phone Dominatrix Land! haha

While I apologize to the other playmates who couldn't get through (while on the phone with one sweet slave), I'm smiling while I think about the cha ching landing in My bank account! Another bonus, batman boy is a sweetheart! And, slightly perverted! Keeps it interesting!

Message me if you feel the need to session tonight, as I might just rest this evening, and recharge after a very long conversation...