November 24, 2007

Textual Seduction

Thanksgiving has come and gone, Black Friday too, and now we're onto the big shebang - that whole Christmas shindig. Any slaves out there want their stockings stuffed?

This week, one remarkable little sub asked for email hypnosis, combined with financial domination. I love writing silky words and wrapping little boys around my outstretched finger... Before we finished, he'd paid over $100 in paid email fees, and $350 in tributes! And to think, he never actually picked up the phone for a chat... all textual seduction. Mama like!

It's getting chilly this time of year, bundle up the bits when your out of doors. And of course when you're indoors, we'll unwrap everything and start something wicked!

November 15, 2007

Deep thoughts on soft power

Well, I've finally done it.

I've just finished watching "I, Claudius," the classic BBC drama of Rome and its ancient intrigue, murder, lust and power. And those last juicy bits, I gather we all know a bit of, yes?

I've pondered how many crave power, leadership, the spotlight of it all. And we've all seen idiots rise to the top, with enough money, luck or family influence.

"I, Claudius" is based on a book by Robert Graves, about a lame stuttering member of the royal family in ancient Rome, and how over many years and decades, those who were smarter, better looking, and more promising, were murdered, shamed, or politically out maneuvered. Then, against his will, Claudius was named emperor to it all, and proved to be one of the best leaders ancient Rome had ever seen.

Thus the oxymoron of sorts - he who was perceived of as lame and useless, was the strongest and best man for the job. And the similarities within BDSM... surrendering one's ego, acquiescing and allowing your own humility as a submissive, grants you such strength, within your reach.

When I work with my slaves, while I maneuver and magistrate over their tingling skins and throbbing humilities, I ponder power, submission, and the roots therein. My submissives pay through the nose for my time, however they are such sweet morsels to me. I coddle them in my warm palm, watch them quiver, anticipate.

I work best with slaves that entertain me, either with their rare vulnerability, or their wit and charm. We are both to enjoy this trip.

November 7, 2007

Hump day.. or will it be?

Wednesday morning arrives, this chilly November day. Hard to believe the end of the year is almost slithering through the door. How dare she!! hehe

The week continues with some very long winded boys (although my bank account opens up and says AHHHH *gulp). hehehe!

Alan is becoming a fast favorite of mine, he's such a lonely little sweetheart. To up the ante during our last 7 hour phone session, he risked going out on his back porch stark naked. At 7 in the morning. Granted, he was drunk as a skunk, and strangely aroused by the outdoor outing. Had to keep talking him back inside, because his boner, and state of inebriation, kept his reasonable mind at bay. No worries, we spent another night together, getting him extremely drunk. I even recorded a rant he went on, about a particular coworker who's been making his life miserable. Can't wait to play it back to him sober!

Mistress is feeling a little sleepy just now, time for a snooze. A pinch and a kiss for you!

November 2, 2007

November Ho!

JUST went to a play tonight with a few friends. Was written some time ago, and reflected the life and times of an era long past. Was all about life death heaven hell, the whole trip. Gave me much to think on!

Mistress was kept busy last night for 7 hours by her faithful batman boy slave. Yes, he did pay through the nose. And seemed to be loving every minute of it :) We experimented with back yard nudity and humiliation, intoxication. I rather like this one, sweet little heart, whimpers so lovely!

Mistress is fighting a bit of a cold, and is taking the night off of work (tonight's Friday). Will be back at it Saturday methinks! Love hearing from you via email on Niteflirt too!