June 9, 2011

Resting Mistress

Mistress must face a conundrum today. Create an entry here, a scenario that would seduce the best of boys into a lengthy session of erotic play... or tell you the truth about why I've been unavailable this week. Let's try truth.

Mistress is very sick this week. I've come down with an impressively strong throat cold that makes it difficult for Me to even chat on the phone for 10 minutes of time. Usually a course of herbs, rest and plenty of tea, nips this kind of thing in the bug.

Yet a little strain of nasties has set up camp in this bod, and is taking it's time leaving. Kind of like house guests who stay too long, and aren't picking up cues that it's time to skedaddle. Here I've been arrogantly hiking 5 miles, dancing all night, step aerobics, all in the past week. Pushing My body hard because it's felt so luscious to do so. I'm starting to get more tone and stamina, and the sun is coming. My flesh will feel its warmth this summer!

It's times like this when your soothing submission would be very welcome. Making My tea, drawing My bath, brushing My long hair, while I nodded off in rest. I've been to the doctor, and have a round of those anti-bio-tics, which typically nips the nasties within a day or two. Haven't needed to take such things for years, which I guess is a good thing.

One thing ailing health can offer is a time for contemplation and rest. I am such a strong woman and forget that I can be weak, and health is a lucky thing. If you'd like to baby/pamper Mistress while she's healing? I've added a few "baby" Target gift cards to My Amazon wishlist, which helps Me get teas, bath salts, etc. Also tributes on Niteflirt are always welcome.

You will be with Me soon, little ones. Be ready!