September 16, 2010

Open, wide

I love it when slaves from the past come back around for a visit. The crazy ones who like to stay up all night, doing filthy things at My command. It's a strange dance, this thing we have. Ultimately it is you, dear reader, dear client, who puts money in the meter, picks up the phone, and chooses Me. Something about My voice, the writing, something inside this Mistress mind calls out, offers you deep and yearned for release.

So many men dance with their shame and arousal. We whisper truths to each other while another (their wife?) sleeps in their house. Some men must get drunk, just to be brave enough to call.. In the light of day, being forced to dress seductively, treated like a whore, oh, others would just not understand. Grabbing the hair on your head while I make you unzip his leather pants, to pull out the thick hard maleness waiting inside… and you KNOW where I'm going to stick that thing –

Yes. Tip toe here if you must. Know that after you've arrived, it's too late to go back. I'll take you into the warmth of My hearth, and teach you My dark trade. The things that arouse you, the stuff of exposure and guilt…. All of this can be had, in My palm.

Click the button, call My number and… touch it.

September 3, 2010

I missed you, Mystery man!

Friday afternoon on a Labor Day weekend, and of course, I'm on the phone with a realtor, and one of My Niteflirt boys calls on the line! Alas, I couldn't break free. They tried calling a few times, although strangely Niteflirt didn't send Me notification of who the missed caller was. Drat!

So I'm now off the phone and oh so ready to talk with Mystery Man caller boy! I wonder if he'll reveal himself...

It's been months since I've missed one of My devoted callers. Call Me back again today, tell Me it was you, and I'll give you an extra little surprise reward! Be an honest boy though!