December 31, 2011

Newest Year Noodle

The New Year is just inches away from Me, on this dark humid night, somewhere in the Pacific Northwest. Knowing there are so many slaves out there, yearning for submission, aching for the sting of My hand, gives a secret thrill.

I just spent a few hours chatting with a boy, deep in the California wilderness. He’s a bit of a lumberjack (he says) and has many flannel shirts, for working in the cold. I’ve sent him to town for booze, so he can come back home to his house on the lake, charge up his debit card, and slowly get drunk, while I get him drunker….

Boys who slide into intoxication, at My urging? Are very easy to manipulate… ooh, I am a scoundrel.

I’m pondering writing Part 2, about My evening with Lisbeth and Christina (you know, from My last blog entry below?). Part of Me thinks the details might be best, kept to Myself. I saw many things that night that were fresh and new (along with insertables that would make any Mistress blush). OH MY – SIDENOTE - I just found out that the newest version of Microsoft Word, has a standard dictionary which does NOT RECOGNIZE the word – INSERTABLE. Maybe MS Word’s dictionary is a little phobic, about things going inside it? heehee

What say you, reader? Are you interested in a second part to the Lisbeth/Christina evening, started in the last blog? Write Me at Niteflirt, let Me know your verdict. If I get 5 readers saying, “YES MORE!” to My debauchery with Lisbeth the lean, and Christina the raven haired…. I’ll do it!

Best to you – Mistress Ruby licious