August 28, 2011

Warm summer night, candles and fire

Oh, Mistress is feeling a little bit foggy today! After last night, my state is deserved!

I visited a decadent couple in a nearby town (well, an hour’s drive away). They were having a brew party, celebrating homemade spirits. I’m not much of a drinker, but DAMN these Grrls can brew some yummy beer! They even have a full size kegorator with 4 spouts! Pale ale, or dark stout anyone?

There were huge trays of watermelon, tangelos, oooh and the cucumber salad crunched, tasting so silky. Sausage, Challah bread, Port Salut and and Brie cheese, oooh Mistress is going to be working out tonight!! It all tasted yummy and I knew I’d have a price to pay, which means a few more minutes of sweating this evening.

Their guest bedroom held a secret surprise – the bed was dressed in black and red, covered with more leather than I’ve seen in one place, in a very long time! Leather corsets, chaps, the sensual strings dangling from bindings. You could just fall into the pile and be wrapped in a leather cocoon.

You’d be lucky to count these juicy ladies as friends. That, and they throw a fab party!

Okay, enough of the glowing exuberance… *clears throat* Back to our dark business… Slaves, it’ a hot summer night, a bit humid on the East Coast (I’m thinking of your safety this weekend, in wake of Hurricane Irene). Mistress will be logged in today for a good spell, and I’m eager to distract you from your day to days. Bring it, precious…