January 30, 2011


Oh the sun is peeking out, and I can feel the house settle a bit with the warmth. There's a show on the tele called Pawn Stars (History Channel), about a Las Vegas pawn shop that clears mucho money, and very interesting bits of history. Muskets, buried treasure, other tidbits rare and unusual. One of the main characters, Rick, has been told he's too stressed out, and is squeezing a pair of stress balls. Apparently his doc thinks he's stressed.

Yes, squeezed balls and stress, do have a connection.

January is nearly over and my workout routine is in the slump. I need an injection of motivation and strength. I've seen a few big boys down at the gym that might take a little money for their time.

Would you be one of those boys? With you though, I'd make you do very different things, than a man hired to get Me hot, sweaty and firm….

January 13, 2011

Rub and shine

Got a call from a fellow on the east coast this morning. Was still dark on the west side, yet the sun was streaming into his windows, and warming up parts that usually are kept hidden. He'd snuck into work early and had the dirtiest desire. Jack wanted to rub one out all over his shiny work desk, right before anyone came to work. That would include his wife, whom he just happens to work with!

I crawled out of a warm bed and powered up My laptop, to watch the show unfold. We clicked into yahoo messenger and fired up his cam. I saw the warm light spilling over his massive hands, wrapped around a decent sized prick. He was so aroused and ready to go, I watched him pensively looking out the window, hoping no one would catch him (and secretly hoping perhaps, someone would).

Last time this boy and I chatted, he was so loud upon orgasm, I had to lift the phone off My ear! He's a screamer boys and girls!! This time he tripped a bit quicker, spilling all that frothy goodness on the shiny wood surface of his work desk. I made him lick it up while I watched, laughing a little. Such a pervert!

Bring your own brand of sexy, and we'll see if it pleases this Mistress...