April 30, 2011

Poetic tips

I'm thinking of a particular boy today, a quizzical little thing. He's a shy one. Sends occasional tributes, just for the chance to read My blog. Something about My words, the twang, makes this small sub perk up, tingle and shine.

He introduced himself as a curious follower, yet after a few many emails, I instructed him to value My time more directly. He took to training well, and while he's not My most profitable? His weekly latte tips bring a slight smile to Me.

Mistress is pleased. Perhaps not shaking the earth, but a slight smile, earned.

I was feeling frisky today, with the weather gets warmer, and I had such thoughts about men. Dirty things. Perhaps I shouldn't share –

April 17, 2011

Pegging Parts

Hello pets. Sunday afternoon, and I'm feeling mellow and a bit lazy. This has been a helluva week, and this is My first day of just chillin'.

Last night I visited a Dominatrix friend! Mistress and Her trans lady love shared a few recommendations... We were having a lengthy discussion about strap on harnesses, whether leather was better (those in the know, say not so much). My Mistress Ms. brought out Her custom fitted harness, made from vulcanized rubber. Sounds cool, hm?

Velcro, rivets, and sturdy as fuck. Also cleans up quick for the next adventure. I was impressed!

We need to go shopping dear reader, and I know JUST how I'll thank you for the custom harness! Lay back and think of England...

I'm in the mood for testicular flagellation... come closer..