July 30, 2007

Full Moon

This weekend was exceptionally unusual, had a full range of clients who came a calling. So to speak! Many were keeping me busy.

I've been biking into town this past week to get a bit of exercise, love plugging in my ipod Shuffle while the breeze blows against my skin. Amazing what you can do with just a little legwork, keeps the metabolism in check.

Keep thinking of getting my bellydancing gear out and giving my hips a little more play. The practice always gets me aroused. The band Dead Can Dance has some wonderful music for swaying hips and sensual S curves. And those shimmies....

July 23, 2007

Just another day of stockings and lace! A gift for a boy who bought me those stockings - sweet thanks! I do have a tight ass!

Summer months tend to keep a girl busy. I do love watching the birds in wilderness, flying so gracefully through the trees. Something about the tender beauty and strength, lends itself to my memory of some of my favorite sissy boys.

They strive in their bulky male bodies to sway and be soft, yet stumble without the help of a strong Mistress. Guiding grrls like this, especially while plundering their sweetness, deeply satisfies me.

July 16, 2007

A few good men...

Sometimes I think, to do this job most efficiently, I could fall back on just a few good men. I'm thinking specifically of one boy who thrives on financial domination and intoxication, who calls me every few weeks. We had a 4 hour session this morning, which for him, is actually brief! Every call with him is a gauranteed $1000+. Not only is he a big strong buck just aching to be controlled, but he's a joy to play with!

I do crave the sissies though, the sweet little bois who bring their petticoats and stockings. These little gems can be needy and high maintenance, however they whimper so sweetly when forced.... So pliable, so soft and feminine. I've another little grrl, who makes me a very happy Mistress, specifically because of his surrender. I love licking the nectar of crushed pedals....

I'm thankful for my abundance and great clients! Nipple twists and kisses!

July 4, 2007

Fireworks blowing, will you be? haha!

I've been considering getting a full time live in sissy maid, because frankly, what Mistress enjoys doing her own dishes and laundry? I'd much rather watch a little femmy girl swishing her sweet little petticoats, back and forth, while cleaning up after me!

It's getting warm and I have to admit, I rather like a little sweat... Don't you? I've been pampering myself this past week too, pedicure, massage. The massage might soon become a weekly indulgence. I could get VERY used to that!

My find of the week, on the internet anyway, has been the website www.crossdressusa.com. They have so many outfits, including a few strap on vaginas that are sure to please the right trans grrl lover!! Who knew you could strap on a hole for chrissakes? hehe

Keep it c*mming lovies - xxx