May 25, 2009

Sunned skin

Alright, is it just Me, or is that new commercial for the Toyota Prius, with all the people in the costumes that look like plants, sunbeams, etc. Does anyone else find that adorable?

Hello little slaves, it's so good to write for you! Summer is here, and Mistress gets busy and a little less prolific in her blog posts during this time. Today for example, just when I needed a little sissy maid to help with the gardening and car wash…. I had to do the tasks Myself! Aww! I was craving sun and a little arm workout as it was. My tan is starting to get darker, which makes this Girl smile!

The software contract I've been working is winding down this week, which means Mistress will be more readily available. I made a chunk o change, and it brought back memories of My life before pro Domme. The corporate life, the blue chip software or hardware companies I've worked for in My previous career….

I'd much rather take advantage of you, little ones! Heheh

Memorial Day, and I'm logged in, laying on the couch in the dark, wearing only a throw blanket and a smile. All that's needed is a slave to slowly tease into submission...

May 7, 2009

Alive and oh so well

So Mistress has been keeping true to Her last post, and ooooh boy I've been busy! It's been 3 weeks since I've had a day off in between My slaves and the vanilla contract I took on this past few weeks. I've still been sessioning with boys on the weekends, and sometimes in the dark of night.

Mistress likes tending to you little ones…..

Just dropping a quick note to tell you I live, and you're welcome to all Me anytime that little Call Now button is bright, on Niteflirt!