January 23, 2009

Stomp romp

Trampling boys dreams, with My sweet little feet –

This has been a foot filled week in Mistress land! Seems the foot freaks are coming out of the wood work and are so ready for action… My first little nerd boy has a few strikes against him – lives with his parents, only 20 years old, and has never been with a woman, in the biblical way (hail Mary full of grace… or something). He's also a fat little f*ck apparently, with such a tiny appendage, and dreadfully shy… although he DOES have one thing that makes him interesting – he is employed. And knows how to spend his money. 3 guesses where I might be going with that…

At least he knows what makes his love bump rigid and… well if it's exceptionally short, is erect the correct phrase? The sweat and stench of sweet women's feet does something dirty to his nervous system. Gives this little man a bit of a chubby. He also fantasizes about serving men on his knees, with a mouth so open wide. I've been making him do humiliating assignments, taking his money, making him bury his face into stinky girl socks, while sticking grocery produce where his sun doesn't shine…

What's not to love about My work hm?

My other talkative fella craving flesh covered phalanges, and has been a regular slave for over a year. He just adores the bunions of old withered women! The calluses, the corns, the toe jam, he revels in all of the dark foot maladies, that which most of us would find rather ugly. When we chat, we get into almost a chant like state for over an hour, meditative and erotic, sharing how we both know he is in inferior, and Women are superior. His place is on his knees worshiping the beauty of a mature woman and her hard working feet. The miracle of the body, and how it adapts, thickening skin with corns and calluses, that's the place we go together. Just goes to show anything can be sacred, if you approach it with the right attitude!

And speaking of feet – mine are actually sore today. I've been playing with My workout schedule, and have already walked 9 miles this week, in addition to a gym workout (5 miles yesterday). I love downloading radio shows and getting into a contemplative space while pounding through the miles, "taking to the air" as they used to say in the late 1800s (granted, I'm getting that from the show Deadwood). Today Mistress is going to sit on her firm ass, and enjoy every minute of it. I've earned it hm?

January 15, 2009

Secret Life of Mistress

For those of you with Comcast cable, and an OnDemand box, you've probably scanned the options – a LOT of complimentary (aka free) shows to watch. Oh yes, there's the dirty shows too for the wankers! Yet when it comes to porn, I tend to watch free snippets online – there is so much available out there hm?

Tonight, while toiling in the wee hours, I decided to dabble in "Secret Lives of Women" on the WE TV. I'm just finishing up show titled Mistresses (show 308). I appreciate their interview with a pro Domme named Cristian (her real life name is Christine), quite a bit.

Many times vanilla shows that focus on Women like Me, tend to portray them as off the grid and something to be feared. Cristian is a mother, and has a relationship with a vanilla boy who's comfortable with her career. They also show Mistress in full session, and she has a nicely outfitted dungeon, a little man on his knees in a pvc maids outfit, being flogged and humiliated (yum!!).

Ah, wouldn't it be nice if I could go to the local coffee shop, strike up a conversation with a stranger with a smile, and tell them what I really do for a living. I live with that fear you know. And I've made a few mistakes in trust. The friend's you've known for years. You know the ones that are accepting, open minded, may have even come on to you a time or two…

I get so frustrated with the lack of acceptance and the dirty nature We get castigated into. Flip side of that though, is one of the main reasons boys want to play with Me, is that very forbidden nature. It's a turn on, isn't it?

January 4, 2009

Bacchanalia and movement

And here we are yes? The New Year arrives, and so do thoughts of resolutions, or goals. And the other imbedded thoughts of … will I have the stamina to fulfill such things?

Been very thankful to get My 3 workouts in a week, especially after the Bacchanal feast fest that was Thanksgiving and Christmas. Mistress had a little sinus infection in November, that laid her back for a few weeks, which is brutal to the workout routine.

So I'm two weeks into getting back on the horse! Love feeling strong and consistent. Love slaves bearing the same traits, as well.

Shall we make one of your resolutions… consistent training, at the hands of a very saucy, yet brutal, Mistress? Boys, I think I might be able to help you with THAT one! Ahah

Shout out to a little catholic boy across a very big pond this week. He's a blasphemer, and a very dirty boy. Loves being milked for money too. Wonder if I should mention his name? oh, maybe next time… hahah

Oh – and if you've got good recipes for healthy and homemade popcorn, I'm listening. I've made 4 batches in the past week, and only two were edible! Haha! Doing a little research on decent quick snacks that are filling, and even if popcorn is all carbs, does fill a Grrl up!