January 20, 2010

Flog bytes

Hello little sodomites and troglodytes! Oh, I assume too much…

The new year has snuck up on Me, and overturned My get up and go. I'm feeling a bit frumped and overwhelmed. Getting taxes in order, filing this form and that. Oh the horror…. *hehe

I do so enjoy your demise. And those little grunty moans you bring out to play ;) And now for something completely different:

My hand, and a juicy wench, January 2010. Yummy, hm?

Tonight, if you'd believe Me, I'm getting together with a friend in the BDSM community. He's a national title holder (Master/slave) and we're doing a lesson on florentine flogging. We've got a nice plump girl to work on. Apparently when working on aim, it's good to work with larger targets, then move to the skinny bitches later! Heheh

Caning, spanking, crushing nuts, THESE things I have plenty of practice in. Very curious to see how flogging feels. Giving it, anyway!! More later!