August 27, 2007

Massage and the Devine

I've been making it a priority to pamper myself these past few months. Have been seeing a masseuse regularly, and I have to tell you, there's something so seductive about those little murmured pump sounds, then slathering the lotion on my flesh, ready to work my me like rising dough.

My masseuse isn't the friendliest woman. She'll even admit most find her grumpy, if not downright negative. And she does have the crusty exterior. Yet flick off a bit of this subtle earth, and you'll find a warm heart with very strong hands, and a skill with soothing my body knots and sinew....

She reminds me of my clients at times. Presenting with such a gruff exterior, only hiding the dewy morsel of warmth deep within.

August 19, 2007

Sunday morning snafu!

This has indeed, been a very good week! I've gotten in 3 very hard workouts, ran 4 miles midweek, and 10 mile bike ride today, oh and let's not forget that intense step aerobics Monday!

Had a special little lush boy call with half a bottle of scotch, already down the hatch! He was already slurring a bit, even before I made him drink half of what was left... then the rest. An entire bottle in one evening! And the cash he was spending, made me a happy girl! Here's a shout out for Hungarian
"genetically gifted" boys, who like a little forced intox!

And Jezebel just couldn't stay away. Even after a night on the town and nearly dawn, she just had to call to get things set straight (well not straight exactly, hahah). No ice this time, however a good corn hole and voila, she made such a mess!

August 12, 2007

All the kinky f*cks are out tonight!

Wouldn't you know it - a boy named "Jezebel" decided to saunter over to my listing and give me a call. He'd come prepared, wearing his best little black hotpants with pink piping, and of course he'd been a very bad little chickita. Needed a bit of Mistress Ruby's discipline...

I ended up bending that sweet little b*tch over and giving him a good pegging. Even added a bit of ice to the mix, to make things a bit chilling! He was all a flutter, out of breath, and seeming so very twitterpated!! hahaha!

Sissies are very good beasts to play with.. Maybe you'll be the next !