May 31, 2010


It's Monday, and I'm avoiding a trip into town. It's Memorial Day, I appreciate those who've passed on, and remember their love and presence in My life. I'm avoiding the beer drinking BBQ folks though. Wine tasting events at local vineyards list this holiday as their TOP grossing event and… we all know about how the driving fatalities go "big time" with this weekend blitz.

Mistress will stay home and avoid the party hardiers!!

Now… drunk boys calling on My phone line, for forced intoxication and general suffering? THAT I'm up for!!! Haha

I was pondering the nature of desire recently. One thing I find with BDSM, that's a little different than sex - Since BDSM is so taboo, and many times we settle for fantasy before creating it in reality… our tastes can change, after we walk through the door a time or two. I've found in the past few years that My cravings have changed.

I'm ever so curious what I'll be forcing your envelope open with… that first time we take you to your new perversion!!

May 15, 2010

May Sale - $1.98 - yowza!

It's been a few months, I'm in the mood - charging a buck less a minute to crawl inside your mind! My top 8 Niteflirt listings are $1.98 a minute - Come to Me sweet one...

May 8, 2010

Uke, bounce!

While driving through a northwestern American town, away from home this week, I made My way down a main road. I was checking out the scene. Small town. High unemployment. Nostalgia, and yet a hard edge, not that hidden. Hint of desperation.

Then out of the blue, on a tall store front window, BIG bold words struck out in gold: HEADQUARTERS FOR ALL UKULELE SALES.

I stared for a moment. Pondered just how proud they were of their headquarters. Apparently, very. Then the hint, became something more. … Ukuleles, hm?

And now onto the next.

I've been working 30+ hours a week on a writing contract lately, and I will most likely be working through the next 1-2 weeks on the same work. This means – weekends I'll be more available, and a few hours here and there during the week. Catch Me online if you can!

I've got this new bouncy thing in the house. Ask about that!