December 29, 2009

Restless sucking

Alright, it's too fucking cold out and I'm resenting it.

I'm feeling pent up and chilly since this cold front hit, and I'm restless. A bit like a caged animal. Do you like hiking in 29 degree F weather? Helll no…

The only upside to enjoying a forest or park in this weather? You own the land. No one else wants to be out there freezing their nuts off, so you get the whole place to yourself, typically.

(can you guess which one is Me?)

And today's saving grace, is a Pomegranate Tootsie Pop that I brought back from Seattle. I'm sucking on it, even as I type. Was visiting Seattle for the holidays, and stuffed a few of these in my leather jacket pocket, at the insistence of an older family friend.

Something about a candy dish with hard candy in it, and a grey haired friend with and many stories and laughs, makes me feel nostalgic, and loved.

Ah, there I've found it. The warmth I was seeking. Guess it only took a few moments of reflection, hm?

December 23, 2009

Naked head

We're so close, aren't we? Just days away from the presents, the family, and oh god the lovely warmth and anxiety our kin can bring. I let it sneak up on Me, act like I'm really not concerned, then Christmas Eve, I'm sentimental and sappy.

And here's a strange trend - I heard recently that winter is death's favorite season. Something along the lines of people being 4 times more likely to die during the holiday season.

Ho fucking Ho, eh?

I considered a long hike today, while listening to a podcast of Marc Maron (comedian,, however it looks like it's barely going to bust 40 degrees F, and you know what? It's fucking Christmas. Exercise is overrated.

Today's unusual fetish call came from a young man who craved feminization. But wait, there's more. He wants to be a bald woman. We talked for nearly 30 minutes about shaving his head, using scissors, then his Norelco triple blade, then topping it off with a nice Nair treatment. Perhaps a layer of Coco Butter, before of course drugging him, and letting him wake up tied down, under a pink canopy bed, with double D breast implants.

I'd create images of the breasts, the nipples, his sweet nether regions, but the thing that made this boy moan and whimper the loudest? Shaving off that noggin of his.

Ah, My sweet little freaks, bless you.

December 12, 2009

Ho Ho Sale - $1.98, aint that great?

I'm in the mood for love... simply because you're near Me...

Here's a weekend sale that might last, depending on My mood! $1.98 a minute, on My top 5 listings. Bring it on!!

November 23, 2009

You're about to be stuffed

Well, aren't we all? Thanksgiving is just about here... everyone's doing the travel plans, ordering the food. Hells bells, last Thanksgiving I gained 5-10 pounds over the winter holidays. Then here comes January, and I start working it off. Strange how the new year gives you an excuse to work your ass off. Seems we all hibernate this time of year, and emerge with the need to feel strong and feisty!

I remember last January, I started walking into town, listening to My fave podcasts, talk radio, Marc Maron, NPR, etc... 15 miles a week, minimum. Then the weather warms in March, bringing My craving for the burn of running. Started at 10 miles a week, then worked up to 15. I'm such a hard toned badass 9-10 months of the year. Then here comes winter, and feasting the harvest... there we go, cocoon and munch.

Rhythm. Can be a good thing.

I may be travelling (plans still morphing), although I'll be taking calls Thanksgiving weekend. Maybe we'll talk turkey, while I stuff unimaginable things right up your... *cough

Remind Me to tell you about the beer bottle, the condom, a bottle full of whisky, and a drunk midwestern boy with an account full of cash....

November 9, 2009

Media scoundrels, bad boy, bad!

While watching an episode of "Law and Order: Criminal Intent", I saw yet another example of a Dominatrix, involved in some sordid murder plot. Shocking, hm? The murder suspect was a macho man from a mobster family, straight. He'd get sexually aroused by dressing up in women's clothing, and getting slapped around a bit. By a Woman, a bit like Me.

One of these days, maybe the hero of the common drama llama story will be - a Domme coming to the rescue! Some vanilla being abused without consent?! Super Domme saves the victim from an ill doer!

Well, unless the victim wanted it. Right? *hehehe

A Girl can dream!

It's cold outside, and rainy. I'm missing the sun. You too? I'm available to commiserate, while draining your bank account.

Generous, I know.

Giving you a little pinch, right where it hurts!

October 27, 2009

Prose, proper

I'm a bit poetic today:
- - - -
What depth can be brought, by what we share?

Can you slither off your skin, expose to Me your naked bits, beating and warm like fresh earth dug up. Inside your ribs, you're much like Me. Textures and rhythm, aching for more.

Sliding My fingers through your earth, I feel dampness and press you hard, balled into clumps of composite soil, combing through dirt, hand and skin.

I'm an animal, just like you. Perhaps My fangs are a bit sharp.

Bring Me your blood. Bring Me your warmth. I'll drink, and be satisfied. Shaping you into what we create. Aching your surrender into My arms.

I'll pervert what's been left of you, if you like.

October 18, 2009

The Matters of Master

In the depth of a very hot August this year, I wrote about a decadent diversion, blog post -
Star sparkle sky. Together, distinct. In the sultriness of summer, I went to a large group gathering of BDSM folk, camping in the woods on a beautiful property. Several hundred perverts, wandering through trees & outdoor dungeons. Late at night the cries of ecstatic slaves, being flogged, whipped, zapped….

I remember feeling particularly sexy that weekend. I'd been getting a good share of sun, my skin was warm and bronzed. I'd just had a deep blue summer dress tailored – it was just a tad too long, and I had the hem raised. Had to show off the legs! My somewhat unnaturally muscular legs. I look at them sometimes and wonder, how did they get so tight? Hehe! Surely I digress (and don't call Me Shirley…).

While walking up a steep hill, I was approached by a very tall man, white grey hair, abundantly mustachioed, who was entirely too friendly. "Well hello there…" or some such, was his approach. I cast a wary glance.

Later in the evening, I found His campsite snugly aside My friend's camping spot, and we all became more acquainted. He, you see, is the wanton wielder of the Santa zapper! And wouldn't you know it, His partner and He, were quite charming and warm. Gems found in a natural setting, these two.

Later, as summer progressed, and fall approached, we stayed in touch. Mistresses need friends, just as much as slaves, and I became closer to this Master of mischief. He had a calm sense of grounding that I found soothing.

I turned to him recently, with a matter of heart. I'd been dating a submissive, owned by another Mistress, and the dynamics were starting to strain. I called Master "Santa" for a bit of advice. He lives the Master/slave relationship in his own world, and embraces polyamory, while this monogamous Mistress needed a little perspective.

He soothed, and listened. Validated and pondered. I felt heard, understood, and a bit bolstered. As I get more face time with BDSM folk, I find many degrees of health and harm. The couples that seem the most content, communicate gangbusters, and value the process of discovery. Conflict will happen, it’s part of the goods. The price of admission, as Dan Savage says. HOW we respond, driven by love, or fear, makes or breaks the bond.

All this to say, thank you Santa man. I am grateful for your thoughts of late. Lovers may bring depth and intensity, yet I find friends that accept you, help even the waters. Stability can be found, in the midst of our kinks.

October 13, 2009

October beckons

It's nearly the middle of the month, and Mistress is trying to decide what will be happening for her halloweenie holiday. I think when autumn settles in to the bones, I feel the slowing down and cocooning. We all mourn the summer, yes?

I tend to go out a few times a week and just sit on my back porch, take in a few sun rays. Just a few minutes makes your skin look a little glowy. Some women get out of control with that unnatural darkness.... Sun is a seasoning. Apply lightly!

I miss that warmth. I do have a little indoor face tanner I'll use in the winters. The one's you set on the table, and bask in? More for a mood enhancer than anything. It's not the same as the real thing though. More like a dildo, to a cock, in comparison :)

There are dark things you hide from others, that need My light. Will you bring these weaknesses to Me, tonight...

September 30, 2009

Hello on hump day

Happy hump day, little fucks! Link to call Me at:

Mistress Ruby's Hard Alchemy - phone line!

I've been a bit ambivalent re: posting another blog article, while Niteflirt is in flux. Things are still messy, and some of My slaves get through, others have problems. Same rules apply about access to Me of course – My time is precious, no free rides! Although I have been a little sad about Niteflirt's present condition, and continued condition these past 3 weeks.

I'm considering options for a stable server environment to work from, and will stick with Niteflirt for a bit longer. Any updates will be posted here, never fear!

It's cloudy and overcast today, and I'm feeling pretty slothtful today. Shhh, don't tell! Heheh!

September 19, 2009


Niteflirt servers are transition. They have a Niteflirt link that can get you through to Me, faithful little slaves! Same service, different web address:


Niteflirt assures us they are working hard to fix the main systems, and I'm really glad to be able to take calls this way, while they are transitioning.


September 17, 2009

Niteflirt system down for a few days

As some of you have noticed, the Niteflirt servers have been down for a few days. They're apparently rebuilding it to make it stronger, faster, and the like. I'm still reachable via email (see link to the right), and to those of you who have My yahoo ID. It will do in a pinch, if you need a fix, yes? *giggle

Looking forward to having My Niteflirt phone lines open again soon!

September 11, 2009

Kissing Carradine

HEY, NEW PHOTOS! I took them with a little man locally, showing off some leather restraints and the like. We were having a cup of coffee in My back yard, and he was extra excited because he'd received a set of bondage gear, recently made by a leather worker we both know. Impromptu like, I set up My digital camera and tripod, and the results are included here. A shout out to slave licious for being a good guinea pig! I'll be spiffing up My Niteflirt pages with a few shots, soon! Contact Me if you'd like more information on the leather work!

And on to the next…

Recently saw the movie, "Smart People", with Dennis Quaid and Ellen Page. Good movie, with a strong cast of actors! My only main complaint was the bludgeon-your-ears-with-constant-loud-music soundtrack.

I remember hearing Keith Carradine discuss this trend, on a DVD commentary track for Deadwood (which, as I tangentalize ad infinitum, is one of My very very favorite series ever). To paraphrase, Carradine discussed how utterly awful films will sometimes overwhelm an audience, using a soundtrack which instructs them how to feel. This ploy typically compensates for poor screenwriting and bad acting.

In contrast, Deadwood barely had any soundtrack. Didn't need it. Every cast member was gifted, spot on, and worthy of worship. Well, that's My opinion!

Back to "Smart People" – My fave moment in the film was Dennis Quaid's first kiss with Sarah Jessica Parker. Quaid plays a college professor who's a bitter curmudgeon, after the death of his wife, and slowly warms when Parker takes an interest in him. Their kiss on her couch… He skulks up like some plodding animal, accustomed to the dark, then grabs her, lands so hard and deft on her lips…

THAT …. That is how you kiss a woman. Your whole body rushing behind a set of lips that knows what it's doing. Mistress used rewind a few times on that one….

August 29, 2009

A witness to your use

I've a regular caller who brings his strange feelings to Me, and yes I indulge him. It has much to do with worship of Women and their beauty, inversely. He worships feet, and more specifically… bunions. Women's bunions.

I've chatted about this boy before, however tonight I was a bit more self aware than I tend to be. Mostly because, Mistress is getting closer to a real time submissive male, and I may be inviting him into My home.

I walked through what it might be like to have this submissive man near Me, listening, watching, while I talk with My phone slaves. To be honest, in the 3 years I've made My living while exploiting the likes of you… I have yet to let anyone witness Me working.

Our privacy, until this point, has been ensured. And I have boundaries, clear boundaries in My mind. I'd never let him listen while a phone slave served, unless of course the caller found that intriguing.

Tonight I lay on My sheets, eyes closed, a blanket wrapped around My waist and down through My legs. The rest barely covered by and a thin cotton dress. Bunion boy can get rather ecstatic while we converse. Moaning, crying. Sometimes our energy pops right out the phone, because it's a worshipful, spiritual Zen kind of thing. We're deep in the groove, humiliating him, exploiting his inferiority. I'm chasing him like an animal, a panther, forcing him deeper, listening to him sob, while giggling through his demise.

Tonight I felt My hips bucking, feet sliding over the sheets, writhing while we chanted deeper into this darkness. I wondered - while I talked about very lewd things, knees spread, speaking so harshly, spitefully mean to this crawling bunion boy… if this other sub male who may share My bed, might find himself utterly captivated.

I'll … keep you posted.

August 18, 2009

Star sparkle sky. Together, distinct.

We circled around the fire under a dark ripe sky, many of us sitting on borrowed chairs. We bantered back and forth, seeing each other with flickers and smiles. Hours of conversation over firelight and smores. It was a chilly night, and laying in front of the fire on a stretched out massage table, a beautiful woman, wearing her skin cover only, and the hands of her mischievous Master. They were definitely center stage.

This Master's tool for the evening (in addition to his sparkling wit and overwhelming modesty... hehe) - a Violet Wand, with OH so many attachments! Here in the darkness, He zapped, traced, made slave jump and squirm. He kept mentioning it was time for Santa, while slavelette on table said, "oh no, Santa's mean..."

Santa ended up being a bulb attachment with a particularly strong current. Hiding inside the bulb, a face shaped filament. The jolly man's dark smile lit up when charged, which of COURSE needed flesh to complete the current.

And this Master's little lady, did just fine! Kudos of course to His Number One slave – she was the best assistant to the chef, I've seen! That and, her Master was quite charming. Really. There were a few notable little hotties running around, dressed in leather, a few dressed in their own homegrown skin. I lost count of how many tits were meandering through the trees. A cock or two as well!

This summer, I happily attended a somewhat local campout with hundreds of other BDSM perverts. Locations, names, are being withheld, to protect the guilty. *giggle

Very well organized, lemme tell ya! Classes included: Strap On play, with full demonstrations inside both male and female victims, er volunteers; dynamics in Master / slave relationships; Living in two worlds, vanilla and BDSM... and the list goes on! All of this occurring outdoors, occasionally punctuated by an echoing whip, or paddle slap. The follow up grunts and shrieks, mixed with laughter and the sound of euphoria…. Yummy mix.

On this August night when Santa came to play, the evening also held a body drumming event. The main pavilion was an ocean of naked submissives, laying on massage tables, being caned, drummed, while heavy base music slowly stomped in the background. Many Dominants delighted in muscle, flesh and bone.

This summer's weekend in the woods, with many of the BDSM M/s D/s persuasion, was My first campout with other fellow perverts.

And yes, I'll have a second helping, thank you! (and a 3rd, 4th, 5th…. )

August 2, 2009

It was Bound to happen...

Mistress just got a fresh cup of coffee, and is contemplating her actions for the day.

One of My slave boys has a thing for being bound up very tight, and we're considering options for his said incarceration. This particular sub is a boy I spend some time with locally, who gets My time in 3d (isn't he just the luckiest!).

We've been looking at different designs for wheelchairs and wheel barrels, as well as a few custom pieces. He craves the closeness of being bound to furniture, unable to move, with a nice leather gag in his mouth, eyes covered. And the flexibility of moveable furniture might make training that much more convenient! A neighbor dropping by for a cup of sugar, while I'm using My tied up human for a stool? No worries, I'll just wheel little mute boy off into the closet for a few hours!

This toy boy does SO enjoy the squirm!

My day just got a little bit brighter. Excuse Me, I have a little man to go mindfuck -

July 22, 2009

Creative Cretins

While watching Martha Stewart today (rare occurrence), she shared a little pig or two with the view. Her arms wrapped around a little pot bellied pig. Martha's resident animal expert was discussing the pros and cons (mostly cons) of keeping piglets as pets. They shared footage from a pet pig sanctuary, that cared for these abandoned, neglected porkers, when they get not so little.

Mistress had a strange fantasy in the wake.

My little minions, grazing in fields of green, naked, and serving Me. My own little piglet sanctuary, for slaves and submissive oinks. I was giggling, considering the barns I could put you up in. Every morning we'd hose you down and get you dressed, send you to work out in the field of normal folk (maybe banking, maybe law), then you'd come home every night, shed your vanilla skin, and get ready for grass stained knees.

Wonder if food tastes sweeter, mawing from a trough? Seeing my little worker pets, naked, their hard earned eats messed about their cheeks, and craving one more prod from my shepherd's hook, makes for a pleasant, surreal image.

Oh and could you do me the favor of turning down the temperature outside My Mistress hovel? Air conditioning is fabulous, but when triple digits linger, Mistress gets fussy.

Just one more reason to walk around naked all day!

July 11, 2009

Oh, you don't say

Mistress has been lucky recently.

This sweet little Goddess has a more spring in the step. One recent gift the universe conspired to offer Me -

As I've mentioned in the past, Dommes can indeed have a spiritual life, and enjoy the company of church fellowship. A huge part of My interest in BDSM has to do with the nature of spirit, and liberation that surrender can offer. Exposing shame, perversion, that which you do not share in the light with others, allowing these feelings to breathe and be witnessed? Can heal some of the deepest hurt.

I've attended a little church in My hometown for about a year now, and been very content, almost joyful, to have these folks in My life. Meditation, visualization, belief in a supreme being that is benevolent -- these are all things I hold dear to the heart inside.

I've been chatting with a couple at My church, and enjoy their company quite a bit. Although there was an undercurrent I couldn't quite put My finger on. A recognition that wasn't quite conscious...

This past month, while chatting with the wife of this couple, I noticed her wearing a necklace with a padlock pendant around her neck. The recognition hung there, dangling in My thoughts, and I turned it over and over, like a smooth stone in My palm. I chose to speak.

"Is there any significance to the pendant around your neck?"

She paused, then offered a definitive, "Yes."

Her husband, stepped up, with the key to the padlock, around his neck. And while none of us actually acknowledged what we … knew, we finally sought each other out, and talked outside of church.

I am the proud new acquaintance of a Master and slave couple, with 20 years of history, and many years of BDSM experience as well. Who'd a thunk!

This blog is many things, although I rarely discuss here how isolating My work can be, to a person existing in vanilla culture day to day. And we all know, the first question when you meet someone new, is "What do you do for a living?" I've discussed here in the past, the losses that honesty, on this topic, has cost Me. I've lost friendships that spanned decades, by acknowledging that I choose this way of life.

Be warned too, every once in awhile, the universe may offer you gifts, for being authentic.

June 30, 2009

Slave special - $1.97/minute

I'm in the mood for a few new slavelettes, so thought I'd entice with a special on My phone line!

On Niteflirt (link button on the right of this page), My top 5 rated listings are now open for $1.97 a minute. That's over $1 less a minute than Mistress typically charges. Those who've been with Me awhile know, I run this kind of special once, maybe twice a year. Hop on the phone and we'll see how Mistress, hops on you! *haha

This little special lasts, of course, until I bore of it! *smile

Here's the link too, if you'd like to browse all My listings there:

Mistress Ruby's Hard Alchemy Niteflirt page

Mistress is quite curious what makes you tick. Especially when you're paying for the pleasure! Hm... I think it's time to get a little sun with my cordless phone at My side - toodles!

June 23, 2009

Doors and Dreams

So, you tell Me.

I just had a very wild dream. Perhaps you can offer interpretations. I certainly have My thoughts on it –

In My dim dream, I was in a big ole house, from My hometown, long ago. It was late at night, murky, a bit warm. I heard a ruckus in the back yard, and went to take a look – and a few billy goats with big thick curved horns curled back on their heads – were butting their way through My back door! They forced their way in, then went through the house, knocking things over, then went through the front door, into the yard, and proceeded to do what horny little billy goats do.

Dreams are like little puzzles sometimes. I distinctly know what I think it means, you're welcome to write Me with your thoughts.

I suppose the fact that I haven't been getting laid lately might lend meaning to things! Hehe

I'm going shopping today with a few gift cards one particular piglet gifted with Me. Recently saw an adult film with Nina Hartley (How to eat pussy), and noticed she had black latex gloves while she enjoyed her pretty lover. I think I'll stock up on purple or pink ones, might make housework and other Mistress tasks, a bit fun, hm?

June 7, 2009


So ironically I bring up the Toyota Prius commercial in My last dribble here. And wouldn't you know it? My lovely car of 10 years, which I bought brand new years ago, and maintain regularly like a good Girl Scout… crapped out on Me this past week! An event which has never occurred, in the life of this little car.

I was due a major maintenance, by just a few hundred miles (never go over 500 miles on that), but … the repair was painful, and made this Mistress blue.

It also made Me curious about the land of new cars out there to choose from. And of course I'm going to start plunking down some savings, as I have an erotic slave fantasy about buying a car outright for cold hard cash. Yours, of course!

Don't get Me wrong, they fixed the car up lovely like, however I'm looking around at the new models out there, and it seems like I'm not into the aesthetic. The Toyota Prius for example? Great gas mileage, see them everywhere. But the look? Eh…

I love having a smaller car to zip around in. Have yet to dabble in luxury cars, although could be enticed by the right slave. There's also VW, Toyota, Subaru…. Seems like many of their cars don't have the mileage I'm looking for (over 30 mph, as with My present car).

You're welcome to chat with Mistress during our sessions about your car observations. On your dime of course! Suffice it to say, I'm brainstorming and doing a little part time shopping for new digs, with wheels!

Suddenly thinking of that song "Hey Pretty" by Poe (all images in this post, are from the video). God I love that song, all about a woman picking up a stranger, in her very fast luxury car, taking him on fast ride in San Fran, then fucking him right there in the car. You hear the story from the male poet's perspective, spoken poetry over music, her singing (there's another version that's just Poe singing also).

I REALLY wanna shop for a new car with a dedicated slave, making him pay outright for a new car right in front of Me, then he selling it to Me for $1 and handing over the title… After our little excursion, I'd take him for a long drive in the country, find a hovel with tall old growth trees, and an overlooking view of the sea, or a valley. I'd force him into the back seat of My new car, make him whip out his dick, and jerk his load, right there in the car! I'd tease and deny several times, but when he finally did cum, if it was forceful enough, and there was any mess? I'd allow one small dot of his cum to dry on the back seat of one leather bucket seat.
PUSH the button....

One memento, of his presence, in the expensive worship he has given to Me. I'd keep it like a trophy methinks. Never tell another soul who road in the car. And of course it'd just be a tiny dot on the back of a car seat.

But we'd know, wouldn’t we?

May 25, 2009

Sunned skin

Alright, is it just Me, or is that new commercial for the Toyota Prius, with all the people in the costumes that look like plants, sunbeams, etc. Does anyone else find that adorable?

Hello little slaves, it's so good to write for you! Summer is here, and Mistress gets busy and a little less prolific in her blog posts during this time. Today for example, just when I needed a little sissy maid to help with the gardening and car wash…. I had to do the tasks Myself! Aww! I was craving sun and a little arm workout as it was. My tan is starting to get darker, which makes this Girl smile!

The software contract I've been working is winding down this week, which means Mistress will be more readily available. I made a chunk o change, and it brought back memories of My life before pro Domme. The corporate life, the blue chip software or hardware companies I've worked for in My previous career….

I'd much rather take advantage of you, little ones! Heheh

Memorial Day, and I'm logged in, laying on the couch in the dark, wearing only a throw blanket and a smile. All that's needed is a slave to slowly tease into submission...

May 7, 2009

Alive and oh so well

So Mistress has been keeping true to Her last post, and ooooh boy I've been busy! It's been 3 weeks since I've had a day off in between My slaves and the vanilla contract I took on this past few weeks. I've still been sessioning with boys on the weekends, and sometimes in the dark of night.

Mistress likes tending to you little ones…..

Just dropping a quick note to tell you I live, and you're welcome to all Me anytime that little Call Now button is bright, on Niteflirt!

April 19, 2009

Miles of piles of ... cha ching!

Oh this has been a glorious weekend sweet slaves! The weather for starters – isn't it lovely? 4 mile run Saturday, got to break into my short unitard collection… after getting My legs all smooth and silky, slipped into a tight lycra bodysuit, and ran one of my fastest runs this season!

A fat little piggy dropped into My lap this weekend. A boy from Down Under who apparently came into money in the past year, and is putting it to good use. Giving it to Me, of course! He introduced himself with a few fat tips, then begged permission to talk with Me. Take note subs – THAT is an excellent way to introduce yourself to Mistress!

Down Under boy brought all kinds of toys, dildos, a ruler (apparently had a thing for the Head Mistress giving him a spanking in the office!!). I was kind enough to let him dump his little man load, after quite a bit of torment and mind fuckery! I'm still smiling thinking about the nice cash pile he left in My account. We'll be taking advantage of THAT little man yet again, VERY soon!

I'll be spending a chunk of time on Niteflirt today (Sunday, 4/19/09), so if you're jonesing for Mistress, NOW is a good time!

April 6, 2009

So many tasks, so little time!

Oh sweet cheeks and vile perverts, Mistress is a very tired Girl today!

As many of My dedicated ones know, I tend to keep a few coals in the fire, to keep it interesting. My mind is quick, and likes several types of stimulation. If you know what I mean. Ahem.

I've taken on a software contract that will keep Me busy these next two months, and as such, will be a little less available to My sublets. Aww! I will continue being available on weekends to be sure, just know that My time is a bit more divided for the next few weeks.

Best chance to catch Me will be weekends. Also, requesting an appointment via Niteflirt, or emailing Me, will help in arranging our time together. Evenings and weekend time will work best, if you want to catch My scent! Don’t be afraid to send a sweet little email. Or an Amazon gift… or flat out cash! HA! Hehe

I'm smiling and a little bit exhausted just now. A massage and pedicure would SO fit the bill, you know how I looove being touched hm? *smile

March 28, 2009

Our secret ego

Friday night went nicely for Mistress. Went to an intimate little concert - had a friend performing, and she kicked ass, as women are want to do…

I sat in the crowd, looking around at the many people with their faces forward. Interesting how easy it is to study someone's curves, muscles, the way they dress themselves. We're remarkably obedient in this close quiet order of silence and smiles.

We went to an uptown bar after the gig, with expensive furniture and very pretty bartenders. Male and female. Tall, thin, black clothes, pretty. We all knew a large part of their currency, was their symmetric faces and friendly ways.

A few in our crowd took center stage, here as well. They have charisma, and oh so many interesting stories. If someone paid attention, who was audience, and who the performer here in our circle, would have been obvious too. I was glad for the story, and the outrageous personalities.

I observed, listened actively. No one in this crowd knows what I do for a living. No one here knew, when I come home and relax in My little den, I open My lines and allow men to kneel for Me, violate their sundry little bits, for My pleasure, and for My income. My previous life in the corporate arena makes it easy to explain, I still do contracts here and there, at My choosing.

I enjoy such restraint. You might have seen Me look off in the distance last night, and smile, thinking of you. Knowing it would be you who I'd be coming home to. Not all of us are driven by ego validation. There are few of us who know our quiet power, and know just when is the time, to whip... it... out...

Bring it little ones. I'll be gentle. Promise. *cough

March 16, 2009

Hybernating weekends, and garlic goodness

This has been a great weekend, Mistress decided to stay in and tend to her slavelettes. When you work from home, it's easy to get sucked into the lives of your slaves, for a few days. After a little while though, I feel like emerging from the cocoon, getting back with My peeps. "Where have you been?" is a common question.

Some of My friends know what I do for a living, others do not. Helps that I had a vanilla career before being summoned to the life that is Mistress. It feels quietly satisfying, to have a few close friends that know I humiliate and degrade boys for a living. Who'd a thunk! We never heard recruiters at career faires, sharing the option of pro Domme, now did we?

The smell of roasted garlic is taking over My kitchen. Was hankering for a bit of pasta with broccoli and some feta. A little oregano and lemon to make it interesting. Oh and rice vinegar. One other secret ingredient, which I may share if you ask …

I fantasize about your sissy little ass, trussed up in petticoats and apron, serving Me this afternoon. Might have to slide something up your skirt while you bend over, tending to My plants… *giggle

March 5, 2009

Challenge Me Downpour

Oh Mistress is a tired little Girl tonight… took a long hike into town, which I'll do occasionally for a workout. 5 miles roundtrip, 47 degrees out. I took My chances with the weather, since it was only 30% chance of raining… and guess who got caught in a horrendous downpour of windy heavy rain? Bingo!

When I finally got into town, and hit one of My fave restaurants, I was soaked to the bone, even with a rain slicker and 3 layers underneath. I tried to wait it out, considered getting a ride home and thought… F*CK it!! I stopped by a sports store, bought some fab rain pants, and trucked it home baby!

That tough stuff is what a Mistress is made of, hm? Hehe!

Mistress rewarded herself with a long warm bath, chilled naked flesh warming nicely in the water. I love looking around My home and seeing so many things you sweet slaves have bought Me. The lighting for My bathroom, the ipod, the JBL speakers I listened to while soaking My tired flesh and muscle…. You take care of Me nicely little ones!

That new Watchmen movie is looking very interesting, isn't it? I'll have to see what Ebert is saying on the subject. Was just considering the movie Secretary tonight while walking. Remember the scene where James Spader, at the height of his sexiness, had Ms. Secretary bent over the desk, slapping her ass for her misspelling and typos? Ah yes!! The tension and eroticism in that movie, is something I still savor.

What do you secretly savor?

February 23, 2009

Filling My patron with Patrón ....

Oh what an evening this Girl had last night. The weekend procession of perverts was going along typically, swimming in humiliations, sliding through the humbled and kneeling….

Then a little man who's called Me a few times in the past 2 years, decides he's up for a little forced intoxication. I remember him distinctly, even though we've only sessioned 3 times in the past. He likes a good long talk (2-4 hours), and has a distinct personality. Let's call him bob ;)

Bob wants to be told what to drink, how much to pound, only to arrive at a state of impairment, a place where he can be taken advantage of, and manipulated for whatever I'm in the mood for. And he was in a fun little mood. We forced half a 750 of Patrón Silver Tequila down that smooth throat of his!

Bob boy was so addicted and submissive to My mind and simmering giggle, he spent over 6 hours on the phone, offering Me that soft underbelly, and that oh so fat wallet! We found places to play that we'd yet to stumble upon in the past… and I'm setting him up on a 3 month plan, of tribute, and forced intox assignments! Beyond that though, he just loves the humiliation, willing to do ANYTHING I tell him to.

I love taking on pupils like this!

He also likes writing letters, handwritten letters, and receiving them too. I sometimes send birthday cards and little gifts to My faithful servants, because doting on those that worship Me, is very pleasing. Also there's something about a handwritten letter, the energy of the person, that gives the reader a bit of their soul. More personal than typewritten emails, so much more!

It's a little bit of affection, that. A poem, a thought on paper. Can't wait to get his little letter in the mail! I'm getting him fucked up later this week too – sent him to the liquor store and told him exactly what to buy, and how much he would be consuming, minimum, during our next late night encounter –

The beauty of My living, My slaves and this work – the variety, and that soft center down deep inside your husk. THAT'S the reward… That is the place, for Me!

February 15, 2009

Post Valentine's exhaustion!

Oh what a night Valentine's day was! Dancing, out til all hours with a close little friend (nay, I have not fucked him, but who knows, I might…). We ended up in a poh dunk little bar, singing a few karaoke songs, with an audience of maybe 6 people, and half of those, wait staff! My legs are still tired, although I'm sporting a smile –

My recent sale is over, and it was quite a bit of fun! Love rewarding faithful subs with a little price break now and then. Also brings in new clients who might want a chance to come up close, take a test ride, so to speak. And by then it's too late. They're bent over, with something huge up their bum moaning, how in the hell did that happen? Haha!

I think a little snooze is called for… Keep things juicy for Me!

February 3, 2009

Sore muscles and satisfaction $1.99 Sale

On a whim, I'm lowering My price to $1.99/minute. This will last until... it bores Me! Get it while it's hot little ones!

It's gotten a bit warmer out there this week, which makes this Mistress happy. I got 20+ miles in, hiking, walking and dancing, although not quite sure how to measure mileage with the dance factor (didn't wear the pedometer either on that one! Hahah). Had dinner made for Me by a recent boy toy bike boy, a few nights last week. He seemed very observant regarding what was firm on this fine form….

All those miles pay off hm? Haha!

Did a little updating on My foot fetish listing this week, after doing a special little photo shoot for a puss bump faggot that is denying himself for Me, even as we speak. Making him wear cotton panties to work too, and we just ordered him some princess panties due this week. Love humiliating that little urchin. Goddess knows, he won't be getting laid any time soon. No confidence, and no c*ck to speak of. Hand in hand hm? Or needle d*ck in hand….

Picked up a DVD of Mad Men season 1 tonight, as I've yet to see the first season, but the second season, impressed the hell out of Me. Getting wonderful reviews too – you need to check it out.

Call Mistress for a bit of dressing down. You need a little humiliation, admit it!

January 23, 2009

Stomp romp

Trampling boys dreams, with My sweet little feet –

This has been a foot filled week in Mistress land! Seems the foot freaks are coming out of the wood work and are so ready for action… My first little nerd boy has a few strikes against him – lives with his parents, only 20 years old, and has never been with a woman, in the biblical way (hail Mary full of grace… or something). He's also a fat little f*ck apparently, with such a tiny appendage, and dreadfully shy… although he DOES have one thing that makes him interesting – he is employed. And knows how to spend his money. 3 guesses where I might be going with that…

At least he knows what makes his love bump rigid and… well if it's exceptionally short, is erect the correct phrase? The sweat and stench of sweet women's feet does something dirty to his nervous system. Gives this little man a bit of a chubby. He also fantasizes about serving men on his knees, with a mouth so open wide. I've been making him do humiliating assignments, taking his money, making him bury his face into stinky girl socks, while sticking grocery produce where his sun doesn't shine…

What's not to love about My work hm?

My other talkative fella craving flesh covered phalanges, and has been a regular slave for over a year. He just adores the bunions of old withered women! The calluses, the corns, the toe jam, he revels in all of the dark foot maladies, that which most of us would find rather ugly. When we chat, we get into almost a chant like state for over an hour, meditative and erotic, sharing how we both know he is in inferior, and Women are superior. His place is on his knees worshiping the beauty of a mature woman and her hard working feet. The miracle of the body, and how it adapts, thickening skin with corns and calluses, that's the place we go together. Just goes to show anything can be sacred, if you approach it with the right attitude!

And speaking of feet – mine are actually sore today. I've been playing with My workout schedule, and have already walked 9 miles this week, in addition to a gym workout (5 miles yesterday). I love downloading radio shows and getting into a contemplative space while pounding through the miles, "taking to the air" as they used to say in the late 1800s (granted, I'm getting that from the show Deadwood). Today Mistress is going to sit on her firm ass, and enjoy every minute of it. I've earned it hm?

January 15, 2009

Secret Life of Mistress

For those of you with Comcast cable, and an OnDemand box, you've probably scanned the options – a LOT of complimentary (aka free) shows to watch. Oh yes, there's the dirty shows too for the wankers! Yet when it comes to porn, I tend to watch free snippets online – there is so much available out there hm?

Tonight, while toiling in the wee hours, I decided to dabble in "Secret Lives of Women" on the WE TV. I'm just finishing up show titled Mistresses (show 308). I appreciate their interview with a pro Domme named Cristian (her real life name is Christine), quite a bit.

Many times vanilla shows that focus on Women like Me, tend to portray them as off the grid and something to be feared. Cristian is a mother, and has a relationship with a vanilla boy who's comfortable with her career. They also show Mistress in full session, and she has a nicely outfitted dungeon, a little man on his knees in a pvc maids outfit, being flogged and humiliated (yum!!).

Ah, wouldn't it be nice if I could go to the local coffee shop, strike up a conversation with a stranger with a smile, and tell them what I really do for a living. I live with that fear you know. And I've made a few mistakes in trust. The friend's you've known for years. You know the ones that are accepting, open minded, may have even come on to you a time or two…

I get so frustrated with the lack of acceptance and the dirty nature We get castigated into. Flip side of that though, is one of the main reasons boys want to play with Me, is that very forbidden nature. It's a turn on, isn't it?

January 4, 2009

Bacchanalia and movement

And here we are yes? The New Year arrives, and so do thoughts of resolutions, or goals. And the other imbedded thoughts of … will I have the stamina to fulfill such things?

Been very thankful to get My 3 workouts in a week, especially after the Bacchanal feast fest that was Thanksgiving and Christmas. Mistress had a little sinus infection in November, that laid her back for a few weeks, which is brutal to the workout routine.

So I'm two weeks into getting back on the horse! Love feeling strong and consistent. Love slaves bearing the same traits, as well.

Shall we make one of your resolutions… consistent training, at the hands of a very saucy, yet brutal, Mistress? Boys, I think I might be able to help you with THAT one! Ahah

Shout out to a little catholic boy across a very big pond this week. He's a blasphemer, and a very dirty boy. Loves being milked for money too. Wonder if I should mention his name? oh, maybe next time… hahah

Oh – and if you've got good recipes for healthy and homemade popcorn, I'm listening. I've made 4 batches in the past week, and only two were edible! Haha! Doing a little research on decent quick snacks that are filling, and even if popcorn is all carbs, does fill a Grrl up!