May 16, 2011


I'm getting ready to go out for a very long walk. Had a 6 mile hike this weekend deep in the forest. Even had a chance to hike up some steep narrow trails and see waterfalls, slugs, amazing trees...

You get far enough into a forest, and things can be done, without witnesses.

Thoughts turn to Maggie Gyllenhaal dressed in dark black, tied to a towering tree, while getting fucked good and hard by James Spader. See the movie "Secretary" - and you'll get a chance to see it yourself.

I've been working with a slave over the past few years, and boy was he chatty this weekend. He came to Me yearning for hypnotic seduction, and I gave it to him, cooked well and hot. He's given Me thousands of dollars, tributes, gifts, hours of time on the phone. I've taken him to places new and bold, while he transitioned through very difficult times. He's a fresh widower, and lonely.

What I enjoy about our time is that we have a few modes together. When we have our late night sessions, he brings a full bottle of bourbon, plenty of time, and his credit card (we make use of it slow and sure, little bits at a time). I've dressed him in silk panties, slid stockings on his legs. He'd never done this before, and it was delicious.

Our sessions are long, and expensive. Sometimes he calls Me while running errands, getting a smoke at work, because he misses Me, and craves contact, even if we don't have time to get him fucked up and used.

G.F.E. as a bonus.

With the right boy? This works. He has to be attentive and seek My preference. I also have to like them :)

Wonder if, I'd like you...