March 20, 2010

Elsewhere for a bit, and dance

Oh sweet boys and girls, we might have to share a bump... in the road! Mistress is yet again entering the, "Working a corporate contract" Zone. This means? I'm going to be less available for our hot little sessions. Think of Me toiling away in vanilla land, and shed a tear or two if you like.

I tend to do this once a year, just to get out and about. Sometimes making a living at this particular vocation (phone Dominatrix) can be socially isolating. You can end up in your own little bubble, and forget how to converse without a whip in your hand. We all need face time now and then yes?

Went to a dance last night and who knew, I've still got it. Grooving hips, hop kicks, an occasional bellydance back bend. That did bring a round of applause at one point. Oh yes, the social awkwardness of shouting over loud music to hot new play things. My pipes are still a little sore today.

Although I'll face the slight sting, and still chat with you... cash or credit? *giggle

March 3, 2010

Wrap Me in Velvet

I felt like I'd wrapped My hands around an apple, and bit. One of My very favorite movies in the world is, "Henry and June", and I've just had the chance to watch it, again. A submissive man recently offered this DVD as a gift of remembrance I think. That, and it pleased Me.

Watching it brought up so many rustlings, memories of discovery. I was just barely settled in My 20s when I first viewed the flick. Remember VHS? And NC-17. This movie was an impetus for creating that MPAA rating. Yes, it's that fucking hot.

The movie's about the closeness of writers Henry Miller and Anais Nin (played by Fred Ward and Maria De Medeiros). France, 1930s. Kevin Spacey plays a supporting character. And then there's Uma Thurman playing June, Miller's wife. My god she's exquisite. At first, her character's awkward use of language, and muddle of coarse elegance, rhythm strangely (much like this sentence). June comes across as a woman never comfortable in her skin, and used to drama, seduction. The dense cake you know you'll pay for later. The 3rd drink that ushers another hangover.

Yes, that's her.

Obsession, lust and guilt. Discovering new and changing tastes, Anais offers her beauty and money, to share company with this crowd of curiosities. We see contortionists, whores, johns, brutes, sex with force, sex with passion. It's curious, and of interest, yet somewhat subdued and just another texture. At least, to the French.

Offer yourself the pleasure of seeing this film. Dive in and slather it over your skin. And think of Me. Purring.