February 27, 2008

Unusual Wednesday

Mistress has been a slacker this week, well ever since the Oscars actually. There were quite a few hot studs this year winning their golden moment in the sun! I'm thinking of a particular Spanish actor that makes my heart skip a beat every time I see him.. oh baby oh -

I had the itch to work a bit today, which as my regular clients know, is unusual. Wednesday is usually my day off from work, guaranteed! I ended up logging in for a few hours and chatting to a few of my sweet boys. Alleviated my guilt for being a slacker this week!

Spring is nearly here bois and grrls, I'm feeling the need to set up a few assignments for my little ones. I want you buff and ready for the summer! So many c*cks to suck, so little time!!!

Sleep pretty!

February 18, 2008

Poe on the Go

Banking holidays are so much fun. Presidents day and some of you boys were scratching and sniffing around!

I had a chance to take a long drive yesterday (3-4 hours total) and admit I love being out on the open road. So much to see, if you only choose to make the drive. I admit, sometimes the lure of the big city can be enticing! So many places to shop, dine, dance, people watch.

Was listening to an MP3 of part 1, Edgar Allen Poe's "The Murders in The Rue Morgue" while driving. We're all acquainted with the creepy dark side of Poe's work, with archetypes like ravens, telltale hearts, etc. In Rue Morgue - he shares a more analytic perspective, almost philosophical, about time, space, and perception. I had to really focus to get the gist quite frankly.

"As the strong man exults in his physical ability, delighting in such exercises as call his muscles into action, so glories the analyst in that moral activity which disentangles. He derives pleasure from even the most trivial occupations bringing his talent into play. He is fond of enigmas, of conundrums, hieroglyphics; exhibiting in his solutions of each a degree of acumen which appears to the ordinary apprehension preternatural."

... say THAT 10 times fast!!

I hope I'll have the discipline to stick with the rest of Poe's book. Because honestly, of late, I sometimes just want something decadent, fluffy, and perhaps a bit exploitive of it's subject matter...

February 10, 2008

A little different...

Since sweet batman boy bought me a way spendy camera kit, and I tried something a little different with my tawny locks, thought I'd share a little photo that I just took this morning. Watcha think?

February 8, 2008


Tonight, tonight, I'm back to play tonight.... Mistress is back from a few days off, and I am oh so curious what dirty things you've been up to! Slaves and sublets, thank you for understanding that everyone needs a vacation now and then! I'll be working all weekend, and very VERY curious what illicit things you've been scheming! Now if you'll excuse me, one of my slaves bought me the most fabulous booties, and I'm going to go slip them on...