November 19, 2011

The Inferno has started...

It’s a cold winter day, and I’ve been mulling a few thoughts around, about a recent experience I had. This chilly winter morning is the day that I dish!

A dear friend of Mine, Mistress and sweet Dominant, had a private party recently that was very much a success. I arrived after visiting early with a few vanilla friends, playing cards, having dinner. I remember sliding on my leather jacket to leave a bit early, followed by protests and curiosity. The evasive, oh getting together with a few friends, sufficed. We all balance that, yes? This group of early evening friends, a particularly devote clan, would have been left with minds blown away, had I told them the truth.

“Oh, heading to a BDSM play party for a little hard fun.” Yes. I’ll keep that answer tucked away. The more honest, yet perhaps the less kind, for others that just can’t assimilate such things.

I arrived an hour after the long evening started. Massage tables scattered in living & dining rooms. New people, in various stays of clothing. Several folks that I’d feel quite fine having a cup of coffee with, however wouldn’t approach session or nudity with. And then… I met Christina and Lisbeth.

These two had travelled just as far to be here. Those of us who live outside major metropolitan areas get used to driving an hour or two to gather with other likeminded kinksters.

Christina is a raven haired trans lady, with French nails, sparkles on the tips. Striking blue eyes. Lisbeth was crawling on the couch I found them on. Her fuchsia Mohawk mingled well with the tattoos travelling her skin. I’ve heard others refer to Lisbeth as a tornado of energy, and I’d have to agree. Fascinating, playful, and later I’d find, a warrior of a Dominant.

Stay tuned for the rest dear readers. It’s worth the wait...