June 26, 2008

Shoulder's blush

Hello world, Mistress speaks! Today was a sunny and beautiful day in Ruby land, and I tended to a few things in the yard. Jammed out on My ipod while doing a few repairs here and there. Felt OH so butch! hehe

My shoulders got a little burned, but it feels good. A little pain can be exquisite, yes? Let Myself rest from the daily workout, and explored a few new ways to get My coffee fix. I've discovered these sweet little morsels of chocolate, with just as much caffeine as a regular cup of Joe. Who'd a thunk?

I've been asking friends about local places for a pedicure, My feet so need a good soothing touch. I like thinking of My minions tending to My sweet little feet, on days such as this. Although, using My slave's money honey, works just as well for me!

Dial in and tell me your hidden truth tonight, dark ones. I'll bet you've got secrets to share...

June 15, 2008

Slumber Party

I'm so happy when the sun comes out to play. Today was so moderate and warm, I had to smile! Had a set of cool sunglasses on too, and My hair was feeling so wild and sultry. I'm liking My hair lately...

One of My fave boys had quite a little adventure this weekend. This little one worships the ground that his coworker walks on, and he was lucky enough to score a night with her (and a few friends) at a local sporting event. Of course Mistress had to get all the juicy little bits. When he rushed home afterwards to tell Me the details, it almost felt like a slumber party with My grrlfriends... "What did she wear? Could you see her tits? Did she touch you..."

I like hearing about the things that make My boys happy. Especially when they float on air and feel content. We do our dance, Mistress and minion, yet in My heart of hearts, when we go back to our little worlds, I do like knowing you're happy here and there.

Smiles to you!

June 4, 2008

Tripple Decked Debauchery

What a wonderful night for Mistress! My sweet submissive sean came out to play in her tackiest whore costume. Go figure, this girl loves stockings, and gets a bit greedy with them, sometimes wearing 3 pairs at a time! Tonight it was 2 pairs of long white stockings, with a pair of screaming fuchsia fishnets and pink bows galore! Had to send the slutty one down the hall for a FRESH bucket of ice. She knows what Mistress does with that later...

All dolled up, she's been drinking like a freshman at a kegger party! Delta Delta Cocksucker!! hehe. We had to get this little girls nipples hard. Ice in the bra of course, and oooh she seemed so tingly. Next, we wrapped a hot pink piece of yarn all the way down her little clitty shaft, just for the candy cane lovers out there! Finished off this CBT slut with 6 clothing clips to the balls, and of course 4 on the head - wanted to make a compass out of this little grrl's cock!

I was generous and let subbie sean sink his stinging, clipped nads in the cool fresh ice bucket, while letting him recite the phrase, "I'm the sluttiest cocksucker on the whole East Coast!!" And would you believe it, the grrrl made a little mess, between her grunts and moans. Made the whore swallow it too. Serves her right!

Kisses for little sean, you made me a happy Mistress tonight!